Recovery of a figure after the delivery

The grandiose delight concerning long-awaited birth of the small child for young mother saddens often a little the fact that for recovery former forms it is necessary to make much. From the harmonous and tightened prenatal figure after return from a maternity home there were only distant memories. During pregnancy practically at each woman several extra kilos collect. And not always they independently disappear in process of a growing of the kid. The matter is that recovery of a figure after the delivery means the application of certain efforts and observance of a number of conditions.

Where extra kilos undertake during pregnancy?

Excess weight for months of incubation of the kid appears not at each woman. If the existing physiological norms were not exceeded, then the woman gains no more than twelve kilograms for all duration of gestation. Therefore, in the course of childbirth, and also all these kilograms gradually go to the first weeks of a puerperal period. But if the woman gains about twenty and more kilograms of excess weight during pregnancy, then to get rid of it afterwards rather not easy.

Therefore to recover a figure after the delivery it was simple, it is desirable to monitor process of a set weight even during incubation of the child. It is for this purpose strongly recommended not to react to "compassionate" councils constantly is for two: actually during pregnancy it is rather simple to balance a diet, having included in it as much as possible useful products, at the same time, excepting excess of fancy bread, confectionery, fats.

It is important to remember also that a physical activity of future mother is rather low. Therefore if every day the woman consumes more calories, than spends, the prompt set of excess weight is inevitable. Besides in the course of incubation of the kid the organism of the woman suffers striking changes. Owing to reorganization of all systems there is a considerable stress for an organism of which forming of a fatty layer as the protective mechanism for a fruit is result. As a result fatty deposits appear on hips, buttocks, a stomach.

How to keep a figure in a puerperal period?

Восстановление фигуры после родовAt once after direct process of childbirth remained in the past, the woman has to think not only of the serious changes connected with the birth of the kid but also of own feelings. These days it is very important not to make those mistakes which not only will prevent afterwards return to former forms, but also can lead to a bigger set of weight. Initially it is required to correct a diet and to adhere to some restriction in food. Even the feeding mother should not overeat at all. If put some idea to young mother that quality, and, above all – the quantity of her food directly defines quality of milk, then it should not give in on similar arrangements. Actually production of breast milk is defined by production of hormone of prolactin. And its producing does not depend on food of mother at all. Therefore the daily use of condensed milk and halvah actually leads not to milk improvement, and to the subsequent growth of weight of the woman.

One more, apparently, innocent habit – it is constant to eat up his unfinished portions of food for the child. Half-plates of porridge behind each meal of the kid are capable for several weeks considerably to be reflected in buttocks, a waist and hips. Just the same effect will be conceived by mother's habit to constantly taste dishes which she prepares both for the child, and for other family members.

However at the same time young mother should not feel hunger: it is necessary to eat food not less than four times a day. It is the best of all to divide a daily diet into rather small portions and to eat them even for five-six times. That such mode became a habit, it is possible to equip life so that is together with the child: first, it is cheerful, secondly, appears an opportunity to develop a useful habit to eat often and according to a certain schedule. At the same time it is necessary to consider that it is better to eat noncaloric and not especially rich dishes late evening.

The woman who cares for how to return a figure after the delivery should construct a diet so that the last meal occurred not less, than in four hours prior to a dream. At the same time growing thin "Not to eat the well-known rule after six" in this case does not work: if young mother to lay down at midnight or even later, then in that case her dinner, of course, will be later.

Out of doubts, the feeding mother should not rush to extremes at all and to exhaust an organism with full-fledged diets for growing thin. Now not time for extreme experiments: it is fraught not only emergence of problems with a lactation, but also deterioration in health and mother, and child. It is possible to think of diets not earlier than in six months of breastfeeding, at the same time the chosen method of food should not be too ascetic.

What is in a puerperal period?

Восстановление фигуры после родовEven that woman at whom the figure after the delivery became more magnificent has to make a daily food allowance so that to use not less than 1500 calories a day. At the same time this indicator should not exceed 2000 calories. Those young mothers who got used to treat food especially scrupulously can be helped by the food diary in which it is necessary to write down everything that is eaten in a day. Gradually such habit will allow to control the consumed food and to adjust its quantity and quality.

Mother who feeds the kid with breast milk should realize that for her there are no categorically prohibited products: just for some time for a certain food restrictions are imposed.

The food which the woman eats every day has to contain as much as possible vitamins. In general food after the delivery is to some extent similar to food of the woman during pregnancy. It is important to note that in the course of a lactation at some women appetite considerably increases, "pulls" it on sweet. In that case it is necessary not to give in on "provocation" of an organism: always there has to be sense of proportion, the warning overeating.

One more important rule – the sufficient use of liquid: in a day the feeding woman is obliged to drink not less than three liters of liquid in a look not only simple water, but also other drinks.

In a diet the boiled or steamed food has to prevail. Such simple method will allow not only to provide normal health of the kid, but also will promote weight loss. With boiled food the minimum of fats is used.

It is possible to cook not only vegetables, low-fat meat, but also fish, fruit. Of course, at first it is necessary to limit the use of those products which promote allergic reactions at the child. And there is an opportunity to follow the peculiar diet allowing to grow thin a little. Canned food, smoked dishes, and also sausages negatively influence not only quality of milk, but also a condition of a figure after the delivery.

Dairy products cannot be excluded from a diet: both milk, and kefir, and cottage cheese are very useful to the baby. And in order that with such products not to gain excess weight, it is necessary to choose kefir and cottage cheese with the minimum content of fat.

In the first weeks it is better to forget about chocolate and candies: sweet teeth let are limited to dried fruits, honey, several spoons of jam. But even such useful sweets have to be dosed strictly as they significantly add calories to the general diet. Nuts and sunflower seeds are not less artful: the small handful of these products, besides, significantly increases the general day accounting of calories. Therefore in day it is possible to eat only a few useful, but very nutritious nutlets.

And here to young mother it is not necessary and to remember aerated water at all. Moreover, having weaned during pregnancy and breastfeeding from sweet carbonated drinks, it is possible and not to return to the aerated water use later as except dyes and sugar it contains a lot more harmful elements. Alcoholic drinks – also prohibited product. Not only that they can significantly do much harm to the kid, with them the woman will use also the additional calories which are not bearing advantage to an organism.

You should not refuse bread completely: it is better to eat small sandwich from bread from whole grain, than, having completely excluded useful bread from a diet, to eat caloric meat or cheese.

One more important rule – a total ban on the use of any medicines which promote weight loss. Such drugs can worsen quality of milk and affect negatively a condition of the baby.

The woman at whom kid suffers from dysbacteriosis or an allergy has to pay special attention to the organization of own food. Here completely hypoallergenic diet is important, therefore, young mother has to pay first of all attention to how products influence the kid. In particular, most negatively the condition of the small child is influenced by cabbage, black bread, bean.

Sport for recovery of a figure after the delivery

Восстановление фигуры после родовHow young mother tried to improve a food allowance from the point of view of successful weight loss, without daily physical exercises this process will not be successful. Of course, mother nursing the child cannot find for trainings too much time. But nevertheless from the first days after return home the woman needs to give to sport though several minutes a day that over time the question of how to keep a figure after the delivery, did not become problem.

Initially as active trainings it is possible to use those several hours during which mother walks with a carriage on streets. The main condition of successful recovery of a figure after the delivery in such a way – intensive and dynamic walks. It is necessary to go not less than an hour, at the same time it is important to gather the maximum speed. It is not necessary to sit on a shop in park, it is better to walk a vigorous pace on streets. Such daily walks will help to tighten considerably a tummy and to improve a tone of muscles. By the way, some young mothers use special adaptation – a pedometer, allowing to know precisely how many steps the woman made during walk. An optimal variant – to pass not less than five thousand steps.

If there is such opportunity, then in a month after the delivery young mother can already begin to attend classes dances, yoga or to go to a gym. But at the same time it is very important not to be overzealous: being engaged on exercise machines or doing exercises, the woman has to feel the body and not allow too strong overstrain. On the first occupations it is better to test a minimum of exercise machines, stretching muscles slowly and gradually. At the same time it is impossible to strain too strongly not to break a condition of seams or internals which are gradually recovered after the delivery.

It is not always easy for the newly made mothers who aimed to recover a figure after the delivery to find time for a campaign to the gym. Therefore sports activities of the house is quite normal alternative. The complex of suitable exercises can be picked up according to own wishes and feelings. Many women prefer to be engaged, using the video trainings which are specially developed for a puerperal period. The similar type of occupations suits practically any young mother who can quite find twenty minutes for sport for day. However initially it is not necessary to be engaged every day: it is possible to begin with two trainings a week and to gradually increase the number of occupations to four. If free time at newly made mother is not enough even for such plain training, then she quite washes free minutes simply to do several exercises. For example, it is fashionable to spend five minutes for body tilts in the parties in the morning. In the afternoon while the kid sleeps after acceptance of food, the growing thin mother quite can make several approaches, having executed two-three exercises for a prelum abdominale, and also to do well-known exercise "bicycle" which well strengthens prelum abdominale muscles. 15-20 squats and several different exercises with dumbbells can become evening exercises. Such simple exercises in a month will positively be displayed on a condition of a figure.

The woman has to estimate objectively a condition of own figure and try to work on problem places. Most of young mothers does not please a type of the drooped tummy. It can be corrected by means of the same exercises for a prelum abdominale, aerobics, swimming. If the lower body in general does not arrange, then in two months after the delivery the woman can already be engaged in daily run. Ten-minute jog will be initially optimum, it is possible to add gradually on several minutes later, as a result having brought run time to half an hour. For effective disposal of excess weight on a stomach occupations by oriental dances, and also daily occupations with a hoop are recommended. It is important to choose a heavy hoop for which deduction on a waist some efforts will be already made.

Before beginning training, the woman can make massage of a stomach with use of a special srub. It can be bought in a drugstore or specialized cosmetic departments or to use a coffee thick as a srub. Sometimes it is possible to create also a peculiar effect of a sauna for occupations. For this purpose the stomach should be pomassazhirovat using anti-cellulite means then to wind a stomach with food wrap and from above to put on a bandage. After training it is necessary to remove a film and to take a shower.

But the most important – to understand that any physical activity, whether it be fast walking with the kid in a backpack, or slow swimming in the pool, will surely affect positively a figure of young mother. respectively, and the spirit in such sluchpa will be the most positive.

What the growing thin mother needs to remember?

Восстановление фигуры после родовFirst of all, it is not necessary to expect that process of weight loss will be especially fast. Even those women who at once after return from maternity hospital seriously think of how to return a figure after the delivery and make for this purpose a maximum of efforts, not always receive result quickly. Weight loss option, optimum and safe for health, after the delivery – loss no more than 500 g of weight a week.

But if the woman rationally eats and at the same time conducts active life, and extra kilos nevertheless remain, then visit to the endocrinologist will be reasonable. Perhaps, it is necessary to check a condition of a thyroid gland and to estimate hormonal balance.

However, there is an opinion that it is necessary for most of women approximately the same nine months completely to recover a figure after the delivery. Therefore, even following the basic rules described above it is necessary to be adjusted for rather long period of recovery as the organism in parallel recovers also doberemenny activity of other systems. Therefore, during this period it is better to forget about extreme methods of weight loss in general.

One more moment important for the woman who nurses the child, understanding of that fact that the lactation only promotes faster recovery of a figure. Accumulation of fat during pregnancy happens for its subsequent use during the period of chest feeding. Therefore, giving these stocks, the organism naturally returns to a usual state.

In the course of puerperal recovery of a figure it is necessary to pay attention and to gait surely. During incubation of the kid the center of gravity is displaced as the stomach is pushed forward, and the back leans back back. After the delivery this habit needs to be eradicated as soon as possible. It will promote more intensive retraction of a stomach.

At once after the delivery the stomach with the relaxed muscles can be supported, using a special postnatal bandage. It will help to prevent extension of muscles and skin at first. However constantly it is not recommended to carry a bandage: muscles have to be pulled in gradually naturally.

It is periodically recommended to do self-massage of problem places, pounding them with use of natural oils or special means for anti-cellulite massage. Problem zones it is necessary to knead, pound, carry out the movements creating effect of vibration. The main thing — to carry out all this it is regular, and then the complex of all described measures will help to return former forms quickly.

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