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  • Latin name: Aphobazolum
  • ATH code: N05BX
  • Active ingredient: Afobazole/Aphobazolum (morfolinoetiltioetoksibenzimidazol of дигидрохлорид/Morpholinoethylthioethoxybenzimidazolum dihydrochloride)
  • Producer: JSC Farmstandart, Russian Federation

Composition of Afobazole

5 or 10 mg of the substance Afobazole as the operating component and auxiliary components are a part of Afobazole:

  • potato starch (Amylum solani);
  • cellulose microcrystallic (Cellulose microcrystallic);
  • milk sugar (Saccharum lactis);
  • povidone (Povidonum);
  • magnesium stearate (Magnesium stearate).

Release form

Afobazole is issued in the tableted form. Tablets are flat, a cylindrical form, with a facet, are packed on 10 or 25 pieces into blister strip packagings. Their color can vary from white to white with a cream shade.

Also the tablets Afobazole can be issued, packed on 30, 50 or 100 pieces into banks with a polymeric cover.

Pharmacological action

The drug Afobazole belongs to farmakoterapevtichesky group of anksiolitichesky medicines.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Active ingredient of medicine is been to derivatives 2 mercaptobenzimidazoles represents the selection not benzodiazepine tranquilizer (anxiolytic).

Drug has no promoting effect on benzodiazepine receptors, but possesses ability to influence the brain sigma-1-receptors which are localized mainly in the zones which are responsible for memory, emotions, touch perception and thin motility.

Afobazole has the stabilizing effect on cellular membranes of receptors of γ-aminobutyric acid of acid, promoting at the same time recovery of their sensitivity to endogenous mediators of braking.

Besides, Afobazole promotes increase of a bioenergy potential (BEP) of nervous cells and, having the expressed neuroprotective effect, protects them from damages.

Drug has dual effect on a human body which is expressed as a combination soothing (antialarming) and easy stimulating effects.

He reduces expressiveness (or completely eliminates) sensation of fear, somatic and vegetative manifestations of uneasiness, emotional intensity, an acrimony, removes symptoms of posttraumatic stressful frustration, withdrawal symptoms, and also other specific states.

Purpose of drug to patients with the expressed asthenic lines which are shown in a look is considered especially expedient:

  • suspiciousnesses;
  • the increased vulnerability;
  • variability of mood;
  • uncertainty etc.

Drug prevents emergence of membranozavisimy changes in the receptors possessing sensitivity to GAMK. Effect of Afobazole is not followed gipnosedativny and myorelaxation by effects. Against treatment it does not note deterioration in function of memory and disturbance of concentration of attention.

The condition of the patient improves, as a rule, to the fifth - seventh to day of treatment. The maximum effect is noted approximately three-four weeks later after the first reception of tablets and remains on an extent of seven-fourteen days after drug withdrawal (depending on specific features of a metabolism of the specific patient).

Afobazole is well absorbed from a gastrointestinal tract. Drug is characterized by high degree of affinity to cells of a human body and high extent of linkng with plasma proteins.

Medicine is quickly excreted from an organism that significantly reduces probability of overdose by it. The elimination half-life averages about 50 minutes.

Indications to Afobazole use

To understand from what Afobazole is appointed to the patient and from what these tablets do not help, it is necessary to consider farmakodinamichesky characteristics of drug.

According to the summary, indications to use of this medicine are:

  • alarming states, including mental disorders which are followed by the steady feeling of alarm which does not have communication with specific objects or events, asthenic neurosises, disorders of adaptive reactions (disorder of adaptation);
  • the alarming frustration caused various dermatological, oncological, somatic (lupus, idiopathic hypertensia, bronchial asthma, ischemic heart disease, arrhythmia, etc.) and other diseases;
  • the alarming states which are noted at VSD (in combination with other actions as medicinal therapy at vegeto-vascular dystonia only temporarily allows to stop symptoms, but does not eliminate disturbance in work of a nervous system);
  • the sleep disorders which are a consequence of the increased uneasiness;
  • neurocirculatory dystonia (NTsD);
  • symptoms of a cyclic syndrome at women (PMS);
  • alcoholic abstinence (alcohol withdrawal);
  • the withdrawal arising at refusal of cigarettes.

Contraindications on Afobazole

Contraindications on Afobazole are:

  • hypersensitivity or intolerance of active agent or drug, any of auxiliary components;
  • galactosemia (intolerance of a galactose);
  • intolerance of monosaccharides (glucose galactose malabsorption);
  • lactose intolerance (deficit of lactase).

Also drug is contraindicated to the children and teenagers who did not reach 18 summer age, to women during pregnancy and to women who nurse.

Side effects of Afobazole

Side effects of Afobazole are most often caused by individual intolerance of drug, any of components, and are expressed as different allergic reactions:

Also the probability of nausea, vomiting and frustration of a chair is not excluded. In rare instances a side effect of reception of Afobazole is the headache which does not demand specific treatment, change of a dosage or drug withdrawal and passes independently.

Application instruction of Afobazole (Way and dosage)

According to the application instruction, the tablets Afobazole are intended for intake. Before drinking a tablet, it is necessary to eat.

Single dose of drug — 10 mg. The daily dose recommended by the application instruction of Afobazole — 30 mg. It is necessary to take a pill in three steps (that is on one tablet 10 mg or 2 tablets of 5 mg at one time).

As the maximum therapeutic effect of administration of drug develops only by the beginning of the 4th week, duration of course treatment by it usually from 2 to 4 weeks.

Before accepting Afobazole, consultation of the doctor is without fail necessary. It is connected with the fact that separate states demand increase in a dose and duration of treatment. So, according to indications the daily dose can be doubled, and the course of treatment is prolonged about 3 months.


Afobazole overdose (essential exceeding of a therapeutic dose means) provokes development of sedation and the increased drowsiness which at the same time is not followed by decrease in a tone of skeletal muscular tissue and decrease in a physical activity.

At emergence of symptoms of intoxication of an organism Wikipedia recommends as acute management to the patient hypodermic introduction of 1 ml of caffeine-sodium benzoate of 20% solution for injections. It is necessary to prick drug 2-3 times a day.


Afobazole does not exert any impact on the depriving of bonuses effect of alcohol and hypnotic (somnolent) effect of Thiopental of sodium (drug for an inhalation anesthesia of ultrashort action).

Potentsiiruyet the antiepileptic effect of Carbamazepine also promotes strengthening of tranquilizing effect of Diazepam.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

It is recommended to store drug in original packaging in the place, unavailable to children, at a temperature which is not exceeding 25 °C.

Period of validity

It is suitable for use within 2 years from the date of production. The use after the date specified on packaging is forbidden.

Special instructions

Drug does not exert impact on ability to steer the car and potentially dangerous mechanisms therefore the answer to the question "Whether It Is Possible to Accept Driving the Drug Afobazole?" positive.

Also the people occupied on dangerous productions and to people whose work demands attentiveness and the accuracy of reactions are not forbidden to accept means.

Analogs of Afobazole

As well as the majority of other popular drugs, for Afobazole has analogs, that is the drugs similar to it on the pharmacological action but differing on structure.

Analogs of drug are: homeopathic remedy Tenoten, Grandaxinum, Strezam, IC Mebicarum, Adaptol, Trankvilar IC.

The price of analogs of Afobazole varies depending on a drugstore and the producer. Adaptol, for example, is slightly cheaper than Afobazole, but at the same time is also effective, is characterized by small toxicity, does not cause drowsiness, accustoming and a withdrawal.

What it is better — Tenoten or Afobazole?

Tenoten is the homeopathic medicine possessing antidepressive, anti-asthenic and antialarming action. Influencing the S-100 protein (the specific protein which is responsible for regulation of intracellular processes) localized mainly in cells of nervous tissue, drug normalizes its functional activity.

As a result of it in an organism the course of metabolic processes, and also mechanisms of activation and braking of TsNS is respectively normalized. Tenoten strengthens TsNS, promotes improvement of memory and increase of concentration of attention and, besides, increases resistance of an organism to influence a stress factors (including including a hypoxia and intoxication).

The main advantage of Tenoten before Afobazole is that it can be used both for treatment of adult patients, and for treatment of children (drug it is allowed to appoint, since 3-hletny age).

One more plus in favor of Tenoten is that drug can be used both as soothing and as nootropic means. Thanks to such combination of properties in one drug it is possible to avoid reception at the same time of several drugs and by that it is essential to reduce medicinal load of an organism of the patient and to minimize probability of emergence of by-effects.

New Passitum or Afobazole — what is better?

New Passitum represents drug of sedative action which is used widely for treatment of the alarming frustration and states which are followed by mental tension.

If Afobazole is completely synthetic monocomponent drug, then Novopassit is a combination of extracts of seven various medicinal plants and a gvayfenezin.

Besides, unlike Afobazola Novopassit has myorelaxation and gipnosedativny effect.

Afobazole is a tranquilizer which improves behavioural functions, promotes increase of mood and vigor of an organism, reduces uneasiness. The soothing effect which provokes administration of drug at the same time is not the main, and collateral.

New Passitum belongs to group of drugs of sedative action. That is already from the name of its farmakoterapevtichesky group it becomes clear that it renders the expressed soothing effect.

One more difference of drugs that patients are allowed to appoint Novopassit from 12-tiletny age, and Afobazole — only to the people who reached 18 years.

Considering all above-mentioned, it is difficult to give a definite answer to a question of what of drugs is better: they treat different groups, have different indications to appointment, and also different forms of release (so, Novopassit is issued in the form of tablets and syrup whereas Afobazole is only tablets).

It is more correct to carry out comparison according to such characteristics as a drug safety, commitment of the patient to therapy (komplayens), convenience of reception, efficiency and the price

Both drugs are considered safe, however, the probability of an allergy and reactions of intolerance to Novopassit's reception at persons with burdened allergoanamnezy and bronchial asthma, is slightly higher, than on Afobazole reception.

At appointment Novopassita is also higher also probability of unexpected medicinal interactions (as components in it it is much bigger, than in Afobazole).

Estimating komplayens drugs, one may say, that here wins Novopassit. Only vegetable matters are its part that is big plus (in particular for people of advanced age).

On convenience of reception the competing drugs are approximately identical. The standard scheme of reception of the tablets Afobazole — one tablet three times a day. New Passitum is accepted on two-three tablets by two-three times a day and on two-three tablets just before a stress that not absolutely and not always conveniently. However Novopassit has the liquid form of release which is more preferable to many patients.

If to compare the prices of drugs, then, certainly, the Russian drug much cheaper.

As for efficiency of drugs which, actually, is the main evaluation criterion for most of patients, here everything depends on specific features of a specific organism and to precisely foresee to whom that will approach more, will not be able nobody.

What it is better — Afobazole or Grandaxinum?

Both Afobazole, and Grandaxinum are applied to treatment of the same illnesses, remove similar symptoms and are approximately in one price category.

Responses of the people accepting Grandaxinum according to indications demonstrate that:

  • the effect of treatment by drug develops very quickly, and the lasting effect is noted already several days later after the first reception;
  • drug effectively removes symptoms of a nervous tension;
  • taste at tablets neutral, and reception of means does not cause inconveniences and unpleasant feelings.

Nevertheless, reception of Grandaxinum quite often provokes nausea, many patients also noted some block and dizzinesses which were especially expressed when changing situation.

Allow to draw a conclusion on Afobazole that the last:

  • it is effective at alarming states and helps to cope with unpleasant manifestations of PMS;
  • it is characterized as low-toxic drug and has no the expressed side effects.

At severe stresses drug, however, is ineffective. Also it is almost useless at treatment of sleeplessness, panic attacks and deep depressions. That is it to appoint reasonable only when symptoms of alarm or a stress have not pronounced character. In heavy situations Grandaxinum is more effective.

So, pluses of Grandaxinum is its effectiveness at severe stresses and the expressed alarming states, and also the fact that pregnant women are allowed to apply it even (it is contraindicated only in the first trimester of pregnancy). Its minus that drug causes bigger quantity of side reactions, than his competitor — Afobazole.

What it is better — Persen or Afobazole?

Persen's comparison and Afobazole incorrectly. It is connected with the fact that drugs have absolutely different structure and the different mechanism of action.

Persen is completely herbal remedy which has the expressed sedative effect, and is appointed to the patients suffering from sleeplessness and an acrimony.

Drug facilitates backfilling and removes excitability, but at the same time possesses all shortcomings and side effects which are inherent in the curative plants which are its part.

So, against treatment by Persen in some cases:

  • sharply the ABP indicators decrease;
  • accustoming develops;
  • efficiency of treatment decreases (sometimes even only several days later after the beginning of therapy);
  • the chair (in particular, locks are frequent), etc. is broken.

In general, Persen it is rather difficult to call medicine: in spite of the fact that drug is capable to remove spasmvessels in short terms, to have the weakening and calming effect on TsNS, an origin of symptoms it does not remove.

Afobazole represents a tranquilizer of dot action which is implemented thanks to a combination of the antialarming and stimulating effects. It is only capable to provoke somnolent effect when the dose of its active agent exceeds mean effective (ED50) at least by 40 times.

After a course of reception of Afobazole at patients not only uneasiness is eliminated and the depression disappears, but also memory and attention considerably improve.

What it is better — Afobazole or Adaptol?

Adaptol appoint for treatment of moderately expressed heartaches which are not connected with stenocardia, for elimination of constant thirst for smoking, the neurosises which are followed by fears, uneasiness, irritability and depressions.

Also it is effective in the period of a menopause, at VSD and at the states arising against an oxidatic stress. Adaptol renders easy anksiolitichesky effect, considerably reducing fears and uneasiness, and, besides, positively influences indicators of functional activity of a brain.

After reception Adaptol partially contacts the erythrocytes which are contained in blood, and partially — proteins that allows it to extend quickly in the patient's organism. Therefore practically at once after reception the last begins to feel a pacification and internal tranquility.

Adaptol's action is not followed by relaxation of skeletal muscles and change of motive function. Means has no hypnotic effect, but possesses ability to potentsiirovat effect of the drugs appointed for treatment of sleep disorders (for what it is possible to appoint it along with these means).

As well as Afobazole, drug possesses extremely a hypotoxicity. Drug is well transferred by patients, is available, does not cause tolerance and practically does not provoke by-effects. For this reason it is widely applied in a therapy complex in pediatric practice (Adaptol is allowed children from 10-tiletny age and it is its main difference from Afobazole).

What it is better — Phenibutum or Afobazole?

Phenibutum and Afobazole belong to one farmakoterapevtichesky group. Afobazole is characterized by ability to have the expressed anksiolitichesky effect, Phenibutum has tranquilizing and nootropic effect.

Both drugs are well transferred by patients, but in separate situations are capable to provoke side reactions. So, after reception of Phenibutum at some patients at the first receptions drowsiness increases. Reception of Afobazole can become the reason of allergic reactions.

Unlike Afobazole it is possible to appoint Phenibutum including to children is more senior than 8 years. Drug is quite often used in pediatrics for prevention of motion deseases, treatment of tics and stutter.


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  • Afobazole tab. 10 mg No. 60
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