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The metabolism at women is slowed down at a certain age

August 2, 2016

When the woman reaches a certain age, her metabolism is sharply slowed down then there is its stabilization. The other day results of research of Nathan Yau, graduate were published...

Author: Marina Stepanyuk

Scientists explained why physical activity prolongs life

July 31, 2016

It is unlikely someone doubts that physical activity is useful to people at any age. It is especially important to keep a body in a tone that who can already be referred to category of elderly people. Recently...

Author: Marina Stepanyuk

Music reduces pain and treats for a depression

July 27, 2016

To reduce expressiveness of a depression and to reduce intensity of chronic pains listening of music helps. Scientists managed to define, having made special experiment that listening of music reduces...

Author: Marina Stepanyuk

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When it is possible to do the test for pregnancy

July 25, 2016

Thanks to the fact that in due time tests for early definition of pregnancy were invented a positive take the woman can receive long before happy...

Reference book> Pregnancy Author: Marina Stepanyuk

The cheapest and effective candles from the milkwoman

July 22, 2016

Modern vaginal antifungal candles from the milkwoman are the simplest and convenient method of treatment of the infection provoked by "attacks" of a fungus Candida today. It...

Reference book> Reviews of drugs Author: Marina Stepanyuk

Treatment of a liver gepatoprotektor

July 21, 2016

Gepatoprotektora — drugs which the doctor appoints to patients at the broken function of a liver and different diseases of a liver. Drugs appoint gepatoprotektor also at hepatitis C...

Reference book> Reviews of drugs Author: Marina Stepanyuk


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Erectile dysfunction (weak erection)

July 6, 2013

Erectile dysfunction — the concept designating inability of the man to have the steady erection necessary for carrying out full sexual intercourse. Disturbance of an erection more...

Diseases> Urology Author: Marina Stepanyuk

Development of children of the first year of life

July 6, 2013

Development of the kid about one year is the major stage in his life. At this time both mother, and all relatives have to be surely most attentive to the child. During this period it is important to follow not only...

Diseases> Pediatrics (Children's diseases) of Author: Marina Stepanyuk

Expanded diagnosis of diseases of hair

June 19, 2013

Let hair be also not the main body of a human body, but nevertheless they carry out very important esthetic function. But at the same time hair of the person very brittle, also exists much...

Diseases> Trichology (Diseases of hair) of Author: Marina Stepanyuk


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May 29, 2014

Recolpectasia – the phenomenon which is often observed at women after the child's birth, and also after characteristic injuries. This symptom causes a certain discomfort and influences quality...

Symptoms> P Author: Marina Stepanyuk

Loss of a voice

May 20, 2014

Voice – one of the most important tools for verbal communication between people. Therefore loss of a voice is a serious problem for the person as in this state it is impossible fully...

Symptoms> P Author: Marina Stepanyuk

Omission of mammary glands (the drooped breast)

May 6, 2014

The woman with a beautiful and elastic bust feels attractive and young. When owing to influence of certain factors the breast begins to droop, women lose...

Symptoms> About the Author: Marina Stepanyuk


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August 4, 2016

Tablets Nemozol in p / about contain 0.4 g of an albendazol, corn starch, povidone-30, the purified talc, sodium lauryl sulfate, gelatin, silicon dioxide (in a colloid form), starch sodium...

Drugs> Antiparasitic Author: Maria Ostroverkh


August 4, 2016

Piperazin phosphate, urotropin, sodium benzoate, lithium citrate benzoate, hydrosodium carbonate, Acidum tartaricum, sugar, extract from bearberry leaves. A release form Powder in granules on 100...

Drugs> Others Author: Vladimir Konev


August 4, 2016

Solution for injections contains heparin sodium in concentration of 5 thousand. Piece/ml. As auxiliary components sodium chloride, benzyl alcohol, water are a part of drug for and. In 1 gram...

Drugs> Cardiovascular Author: Maria Ostroverkh

Medical dictionary

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Toxins are called poisons of a biological origin. Toksinologiya is a science about such poisons. Production of toxins in a human body can result from a set...

Peripheral nervous system


The peripheral nervous system, or in abbreviated form PNS, is system which connects extremities and bodies to the central nervous system. Neurons of this nervous system are for...



Paresis represents weakening randomly of the arising movements that became result of disturbance of activity of motoriums of a head and/or spinal cord, peripheral...