The aphonia is a state at which the person has no sonorous voice, but at the same time the speech in a whisper remains.

How the aphonia is shown?

The aphonia is expressed by loss of a loud, ringing voice. In the course of conversation of people, suffering from an aphonia, gives only the sounds similar to whisper. Sometimes in a voice the jingling inclusions are shown. Depending on the reasons of manifestation of such symptom distinguish several kinds of an aphonia: true (guttural type), paralytic, spasmodic, functional (hysterical aphonia). As a result of any of kinds of an aphonia of people cannot speak by a normal voice, usual for himself.

The functional aphonia often develops after laryngitis, and, changes of a voice remain even then when in a throat local changes are not found any more.

Why the aphonia is shown?

Афония у пожилых людейThe reasons of an aphonia true are connected with throat diseases in view of which development the smykaniye and implementation of vibration of true phonatory bands is at a loss. It can be hems, tumors (high-quality and malignant). The condition of the person at this form of an aphonia improves only if it is possible to cure the reason which provoked it.

The paralytic aphonia develops owing to disturbances of functioning of the lower guttural nerve. This nerve is responsible for functions of the majority of internal muscles of a throat. The lower guttural nerve can stay in a condition of paresis or paralysis owing to injuries, operative measures, squeezing by an aortic aneurysm, tumors. Also the illness of a nervous system a syringobulbia can become the reason of a paralytic aphonia. Sometimes paresis of the lower guttural nerve develops under toxic influence at flu or viral infections.

Development of a spastic aphonia happens owing to a spasm of internal muscles of a throat that also leads to narrowing of a glottis. This form of an aphonia develops also owing to irritation of a mucous membrane of a throat and a throat harmful chemicals. The spastic aphonia can turn out to be consequence and a mental injury.

Development of a functional aphonia happens owing to a disease of laryngitis, both acute, and chronic, at people to neurosises. At a functional aphonia the doctor does not find in a throat of pathological changes. If the patient at whom the hysterical aphonia is observed tries to clear the throat or irritates with something a throat, then he coughs loudly.

The aphonia can be a symptom of a diphtheritic croup. In certain cases the aphonia is the first symptom of a pulmonary tuberculosis, an aortic aneurysm. For this reason at manifestation of an aphonia of people has to see surely a doctor and pass all researches appointed to it.

How to treat an aphonia?

Истинная афонияTreatment of this disease depends, first of all, on the aphonia reason. If the diagnosis "a true aphonia" is established, then to the patient the oncotomy, excision of hems is made. Important for a certain span to provide absolute rest of the voice device, to practice those physiotherapeutic methods which are appointed by the doctor.

Not always it is possible to cure a paralytic aphonia. The condition of the person improves only if is eliminated the reasons which provoked this state. If necessary in the surgical way the gullet tumor is removed, complex treatment of flu or inflammatory processes is carried out.

Spastic and functional forms of an aphonia assume carrying out procedures which promote strengthening of a nervous system. Both treatment by medicines, and psychotherapy practices. Besides, the patient appoints regular carrying out respiratory gymnastics, fonopedichesky exercises. The functional aphonia at people who are subject to neurosises recovers difficult. At the same time it is important to convince the patient that he is capable of loud conversation.

At emergence of the first signs of an aphonia the person is recommended to breathe only through a nose, not to strain a voice, trying to speak as seldom as possible. During treatment it is important obligatory to leave off smoking and take alcoholic drinks completely. The spicy and spicy food also should be excluded completely from a diet, seasonings and spices it is better not to use in general.

There are some national methods helping the person to get rid of manifestations of an aphonia. For example, it is recommended to do warm compresses on a neck. For compresses it is possible to use vodka, vegetable oil. It is also recommended to use mix of fresh juice of carrots, turnip, a dandelion. Such mix needs to be drunk throughout the entire period of treatment. Freshly squeezed juice from cabbage also helps to overcome this illness.

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