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  • Latin name: Akriderm SK
  • ATH code: D07XC01
  • Active ingredient: Betamethasone + Salicylic acid (Betamethasone + Acidum salicylicum)
  • Producer: Quinacrine (Russia)


The main components are a part of drug: betamethasone Dipropionas and salicylic acid.

Additional components: liquid paraffin and vaseline.

Release form

Let out Akriderm SK in the form of the ointment for outside drawing packaged in tubas on 15 or 30 g.

Pharmacological action

The antiinflammatory, antiallergic, antiseptic and keratolytic effect is characteristic of this means.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

In this combined drug properties of a glucocorticosteroid and keratolytic means integrated.

Thanks to it veshchestvutkak betamethasone Dipropionas occurs braking accumulation of leukocytes, lizosomalny enzymes and pro-inflammatory mediators in the field of an inflammation are released, phagocytosis is oppressed, vascular and fabric permeability is reduced, development of inflammatory puffiness is prevented.

Salicylic acid shows keratolytic and antimicrobic effect, promoting elimination of horn stratifications and deep penetration of means of GKS into fabrics.

Indications to use

As a rule, ointment Akriderm of SK is appointed at topical treatment of the dermatosis accompanied with hyperkeratosis signs, for example:


Drug is not appointed at:

  • hypersensitivity to it;
  • tuberculosis cutis;
  • display of syphilis on skin;
  • to chicken pox;
  • herpes simplex;
  • skin postvaccinal reactions;
  • open wounds;
  • lactations;
  • children's age about one year;
  • perioral dermatitis.

Use at pregnancy

It is how safe to use ointment Akriderm SK at pregnancy, completely is not established. Therefore purpose of any means of this group during this period only is admissible when the potential advantage considerably exceeds possible risk. It is especially necessary to monitor observance of a dosage or duration of a therapeutic course.

Side effects

Use of various GKS can lead to emergence of burning, irritation, a xeroderma, folliculitis, hypertrichosis, an acne, dermatitis, hypopigmentation.

Long use, especially under occlusive bandages, is capable to lead to maceration and an atrophy of integuments, consecutive infections, purpuras and heat rashes.

Ointment Akriderm SK, application instruction (Way and dosage)

It should be noted that the application instruction Akriderm advises SK to apply ointment only outwardly, rather thin layer on affected areas. It is necessary to do it daily on two times.

Also the individual dosage, the scheme and duration of treatment, to the discretion of the attending physician can be appointed, considering disease severity. Treatment of mild cases allows putting ointment only once a day, at more difficult disturbances the frequency of use is increased.


In spite of the fact that acute overdose arises seldom, prolonged use of drug in large numbers becomes the reason of chronic overdose. Such cases can be followed by hypercorticoidism symptoms, for example, a hyperglycemia, a glucosuria, oppression of work of bark of adrenal glands, a syndrome of Kushinga.

At the same time carry out symptomatic therapy, and if necessary gradually cancel drug.


Interaction with other medicines is noted.

Special instructions

Emergence of signs of high sensitivity, as well as the irritation of integuments caused by drug use demands the termination of treatment and selection of adequate therapy.

Long treatment, putting ointment on extensive skin surfaces, use of occlusive bandages and therapy of children can lead to system absorption of GKS.

Treatment of children for year has to be carried out only according to indications, strict observance of the scheme and a dosage of drug and under careful medical control. It will allow not to allow development of systemic undesirable actions.

Use of outside means on extensive surfaces, and especially under an occlusive bandage, is capable to suppress work gipotalamo - pituitary and adrenal system, to cause hypercorticoidism symptoms, to reduce excretion of a growth hormone and to increase intracranial pressure.

Especially often undesirable effects arise when using on face skin. For example, prolonged treatment of GKS can lead to manifestation of atrophic changes therefore the therapeutic course should not be more than 5 days.

Use of ointment in ophthalmology is inadmissible, it is necessary to try to avoid its hit on mucous and in eyes.

After long use gradual cancellation of outside means is carried out.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

The place with room temperature, unavailable to children is suitable for storage of ointment.

Period of validity

2 years.

Main analogs of drug: Triderm and Kanizon.

About Akriderm SK

In most cases About Akriderm SK are confirmation of its high performance. This drug can be appointed for treatment of various skin diseases. Patients note usually considerable improvement in several days.

As show SK About Akriderm, at psoriasis its use helps to eliminate quickly manifestation of symptoms, facilitating the general condition of the patient. This drug is widely used also at treatment of other skin diseases, practically in each case good efficiency is noted it.

However along with positive responses, users report about development of the side effects connected with use of this outside means. Usually this aggravation of symptoms of a basic disease.

In addition, quite often patients complain that after the treatment termination they notice return of symptoms of a disease. People who already passed inspection and know the diagnosis, understand that except the drugs helping to eliminate quickly undesirable skin manifestations carrying out the main therapy is necessary.

Those who faced it for the first time can advise to see a doctor who will be able to specify the diagnosis and to appoint competent treatment.

Anyway, it is not necessary to experiment with similar drugs as, eventually, treatment can be not just useless, and even to become the reason of development of serious complications.

The price Akriderm of SK where to buy

The price Akriderm of SK in the form of ointment for outside drawing varies within 350-650 rubles.


  • Akriderm SK HFK ointment 30gakrikhin of joint stock company
  • Akriderm SK HFK ointment 15gakrikhin of joint stock company

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  • Akriderm SK ointment of a tube of 30 g, HFK (г.Москва) Russia Quinacrine
  • Akriderm SK ointment of a tube of 15 g, HFK (г.Москва) Russia Quinacrine
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