" Drugs" For a liver
Rezalt Missile defense

The enriched and fat-free phospholipids act as the main component which is carrying out pharmacological effect of drug. One capsule contains 300 mg of active components....

Author: Sergey Koshman


One tablet of drug contains 200 mg of a gimekromon and special excipients: starch, gelatin, sodium lauryl sulfate and magnesium stearate. Release form Medicine Odeston of 200 mg...

Author: Elena Alexandrova


One capsule of drug contains active ingredient (castor oil, peppermint oil, fir oil, extracts of hop, wild carrots and a marjoram) of 10 mg + excipients (a carbonate...

Author: Tatyana Shchenikova


Essliver Forte 1 capsule Essliver Forte contains: phospholipids essential — 300 mg, a complex of vitamins: B1 vitamins — 6 mg, B2 – 6 mg, B6 – 6 mg, B12 – 6 mkg, RR – 30 mg, E - 6...

Author: Alexander Kuznetsov


Anti-inflammatory drug. Active component – Penicillaminum. Cuprenil is complexing connection which makes immunodepressive and disintoxication impacts. With ions...

Author: Elvira Gilyaeva

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