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  • Latin name: Agisept
  • ATH code: R02AA20
  • Active ingredient: Amilmetakrezol + Dikhlorbenzilovy alcohol (Amylmetacresol + Dichlorobenzyl alcohol)
  • Producer: "Adzhio Farmatsevtikalz Ltd.", India

Adzhisept's structure

Active components are a part of each tablet for a rassasyvaniye: dichlorbenzyl alcohol and amylmetacresol.

Additional components: citric acid, ratsementol, sucrose, oils of an anise and peppermint of leaves, and also various dyes and fragrances.

Release form

Adzhisept in the form of tablets for a rassasyvaniye which can possess classical mint, honey and lemon or menthol and eucalyptus taste is issued.

Tablets are packaged on 6 pieces in blisters, on 2 or 4 blisters in a pack.

Pharmacological action

Drug possesses antiseptic and disinfecting action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

This combined drug is intended for local antiseptic use at treatment of various diseases of an oral cavity and a throat. At the same time its antimicrobic action is shown. Activity of tablets is directed to gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms, some fungi.

The analgeziruyushchy, antiinflammatory and mestnoanesteziruyushchy effect is characteristic of active ingredients of Adzhisept. Use of tablets allows to reduce a nose congestion, to alleviate pain and irritation in a throat.

It is known that this drug possesses the lowered system absorption therefore information on its pharmacokinetics is absent.

Indications to use

The main indications for purpose of drug of Adzhisept are various infectious and inflammatory diseases of an oral cavity and a throat, for example:

  • tonsillitis;
  • inflammation of a mucous oral cavity and gums, in the form of aphthous stomatitis, an ulitis and the milkwoman;
  • pharyngitis;
  • hoarseness;
  • laryngitis of various origin.


Tablets for a rassasyvaniye are not recommended to patients at:

  • high sensitivity to its components;
  • age till 5 flyings.

Side effects

At treatment by this drug development of undesirable actions is noted.

Application instruction of Adzhisept (Way and dosage)

The instruction to Adzhisept reports that these tablets are intended for a rassasyvaniye in an oral cavity. The average dosage for adult patients makes one tablet which can be accepted every 2 hour, but it is no more than 8 tablets in days. For children of 5 flyings one tablet is appointed each 4 hours. It is necessary to rassasyvat tablets before their full dissolution.


In case of overdose by Adzhisept development of vomiting, nausea and diarrhea is possible.

At the same time carry out a symptomatic treatment and appoint enterosorbents, for example: Absorbent carbon, Laktofiltrum or Enterosgel.


In clinical practice of significant medicinal interaction of Adzhisept with other drugs it is not revealed.

Special instructions

At purpose of tablets for a rassasyvaniye the patients suffering from a diabetes mellitus should consider that contain in this drug: sucrose and dextrose.

Terms of sale

In drugstores this medicine is released without recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store medicine in the dry, dark, cool place unavailable to children.

Period of validity

3 years.

Adzhisept at pregnancy

At pregnancy and a lactation use of these tablets for a rassasyvaniye as their active components get into a system blood stream in insignificant quantity is admissible.

Also possess similar action: Septolete, Suprima-Laure, Strepsils, Koldakt, Lorpils, Astrasept, Gorpils and others.


About interaction of this drug with alcohol it is not reported.

About Adzhisepta

It should be noted that in a network About Adzhisepta meet rather seldom as usually patients for treatment of pharyngalgias use other means, for example, of Septolete or Strepsils.

Nevertheless, those people who applied this drug at treatment of infections and inflammations of an oral cavity and a throat, report about its rather high performance.

As a rule, tablets for a rassasyvaniye use in the complex therapy including reception of antiviral or antibacterial drugs, the irrigating means for mucous and rinsing from saline solution or grass broth. Therefore using only such medicine, it is not necessary to expect improvement of a state.

Besides, messages when users do not understand why they establish a strict dosage for such tablets which are almost safe meet? However as practice shows, uncontrolled use of these tablets can cause various disturbances in work of a gastrointestinal tract.

Adzhisept's price where to buy

Adzhisept's price in tablets for a rassasyvaniye varies within 94-106 rubles.


  • Adzhisept classical No. 24 of a tablet for rassasyvaniyaagio Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Adzhisept a tablet medical-lemon No. 24 for rassasyvaniyaagio Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Adzhisept a tablet eucalyptus menthol No. 24 for rassasyvaniyaagio Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Adzhisept a tablet lemon No. 24 for rassasyvaniyaagio Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Adzhisept tablet orange No. 24 for rassasyvaniyaagio Pharmaceuticals Ltd
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  • Adzhisept lemon of a pastil No. 24adzhio of Farmasyyutikals (India)


  • Adzhisept with strawberry No. 24 pastilkiagio Pharmaceuticals (India)
  • Adzhisept with orange No. 24 pastilkiagio Pharmaceuticals (India)
  • Adzhisept with banana No. 24 pastilkiagio Pharmaceuticals (India)
  • Adzhisept classical No. 24 pastilkiagio Pharmaceuticals (India)
  • Adzhisept with pineapple No. 24 pastilkiagio Pharmaceuticals (India)
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