" Drugs" Cardiovascular

Blocker of slow calcium channels. Active agent is verapamil. Medicine brakes transport of calcium ions to fibers of smooth muscle fabric. The main component is...

Author: Elvira Gilyaeva


Non-selective beta adrenoblocker. Active component is sotalol. Medicine makes antiarrhytmic, anti-anginal and hypotensive impact. Decrease in level...

Author: Elvira Gilyaeva


Vasoprotective. Active ingredient – dobezilat calcium. Doxium improves microcirculation, reduces a hyperpermeability of walls of vessels, exerts positive impact on a drainage of lymphatic...

Author: Elvira Gilyaeva


Drug of metazones belongs to group alpha adrenomimetikov. Its active ingredient is Phenylephrinum. Metazones it is applied when carrying out a subduralnogoa of an inhalation anesthesia, when carrying out...

Author: Alexander Kuznetsov

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