Bloodsuckers: help to health of the person

Such phenomenon as a girudoterapiya – or treatment by bloodsuckers – arose in Russia quite recently. More precisely – revived as such way to get rid of various painful states was known up to revolution of 1917. Then it was prohibited as an ignorant znakharsky method. However, with an ulterior motive Pharaohs of Egypt trusted bloodsuckers the precious bodies, and they are mentioned in ledgers of various world religions more than once: the advantage of these small creatures is unconditional. Another thing is that in due time their began to operate too with gross spelling mistakes.

Medical effect of bloodsuckers

Such doctors as Hippocrates and Avicenna recognized for all times were well informed on medical effect of bloodsuckers. They knew that positive impact of tiny bloodsuckers on a human body is a triune complex reflex, mechanical and biological. Bloodsuckers have in the same points, as at acupuncture. At the same time they possess special composition of saliva: in it – over 100 active agents most various biologically. For example, hirudine slows down a blood coagulation, anesthetizes and fights against an inflammation. It is extremely important in fight against blood clots – helps to prevent their emergence.

Eglins which also are in saliva of a bloodsucker reduce an inflammation and damage of fabrics therefore these little doctors are used at a pseudorheumatism, gout, emphysema of a lung and other diseases. All these substances in the gradual mode conduct to what the organism returns to normal. Saliva of a bloodsucker the fact that it is an antibakterialna is especially valuable.

Helping to struggle with separately taken disease, bloodsuckers also improve the general state: the dream is normalized, appetite improves, returns to normal a metabolism, immunity becomes stronger and, as a result, the mood increases.

And there is nothing surprising, after a sting of a bloodsucker the blood stream is normalized, blood is enough saturated with oxygen. In spite of the fact that bloodsuckers are registered at certain diagnoses, to a thicket after all they are used in a complex – with phytotreatment, an aromaterpiya, massage, etc. The list of diseases at which the girudoterapiya helps is very wide: skin, urological, gynecologic, proctologic. Resort to the help of bloodsuckers as well in cardiology, ophthalmology, stomatology, LOR-diseases, in neurology and many others. That is, coverage comprehensive.

Section: Traditional medicine