How to secure itself against infection with intestinal infections?

This flying across Europe the infection of an unclear origin rushed. Many did not understand from where it undertook and what, actually, is. According to physicians, from this mysterious infection fifty two persons died. Besides, impresses the speed of its distribution, already more than four thousand cases of the revealed disease are known today.

All caught this infection had identical symptoms: watery, with blood impurity a diarrhea, vomiting,  colicy pains in a stomach, the general weakness, a loss of consciousness, opacification of mind (people did not understand where they are, could not orient in temporary space) and high (more than 38 degrees) body temperature.

Scientists established practically at once connection of a new infection with vegetables as all diseased ate crude vegetables. At first physicians considered that the disease is caused by the most usual colibacillus. On this thought they were pushed by above-mentioned symptoms. But after studying of results of analyses, they understood that they were mistaken.

Epidemic was provoked absolutely new, so far by an unknown type of an infection (strain). It turned out that as a result of compound of usual colibacillus with a dangerous African bacterium the world received terrible "mutant". Scientists came to a conclusion: the antibiotics existing today in pharmaceutics cannot win against the received strain. It turns out that the medicine in the circumstances, alas, is powerless.

In a human body the new type of colibacillus gets into a stomach, as a rule, with food. The caustic gastric environment for this strain at all. Therefore the virus extends on an organism further. Having appeared in intestines of a bacterium damage its walls. It leads to failure in the alimentary system. Therefore, the sick person is tormented by the diarrhea which is followed by terrible abdominal pains. Further — it is more: new colibacillus begins to emit very strong toxins which get to blood of the person from intestines, poisoning with that an organism. Caught a virus feels strong weakness. The shock dose of toxins is received by kidneys which in some cases did not cope with such "virus attack" and just refused.

Having had heard plenty of information from foreign mass media and having got acquainted with the having materials about this disease ours sanitary and veterinary services achieved from the government of prohibition on import of vegetables from the European countries. But after all especially you should not relax, and it is better to adhere to simple, but efficient rules of hygiene which will help to save your organism from a set of intestinal viruses and harmful bacteria.

So, the most important — refrain from purchase of import fruit and vegetables. To make sure completely that you are not deceived, ask certificates where "homeland" of the brought "vitamins" is specified sellers.

Under flowing water carefully wash up the acquired fruit and vegetables, and especially salad and other greens. If you feed with them the child, then everything is better to wash up by means of a laundry soap. Refuse vegetable salads and fruit desserts during visit of bars, cafe, restaurants and dining rooms.

Always (before food, after a toilet, having returned from the street etc.) wash with hand soap!

If you have own kitchen garden, then refuse "dirty" fertilizer. It is impossible to water with cow flat cakes infusion from a meadow of a bed of your kitchen garden. It is extremely dangerous!

And it is still very important to save itself and the relatives from the vegetables "overfed" with fertilizers. Not to get poisoned with nitrates, upon purchase choose vegetables of the small or average sizes. And lettuce leaves and greens before the use hour or two to soak in water follows.

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