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  • Latin name: Aflubin
  • ATH code: R05X
  • Active ingredient: Monk's-hood + Bryony gonochoristic + Ferrous phosphate + Lactic acid + Gentian yellow (Aconitum + Bryonia alba + Ferrum phosphate + Lactic Acid + Gentiano flavum)
  • Producer: Richard Bittner AG (Austria)


In 1 tablet: monk's-hood, a bryony gonochoristic, ferrous phosphate, lactic acid on 37,2 mg, gentians of yellow 3,6 mg. Potato starch, lactoses monohydrate, magnesium stearate as excipients.

In 100 ml of drops: monk's-hood, a bryony gonochoristic, ferrous phosphate, lactic acid on 10 ml, gentians of yellow 1 ml. alcohol of ethyl 43% as excipient.

In 100 ml of spray: lacteal juice of an euphorbia, a lumbago meadow, loofahs, mercuric iodide (II) on 10 ml, black mustard — 1 ml. Excipients: isotonic solution, chloride benzalkoniya.

Release form

Tablets hypoglossal No. 12 and 48.

Drops homeopathic in bottles on 50 ml, 20 ml and 100 ml.

Spray nasal in a plastic bottle on 20 ml with the doser — the sprayer.

Pharmacological action

Immunomodulatory, antiinflammatory, febrifugal.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


The complex homeopathic remedy rendering soft febrifugal, disintoxication and immunomodulatory effects. Its use reduces expressiveness and duration of intoxication and an inflammation of mucous.

On a homeopathic pharmacopeia monk's-hood is applied in an initial stage of inflammatory processes with localization in the upper respiratory tracts which are followed by high temperature. The bryony is effective a bit later — at displays of catarral tracheitis with the irritating cough and cold.

Drug at respiratory viral infections, flu, inflammatory diseases of ENT organs. stimulates nonspecific protective factors mucous a nose and a tracheobronchial tree. Possesses not expressed antiviral activity and the expressed ability to strengthen an interferonoobrazovaniye. Has no cytopathic effect.


Studying of pharmacokinetics of drug is impossible as it has difficult composition of the active ingredients which are in small quantities.

Indications to use

Prevention and treatment of acute respiratory infections; flu.

For spray:


  • Hypersensitivity to drug components;
  • age till 12 flyings (for spray) and till 1 year for all forms of drug;
  • hypothyroidism (for spray).

Side effects

The increased salivation.

Application instruction of Aflubin (Way and dosage)

Tablets Aflubin, application instruction

Drug in tablets is rassasyvat in a mouth before full dissolution in 30 min. prior to food, without washing down with water. Such way of reception provides the greatest efficiency. Adults and children are more senior than 12 years — in the first days of a disease on 1 tab. from 3 to 8 times a day, with transition to thrice reception within a week.

For prevention of a disease in the period of epidemic — 1 tablet 2 times a day within 21 days.

For the emergency prevention of flu at contact with the patient — 1 tablet 2 times a day 2 days.

Drops Aflubin, application instruction

Drug in drops is accepted inside in a pure or divorced look, for this purpose necessary quantity of drops part in 1 tablespoon of water and accept in 30 minutes prior to food, having taken drug in a mouth before a proglatyvaniye.

The dosage corresponds to age. To adults and children since 12 — on 10 drops of 3 — 8 times a day in the first two days of a disease. For fast weakening of symptoms of a disease it is possible to accept each hour till 8-10 of drops, but in a day no more than 8 times. At improvement of a state pass to reception of 10 drops 3 times a day. Treatment of flu or SARS makes 7 days.

Prevention of an infection in the period of epidemic — 10 drops 2 times a day 21-30 days.

The emergency prevention of diseases at contact with the patient — 10 drops 2 times a day 2 days.

This form of release is considered as children's Aflubin as it is allowed for use for children since 1.

Application instruction of Aflubin to children

For children from 1 year to 12 flyings the dose of 5 drops is established. Frequency rate of reception depends on a disease stage. The first days of a disease give 5 drops from 3 to 8 times a day, and then on 5 drops 3 times a day. For the purpose of the emergency prevention (at contact with the patient) on 5 drops twice a day, 2 days in a row.

For preventive treatment during a flu epidemic — on 5 drops 2 times a day three weeks. The mode of dosing of tablets to children from 1 to 12 flyings will be provided below.

To Aflubin Naza it is applied only at adults and children since 12 — 4 times a day are recommended on 2 injections in the nasal courses. The course of treatment can make from 1 to 4 weeks. The injection form of drug (pricks) is absent.


Cases of overdose are not registered.


Significant interaction with other medicines is not established.

Terms of sale

It is released without recipe.

Storage conditions

Temperature of storage of drops to 25 °C, protecting from light and electromagnetic fields.

Period of validity

Drops of 5 years.

Tablets 3 years.

Aflubin for children

The important place in treatment of respiratory viral diseases is allocated for Aflubin who possesses powerful immunomodulatory action, eliminates puffiness mucous, the inflammation and it is very often appointed to children. Its efficiency does not depend on type of a virus and is depending on terms of an initiation of treatment.

If treatment of the child is begun at the first symptoms of an illness, then drug stops development of a disease or it proceeds benign. At the treatment begun in a stage of the developed symptoms recovery process acceleration is noted. All these moments confirm reviews of parents of this homeopathic remedy. The only complaint is that alcohol is a part.

  • "… Often helps out us, yesterday still the throat hurt the sonny, cold began, and today it is much better".
  • "… To all I advise this natural drug, especially to children. It is checked on the kids, the truth I give tablets (I consider that alcohol not for children), they with pleasure rassasyvat them".
  • "… I like this drug too, but children's Aflubin should not contain alcohol, for children not really well therefore we passed to tablets".
  • "… Our pediatrician likes to appoint Aflubin, says that he trusts him and sees effect therefore often recommends".
  • "… Very effectively treats if to accept from the very beginning of an illness. If spirit solution is not pleasant, give to the child of a tablet".

The instruction on Aflubin for children

The choice of this or that dosage form of drug depends on age, recommendations of the doctor and the choice of parents. Drops which are easy for dosing are intended for children about one year, give them on one 3 time a day. How to accept drops to children? Drops part in 1 h l. maternal milk or water also give in 30 minutes prior to feeding. A course of treatment till 10 days. — 5 drops 3 times pass dosing and frequency rate of reception of this form of release for children from 1 year to 12 flyings.

Drops for children contain  0,24 – 0,336 g of ethanol in an average daily dose that needs to be considered. It is necessary to know that at storage there can be solution opacification, but it does not affect efficiency of drug and it can be applied.

At children till 1 year it is possible to apply also tablets, however it is difficult to dose them — 0,5 tablets dissolve in 1 teaspoon of maternal milk and give on 1 drop 3 times a day.

To children since 1 drops (their dosage was stated above) and tablets which for convenience dissolve in 1 teaspoon of water apply. Appoint 0,5 tablets of 3-5 times a day in the first days of a disease, then on 0,5 tablets 3 times a day lasting 5-7 days.

Planned prevention in the period of a flu epidemic provides administration of drug by children from 1 year to 12 flyings on 0,5 tablets 2 times a day 3 weeks.

After contact with sick flu the emergency prevention is carried out. To children from 1 to 12 flyings 2 times a day within 2 days appoint 0,5 tablets.

Aflubin at pregnancy

Proofs about possible risks at use of drug at pregnancy are not available therefore the question of use of drug during this period, and also when breastfeeding is solved the doctor individually. In practice during rise in incidence of flu in all trimesters appoint pregnant Engistol, IRS-19, Gripp-Heel and Aflubin.

Structural analogs are absent. Drugs with similar action: Inflyutsid, Gripp-Heel, Asinis, Umkalor, Faringomed, Bronkho-gran, Agri, Anabar, Edas-308.

About Aflubin

As the children's organism is more subject to respiratory viral diseases and children more often than adults are ill, doctors are faced by a question, than to facilitate the course of a disease and what drugs to choose to do much harm less to the child. Treatment of a SARS consists in purpose of smaller number of HP which would combine the expressed effect with insignificant quantity of side reactions.

For the purpose of relief of symptoms to children often appoint homeopathic medicines among which there is Inflyutsid, Tonzilotren, Umkalor, Faringomed, Bronkho-gran, Agri, Gripp-Heel and Aflubin. And it has justification as homeopathic remedies differ in the best portability, sufficient efficiency and a possibility of use in all age categories. This drug is used at children of early age, it is possible to appoint it at pregnancy, and also at diseases of a liver and kidneys. At a disease to children appoint drops 3 times a day, and their quantity depends on age. It is important not to miss the moment of the beginning of a disease and at once to start treatment.

About Aflubin for children confirm that at children easier course of a disease was noted and seldom complications developed:

  • "… Me is what to compare to: if I give to the child Aflubin, the absolute recovery comes by 5th day. If I do not give drug — cough joins and we can be ill 10-14 days".
  • "… Our improvement is noticed for the second or third day of reception of this means: temperature is normalized, cold and reddening in a throat decreases".
  • "… More than once noticed that cold proceeds easier and without complications (I mean cough) if at once I begin to give to the daughter Aflubin".

This drug is recommended to be accepted not only in a case, but also with the preventive purpose and it yields good results. According to the conducted researches this means was appointed to children (from 8 months to 10 flyings) during rise in incidence of a SARS, in an age dosage once a day. Treatment was carried out from 2 to 6 weeks.

Among children who accepted this drug flu ached with 2,3%, and during the same period according to average data incidence among children made 34,2%. Data were confirmed by laboratory researches — increase in quantity of the T lymphocytes playing a role in local immunity was noted also other indicators of immune system improved, blood indicators were normalized.

Complex homeopathic remedies are in demand for a wide range of consumers in a type of safety of use and reasonable prices.

Aflubin's price where to buy

From the point of view of exact dosing the dosage form of a drop is more convenient for children. Children's Aflubin any drugstore can get. Aflubin's price in drops on 20 ml in drugstores of Moscow fluctuates from 209 rub to 287 rub, tablets can be bought for 367-498 rub.


  • To Aflubin-naza of 20 ml spray a bottle with dosing ustroystvombittner Richard Gmbh
  • Aflubin No. 24 tabletkibittner Richard Gmbh
  • Aflubin of 20 ml kaplibittner Richard Gmbh
  • Aflubin of 50 ml kaplibittner Richard Gmbh
  • Aflubin No. 12 tabletkibittner Richard Gmbh

Drugstore of IFC

  • Aflubin of a drop of 50 ml, Bittner Richardavstriya
  • Aflubin Bronkho syrup of 100 ml, P.W. Beyvers GmbHГермания
  • Aflubin tbl homeopathist. podjyazychn. No. 24, Bittner Richardavstriya
  • Aflubin of a drop of 20 ml, Bittner Richardavstriya
  • Aflubin tbl homeopathist. podjyazychn. No. 12, Bittner Richardavstriya
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  • Aflubin of a tablet No. 12 Bittner (Austria)
  • Aflubin of a tablet No. 48 Bittner (Austria)
  • Aflubinbittner (Austria)
  • Aflubinbittner (Austria)


  • Aflubin of a drop 20mlbittner
  • Aflubin of a drop 20mlbittner
  • Aflubin of a drop 20mlbittner
  • Aflubin of a drop 20mlbittner


  • Aflubin No. 24 of the tab. gomeop. Richard Bittner of AG (Austria)
  • Aflubin No. 12 of the tab. gomeop. Richard Bittner of AG (Austria)
  • Aflubin of 50 ml of a drop for reception vnutrrikhard Bittner of AG (Austria)
  • Aflubin No. 48 of the tab. gomeop. Richard Bittner of AG (Austria)
  • Aflubin of 20 ml of a drop for reception vnutrrikhard Bittner of AG (Austria)
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