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Ovary apoplexy

The ovary apoplexy (other names – a rupture of an ovary, a rupture of a yellow body, an ovary heart attack) is the state which is characterized by a sudden rupture of a follicle or vascularization of a yellow body...

Author: Alexander Kuznetsov

Adrenogenital syndrome

The adrenogenital syndrome is subdivided into an inborn form which is considered classical, and nonclassical easy forms which treat post-pubertal and pubertal. They are classified in...

Author: Alexander Kuznetsov


The term an adnexitis integrates in itself two various inflammatory diseases: inflammation of ovaries (oophoritis) and inflammation of uterine tubes (salpingitis). Respectively the name "salpingo-oophoritis" means...

Author: Alexander Kuznetsov

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