Aferez represents a method of receiving separate components of marrow or blood. For this purpose material is located in the special device – the centrifuge which separates a necessary component. The basis of this method consists in the different amount, weight, speed of sedimentation and other indicators.

Aferez can will be applied to clarification of blood of the patient: after a fence blood passes through the centrifuge, is purified and again comes to a vein.

It is possible to distinguish the following from types of an aferez:

  • Plasmapheresis. This look means receiving or removal of plasma with the subsequent return of blood to the patient.
  • Cytapheresis. It represents receiving or removal of blood cells. Tsitaferez is subdivided into several types:
  1. Leykotsitaferez – the received or deleted blood cells are leukocytes
  2. Plateletpheresis – the similar procedure connected with thrombocytes
  3. Granulotsitaferez – receiving or removal of gnanulotsit
  4. Eritrotsitaferez – receiving or removal from blood of erythrocytes

Thus procedure of an aferez allows to receive necessary fractions of blood of the donor.

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