The adenomyosis is an illness of the sexual sphere at women. It it is directly connected with hormonal processes which take place in a female organism. This disease is considered to be as a kind of endometriosis. In view of the place of its localization — in a muscular layer of a uterus, it is also called internal genital endometriosis.

At this illness of tissue of mucous uterus, that is an endometria, appear in other departments of a female organism. In case of an adenomyosis – it is a muscular layer of a uterus. After that their gradual growth begins that negatively influences work of system in general. In parallel there is a hormonal failure, the condition of immune system is broken owing to what there is a morbidity. Sometimes there is a state, similar to allergic manifestations – so, on an affected area there can be hypostasis or this part increases in the amount of.

As specialists testify, bulk of patients for whom the adenomyosis is diagnosed are women from thirty five to forty years. Obviously, the reason of such feature of an illness consists that at younger age immunity of the woman differs in resistance to harmful factors. In the middle age the resilience of a female organism to negative influences is already much lower.

Adenomyosis reasons

Gynecologists began to consider this disease as a separate illness rather recently in view of what till today not all is known of its reasons and mechanisms of development. Owing to influence of certain factors in mucous a uterus and in its muscular layer expands endometria cells. In the period of the second part of a menstrual cycle of a cell become more volume, being going to accept a germ. But on condition of lack of pregnancy "excess" elements of an endometria together with blood during periods come to light. Because of absence in a layer of muscles of a uterus of ways by which release from excess fabrics could be made there passes hemorrhage owing to which the inflammation is shown.

However exact data on what provokes growth of tissues of uterus outside a mucous membrane. There is an opinion on existence of a certain genetic tendency to an illness. But in view of the fact that not all women for whose close relatives the disease was diagnosed are ill an adenomyosis of a uterus, it demonstrates existence of other etiologies. It is considered that can provoke developing of this disease at women several reasons. Among those – constant stresses and regular stay in a condition of tension. Also abuse of stay under open sunshine, and also regular visits of a sunbed can provoke emergence of an adenomyosis. Owing to ultra-violet radiation in an organism there is a number of reactions. And if at girls and young women they, as a rule, do not make special danger, then with women of middle age the probability of a negative impact much more increases in a case. Therefore, specialists advise carefully to treat desire to receive beautiful suntan.

Very carefully specialists advise to treat also mud baths popular today. Similar procedures bring benefit only at the correct approach to their use. Therefore before their use it is necessary to consult with the gynecologist without fail. To become also higher the risk of developing of such disease at the women who earlier had certain uterine surgeries or a scraping: injuries, abortions, a scraping owing to an abortion, etc.

Adenomyosis symptoms

In certain cases the disease can pass completely asymptomatically. However, as a rule, as symptoms of an adenomyosis of a uterus there is a number of the following displays of a disease. In pelvic area there is pain which the woman feels constantly before periods, during monthly and some more days after their termination. Just before the beginning of periods, and also after its termination the patient has allocations for which characteristic dark brown color. At an adenomyosis also the most different disturbances of a monthly cycle take place. Generally it to become shorter. During special inspection the sick doctor notes that it changed size, and also a shape of a uterus. At women with an adenomyosis the dispareuniya, that is emergence of pain in the course of sexual intercourse is shown. About forty percent of women with the established diagnosis "adenomyosis" note that periods became at them too plentiful. The similar number of women complain of manifestation of a premenstrual syndrome which is observed at them in an average or severe form. This disease is one of the most common causes owing to which the woman cannot become pregnant.

Diagnosis of an adenomyosis

АденомиозToday as the main and most informative methods of research apply ultrasonic research, hysteroscopy, a gisterosalpingografiya. It is the most reasonable to carry out ultrasonography to the period just before periods. Hysteroscopy is carried out to the period from the fifth to the seventh day of a monthly cycle. As a rule, during research dark red mouths (crypts) of glands are allocated on a light pink endometria. These crypts can have the different form and the sizes, sometimes from them blood of dark color is emitted. Research by method of a gisterosalpingografiya is conducted by means of vodorastvorimymy contrast agents. It is reasonable to conduct research for the fifth or eighth day of a monthly cycle. Then a contrast agent the easiest gets into the endometrioid centers.

Treatment of an adenomyosis

Treatment of an adenomyosis of a uterus can be made in two ways: with use of a complex of therapy or by means of a surgery. When using the first method the complex of various medicines with the purpose to normalize a condition of immune system and hormonal balance of an organism is applied. The modern drugs used for treatment of an adenomyosis practically do not provoke negative collateral manifestations, the doctor selects them, being guided by specific features of an organism of the patient. Generally at treatment of this disease use medicines as a part of which there are gestagena — hormonelike materials. After a course of treatment similar drugs at the woman degree of probability of approach of pregnancy increases. In each case the doctor appoints duration of a course of treatment individually, however generally therapy to last not less than two-three months. After the end of treatment the menstrual cycle of the patient is recovered in one or one and a half months.

Treatment of an adenomyosis of a uterus by means of a surgical method is urged to recover a normality of internal generative organs from the point of view of their anatomic features. At operation there is a removal process as it is possible bigger quantity of the centers of localization of an illness. That how noticeable will be effect of surgical intervention, directly depends on disease severity. So, operation will be more difficult if a large number of sites is struck. Respectively, also the probability of pregnancy in the future in that case goes down. At the patients having moderate degree of an adenomyosis after operation the probability of approach of pregnancy makes about 60%. The same for whom extensive defeat is diagnosed, have about 35% chance of conception. Specialists note that if conception does not happen during the two-year period after operation, then later pregnancy is improbable.

Prevention of an adenomyosis

In view of the fact that the adenomyosis of a uterus belongs to diseases which are much easier for curing if to diagnose an illness at an early stage, as the main measure of prevention it is necessary to consider regular surveys at the specialist gynecologist. In the presence of pain in the field of a basin the woman has to ensure rest in a quiet situation and it is obligatory to go to an appointment. To destination the specialist it is possible to pass sessions of the weakening massage, physiotherapeutic procedures.

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