Acne (acne rash, body blackheads)

Acnes are pathological manifestations of inflammatory character which develop on integuments of the person, back, and also a decollete zone. They can look and as comedones, that is black points, and as spots. Generally this phenomenon is characteristic of teenage age: about 80% of teenagers in a varying degree face display of an acne. However, such disease rather often affects also adults: about 25% of men and 50% of women note emergence of spots at a certain vital stage.

Acne reasons

Emergence on skin of an acne is caused, first of all, by process of defeat of sebaceous glands and output channels. Besides hair follicles are involved in inflammatory process. Appearance of ordinary eels in most cases is complication of seborrhea. At this illness the person has a change of composition of skin fat: in it the amount of fatty acids which have disinfecting influence considerably decreases. As a result bactericidal properties are suppressed, and process of reproduction of bacteria in sebaceous glands begins. Besides the inflammation occurs as an effect of mechanical irritation of horn masses which collect in output channels of glands. Severity of an illness of envy how sebaceous glands react to androgens — male sex hormones. As a rule, more intensive reaction of sebaceous glands on on hormones has the hereditary reasons.

There is a number of kinds of eels which classify depending on the reason of their emergence. It is accepted to distinguish ordinary, medicamentous, red, professional, and also other types of an acne. But red and ordinary eels are most often diagnosed. They can look as black points, purulent educations in which white allocations, and also the inflamed formations of red color collect. Spots develop if there is an obstruction by allocations of sebaceous glands hair a follicle on skin. As a rule, acnes develop on integuments of the person, back, forearms, a breast. Also often such educations appear on a nose. It is noted that tendency to this illness is in certain cases descended. Besides, the stressful situation, treatment by some medicines against various diseases can influence development of this illness. Change in functioning of sebaceous glands can be an effect of a hormonal imbalance. As a result of gland make bigger amount of skin fat owing to what there is an obstruction of a time. Such pathological changes are often noticeable even on a photo. Besides, in certain cases too frequent squeezing of integuments or a constant habit of the person to touch face skin that leads to its infection is a cause of illness.

Besides, the factors provoking development of eels ordinary are some diseases: endocrine disturbances, neurocirculatory dystonia, constant chronic locks, decrease in nonspecific resistance of an organism, hypovitaminosis And.

Acne symptoms

Акне (угревая сыпь, угри на теле)Face blackheads and other zones often look as black points (so-called open comedones) which actually are enlarged pores of the person which were clogged up. As a rule, open comedones have gray-brown or black color owing to chemical changes. Removal of such black points by the cosmetologist or doctor is in certain cases possible. At the same time it is much more difficult to get rid of white points as in this time an opening very small.

As a rule, eels appear at the person at teenage age and look as small hillocks of red color. But in certain cases at heavier disease eels remind large cysts and small knots. If in a comedone there is an active reproduction of bacteria, then in process there is an inflammatory process, pus is formed, white pustules and yellowish hillocks appear. If to squeeze out such pustules, then the inflammation is aggravated, and the size of a spot increases. But the heaviest disease is observed at formation of cysts: in that case on integuments after healing there are noticeable scars.

Speaking about disease symptoms, it should be noted that at a slight and moderately severe illness first of all careful and correct independent care of skin is necessary. But if after one and a half-two months of people does not note noticeable improvement of a state or deterioration is observed, then it is necessary to see a doctor nevertheless. Often people who owing to an acne illness feel noticeable discomfort in the cosmetic plan address for consultation the specialist. Exacerbations of a disease are sometimes shown: in such state the patient has noticeable painful rashes of red color, at the same time symptoms do not disappear for three and more days. In that case also the address to the doctor is required.

Defeat by red eels is more characteristic of women after thirty years. In this case most often defeat of neurovegetative and vascular system, and also a disease of a gastrointestinal tract and some disorders of endocrine character becomes the prime cause. At this disease the chronic current is noted: continuous manifestation of symptoms of an illness takes place if the woman tests strong psychological tension, allows serious errors in a food allowance, often experiences overcooling and an overheat, strong influence of sunshine, does not follow the basic rules of personal hygiene.

Manifestation of medicamentous eels – an effect of emergence of inflammatory reaction in response to influence of medicines, both direct, and mediated. Most often appearance of medicamentous eels turns out to be consequence of use of drugs of iodine and bromine. Sometimes rashes of nodular character appear also after treatment by glucocorticoids. In this case first of all it is necessary to cancel that drug which provoked an illness and to make the same therapy, as well as at ordinary eels.

Appearance of professional eels – a consequence of the long period of impact on skin of some elements, for example, products of oil refining, coal. In the course of their continuous influence proliferation of epidermis is shown, there are comedones and inflammatory process develops.

Anyway treatment of an acne is a necessary measure as this problem has direct influence, both on quality of human life, and on its psychological spirit. This problem for teenagers who take the changes of outward and change connected with it hard can become especially critical.

Treatment of an acne

Акне (угревая сыпь, угри на теле)Treatment of an acne is carried out by the dermatologist, as a rule, it takes place in out-patient conditions. If rashes are expressed slightly, then use of ordinary hygienic means is possible. However before their use how to get rid of an acne, it is necessary to ask the specialist in detail. If at the patient the plentiful eels having pustular character, and also indurative and phlegmonous educations take place, then in this case treatment by means of a course of antibiotics is reasonable. Special approach practices also at treatment of an acne of newborns. Most often rifampicin, Oxacillinum or long reception of tetracycline, Oletetrinum is appointed sick. Besides, in the course of treatment of an acne reception of vitamin A or Aevitum is important. The telex and other means is outwardly applied. They effectively influence a condition of skin of patients that is noticeable even on a photo.

If red eels are diagnosed for the patient, to him tetracycline is appointed. Besides, treatment by niacin, and also use of medicines of a quinolinic row is recommended. Sometimes also carrying out cryomassage practices.

At prescription of antibiotics in parallel appoint also a probiotics. The matter is that influence of drugs antibiotics on flora of intestines can be especially negative. So the phenomena digestion worsens, and acne rash becomes more intensive. A probiotics will help to keep integrity of digestive activity and to improve thus a condition of skin.

If especially severe form of an illness is diagnosed, then to the patient drugs which contain izotretinoin are sometimes appointed. In this case it is important to remember contraindications as pregnant and those women who are going to conceive the child cannot accept such means.

There are also drugs which are administered directly to places of defeats. With their help inflammation symptoms decrease, and healing process becomes more active. After such pricks hems and scars are shown is much more less expressed.

Face blackheads also treat in house conditions, applying both folk remedies, and some cosmetics to care of skin. Till today there are many councils of traditional medicine how to get rid of face blackheads. Effective treatment is provided thanks to regular hygiene of the person using means which disinfect and degrease skin. For this purpose ordinary soap then integuments of the person need to be wiped with boron-salicyl alcohol will approach.

If professional eels are diagnosed for the patient, then it is initially necessary to avoid contact with substances which provoked this disease. The doctor appoints reception of vitamin A, ascorbic acid, and also treatment outside means which are used and if the patient had ordinary pink eels. In house conditions it is possible to apply regular heat baths also.

Treatment of an acne OTC medicines

Акне (угревая сыпь, угри на теле)Many teenagers and people of advanced age have back blackheads, on cheeks and on other zones of a body it is quite possible to cure, without resorting to reception of antibiotics. In this case drugs against eels which are released in a drugstore without recipe of the doctor are used. Buying ointment from eels, it is necessary to know that influence of salicylic acid and a sery and sulfur, benzoyl of peroxide, azelaic acid, resorcin is the most effective in this case.

Cream from acne defeats on the basis of the specified means is recommended to be applied on the skin affected with rashes, every day. It needs to be done only after careful clarification of skin. Making the patient recommendations of how to treat youthful eels of the house, doctors advise to pay attention to changes of a condition of skin. If traces of irritation and skin strongly are shown dries, then the frequency of use of such means needs to be reduced. Chin blackheads and other face zones it is impossible to squeeze out at all as removal of contents can become the reason of entering of an infection and provoke emergence of hems. It is necessary to apply delicate means from eels then the special mask from rashes for problem skin can periodically practice to clarification of the person.

To define how to get rid of eels in house conditions and as to fight with them, it is necessary to know some simple rules. The patient has to treat the choice of soap and other personal hygiene means most carefully. The cosmetics also should be selected attentively, giving preference to means on a water basis, and also to those creams and lotions which do not clog up pores. No folk remedies from acne rash can be used without preliminary approval of the doctor.

But at treatment of acne rash each person has to understand that manifestations of an enanthesis of the person and a body are an evidence of existence of certain problems in one system of an organism or in several of its systems. For this reason, choosing a certain technique of disposal of spots, it is necessary to define the illness prime cause for the purpose of its elimination.

Way of life at an acne

Acne rash is aggravated if the person stays in a condition of a severe stress. The matter is that at a noticeable tension increase in content of hormone cortisol is observed. Therefore treatment of acne rash has to include not only use of medicamentous means, but also the methods allowing to eliminate a stress effect – yoga, meditation, respiratory gymnastics. Treatment by folk remedies also allows to improve a condition of a nervous system by means of use of grass collecting with sedative influence.

One more important point – regular physical activity. If the person has an acne rash at a face and other body parts, then the active way of life is important from a position of activation of work of lungs and heart. As a result, the blood pressure raises, and cells of a human body are better supplied with oxygen. Besides, functioning of the alimentary system improves that promotes intensive clarification from toxins. Thus, causes of illness are removed, and eels gradually disappear.

In the presence of rashes of people has to be surely as much as possible in the fresh air as both at teenagers, and at mature people at a daylight release of the vitamin D defining a condition of skin of the person becomes more active. Besides in the fresh air oxygen level grows in skin that promotes faster clarification of skin from rashes. But people who think of how to get rid of acne rashes should know that in this case this is not about intensive suntan or long stay on the sun.

People who suffer from eels are recommended to be as seldom as possible in places with too high humidity and air temperature. Daily washing has to be made only by water of room temperature as hot water can aggravate the course of a disease considerably.

Food at an acne

Акне (угревая сыпь, угри на теле)Patsiyenitam of any age at which the acne illness developed it is important to correct a food allowance to provide as much as possible intensive removal of toxins of their organism. Treatment of an acne illness will be much more effective if the person adheres to a sparing diet. It is recommended to the patient suffering from plentiful acne rashes to include in a diet as much as possible fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts. A large amount of the vitamins which are contained in such products perfectly influence the general condition of skin and help to get rid of eels.

Positively influence health of such patients and products which contain a lot of vitamin C: citrus, strawberry, melons, cabbage, potatoes.

For strengthening of immunity vitamin E which is in a peanut, almonds, sheet vegetables is necessary. Functions of epithelial fabrics are improved by vitamin A which, besides interferes with formation of spots and wrinkles. It contains in large numbers in carrots, pumpkin, broccoli, a melon, cabbage, spinach, and also in orange vegetables.

Except the specified products at an acne it is recommended to eat pumpkin sunflower seeds, bean, salad.

At the same time you should not abuse sugar, white rice, products from white flour. The use of such food leads to excess of insulin in blood that promotes hormonal fluctuations and an aggravation of symptoms of skin. There is an opinion and that the problem of an acne is aggravated by consumption of products from milk. It is not necessary to use also often coffee and especially – alcoholic beverages. And here it is necessary to drink waters much – not less than seven glasses a day. Shortage of moisture promotes dryness of integuments, and process of healing and updating of skin is slowed down.

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