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  • Latin name: Akriderm Genta
  • ATH code: D07XC01
  • Active ingredient: Betamethasone + Gentamycin (Betamethasone + Gentamicin)
  • Producer: Quinacrine (Russia)


Active components are a part of drug: betamethasone Dipropionas and Gentamycini sulfas.

Additional components: nipagin, propylene glycol, a liquid paraffin, macrogoal ether, cetostearyl alcohol, sodium the phosphate 2-replaced dinatrium etilendiamintetraatsetat, potassium the phosphate 1-replaced the purified water.

Release form

Let out Akriderm Genta in the form of cream and ointment for outside drawing. Means it is packed into tubas on 15 or 30 g.

Pharmacological action

Drug Akriderm Genta shows antiinflammatory, antiallergic and antibacterial effect.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

This combined drug integrated in itself properties of a glucocorticosteroid and an antibiotic aminoglycoside.

Therefore thanks to betamethasone to Dipropionas there is a braking of accumulation of leukocytes, fast release of lizosomalny enzymes, and also antiinflammatory mediators in the field of an inflammation. At the same time phagocytosis oppression, decrease in vascular and fabric permeability and formation of inflammatory puffiness is noted.

As for gentamycin, it is the antibiotic of a broad spectrum of activity entering into group of aminoglycosides. The bactericidal effect directed on causative agents of both primary, and consecutive bacterial skin infections is characteristic of it. Especially its activity is shown concerning various gram-negative and a number of gram-positive bacteria. Anaerobe bacterias, mushrooms and viruses are not sensitive to this substance.

Indications to use

Cream and ointment Akriderm Genta are appointed at treatment:


Use of this means is not recommended at:

Side effects

Treatment Akridermom Genta can be followed: burning, irritation, xeroderma, folliculitis, hypertrichosis, aknepodobny rashes, hypopigmentation, perioral dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis. At long drawing, especially under occlusive bandages, development of maceration of skin, consecutive infection, atrophy of skin, a heat rash and purple is not excluded.

Use of drug for treatment of children can cause such system side effects as: hyperglycemia, glucosuria, syndrome of Kushinga reversible oppression of activity of bark of adrenal glands and so on.

Application instruction Akriderm Genta (Way and dosage)

The instruction on ointment reports that it is used outwardly, by drawing by a thin layer on the damaged places, daily on 2 times. In special cases the scheme of treatment is established by the doctor, considering disease severity. Easy forms of a disease allow to apply cream Akriderm Genta every day one time.

Duration of therapy has dependence on portability and efficiency, making 2-4 weeks.

At a long absence of improvement specification of the diagnosis is required.


Though cases of acute overdose are also improbable, prolonged use in the raised doses can cause hypercorticoidism signs, for example: hyperglycemia, glucosuria, reversible oppression of work of bark of adrenal glands, syndrome of Kushinga.

At the same time symptomatic therapy with possible drug withdrawal which needs to be carried out gradually is carried out.


Medicinal interaction of this drug with other means is not established.

Special instructions

At the emergence of signs of hypersensitivity, skin irritations and other undesirable symptoms caused by drug use it is necessary to refuse this treatment and to choose more suitable.

Long therapy, drawing funds for considerable surfaces of skin, use of occlusive bandages and treatment of children can lead to system absorption of GKS.

Drug for treatment of little children for year can be used only to destination and under control of the doctor to avoid development of systemic side effects. If cream Akriderm Genta to use long time on big sites it can lead to oppression of functions gipotalamo - pituitary and adrenal system, to development of a hypercorticoidism, lowering of excretion of a growth hormone and substantial increase of intracranial pressure.

Also long drawing on the person can cause manifestations of atrophic changes quicker, than on other sites. Therefore it is necessary to adhere to the average therapeutic course making 5 days.

Use of any form of drug in ophthalmology is not allowed. It is necessary to avoid hit of means in eyes and on mucous.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Store drug at the room temperature 15-25 C in the place unavailable to children.

Period of validity

2 years.

Use at pregnancy

Degree of safety of local use of this means at pregnancy is not established. Therefore it is necessary to apply it only when the potential advantage is much higher than possible risk. At the same time it is especially important to observe a dosage and duration of therapy.

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Main analogs: Triderm and Kanizon plus.

About Akriderm Genta

In most cases About ointment Akriderm Genta have positive character and are confirmation of its efficiency. Usually this drug is appointed for treatment of different skin diseases. At the same time many users report that improvement comes literally in several days.

In addition, it is possible to meet About cream Akriderm Genta when after the termination of its use symptoms of a skin disease return. As one patient reported, such situation can arise at treatment of seborrheal dermatitis on a face. This drug was appointed by the doctor and helped to eliminate illness symptoms quickly. However after the termination of a 5-day course on face skin spots and a peeling were again shown.

Unfortunately, such messages meet quite often.

Moreover, some patients tell that treatment, on the contrary, promoted a skin aggravation of symptoms therefore replacement with other drug was made.

Beginning to use this means, it is necessary to know that Akriderm Genta is symptomatic drug with high activity. Such treatment will hardly help to remove a cause of illness, only suppressing its manifestations. Ointment or cream quickly facilitates a condition of the patient, but treatment of a disease requires carrying out the main treatment.

Therefore without appointment of the doctor it is not recommended to accept this drug, especially for treatment of children. It is also important that the combination therapy with exact dosages and the competent scheme was carried out.

The price Akriderm Genta where to buy

The price Akriderm Genta varies within 130-400 rubles.


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  • Akriderm genta HFK ointment 15gakrikhin of joint stock company
  • Akriderm genta HFK cream 15gakrikhin of joint stock company
  • Akriderm genta HFK cream 30gakrikhin of joint stock company

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  • Akriderm Genta ointment of a tube of 30 g, HFK (г.Москва) Russia Quinacrine
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