Absorbent carbon

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  • Latin name: Activated charcoal
  • ATH code: A07BA01
  • Active ingredient: Absorbent carbon (Activated charcoal)
  • Producer: PFK updating, Irbitsky himfarmzavod, Pharmstandard-Leksredstva, PFK, VIFITEH Updating (Russia)


250 mg of absorbent carbon and potato starch as an excipient are a part of tablets.

Release form


Pharmacological action

Adsorbs and brings various substances and connections out of an organism, has anti-diarrheal effect.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Pharmacodynamics: how absorbent carbon works?

Absorbent carbon is a substance with big superficial activity. Its action on an organism is caused by ability to connect the substances reducing superficial energy, without changing at the same time their chemical nature.

Occludes alkaloids, glycosides, toxins, barbiturates, gases, salicylates, salts of heavy metals and other connections, reduces their absorption in the digestive channel and promotes removal from an organism with intestines contents.

As a sorbent it is active at hemoperfusion. Does not cause irritation of mucous.

At topical administration in a plaster promotes increase in speed of healing of ulcers. For ensuring the maximum effect it is recommended to appoint drug right after poisoning.

At organism intoxication to a gastric lavage create excess of coal in a stomach, and after washing — in intestines. Existence of food masses in a digestive tract demands use of means in high doses as contents of a gastrointestinal tract will be occluded by coal and its activity will decrease.

Decrease in concentration of coal in the environment leads to reduction of concentration of the connected substance and its absorption (to warn a resorption of the released substance carry out a repeated gastric lavage and give the next dose of coal).

If the substances participating in enterogepatichesky circulation (morphine and other opiates, Indometacin, cardiac glycosides) served as the reason of intoxication, coal needs to be applied within several days.

Drug in the tableted form is characterized by smaller adsorptive ability in comparison with powder. It is non-toxical.


Substance is not soaked up, excreted from an organism through intestines.

Indications to use: from what Absorbent carbon helps?

Indications to use of Absorbent carbon:

  • pathologies which are followed by processes of fermentation/rotting in intestines (it is effective including at a meteorism);
  • diarrhea;
  • dyspepsia;
  • allergic diseases;
  • hypersecretion of a gastric juice and hyperoxemia of a stomach;
  • acute poisonings;
  • atopic dermatitis;
  • the diseases which are followed by a toxic syndrome (a salmonellosis, food toxicoinfections, dysentery, a hyperazotemia (HPN), a hyperbilirubinemia (cirrhosis, an acute or chronic viral hepatitis, etc.);
  • bronchial asthma;
  • preparation for ultrasonic and X-ray inspections (for decrease in gas generation in intestines).

Drug is also used as heartburn medicine. Entering interaction with hydrochloric acid, it neutralizes its excess and thus promotes simplification of a state.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to remember that these tablets cannot remove the cause of thermalgias therefore the effect of use of a sorbent at heartburn will be short-term.


Contraindications on Absorbent carbon:

  • intestines atony;
  • cankers of the digestive channel;
  • concomitant use of anti-toxic means which effects develop after absorption (for example, methionine);
  • gastric and intestinal bleedings;
  • hypersensitivity.

Side effects

Side effects of use of drug are coloring of fecal masses in black color, a diarrhea/lock, dyspepsia.

Long administration of drug (more than 14 days) can become a cause of infringement of absorption of proteins, fats, nutrients, calcium, hormones, vitamins.

Hemoperfusion through drug sometimes leads to a hypocalcemia, an embolism, a hypothermia, a hemorrhage, a hypoglycemia, decrease in the ABP.

Absorbent carbon, application instruction

Means is accepted inside for an hour to or two hours later after food/reception of other HP in tablets or previously having stirred a single dose in water. If the second route of administration of Absorbent carbon is used, for cultivation of tablets take about 100 ml of water.

Dosage of absorbent carbon to adult — from 1 to 2 g of 3 or 4 rubles/days the Highest dose — 8 g/days.

At acute diseases treatment is reasonable to continue from 3 to 5 days. At an allergy and chronic diseases the course lasts till 14 days. Repeatedly drug can be appointed in 2 weeks according to the recommendation of the doctor.

At a meteorism and dyspepsia of a tablet accept inside in a dose 1-2 g of 3-4 rubles/days. Treatment lasts from 3 to 7 days.

At diseases which are followed by hypersecretion of a gastric juice, processes of rotting/fermentation in intestines, an optimum dosage for the adult — 30 g/days (3 rubles/days on 10 g in each reception).

There are no restrictions on use of drug at pregnancy and a lactation.

Persons interested to lose weight for weight loss for 10 days accept on 1 tablet of coal on 10 kg of the weight of 3 rubles/days before food. It is necessary to wash down coal with a glass of still water.

The instruction on Absorbent carbon for children

To children, as well as adults, it is possible to give drug in tablets or in the form of a water suspension. The dose is selected depending on indications, age of weight of the child.

So, for example, for elimination of processes of fermentation/rotting, and also at diseases which are followed by hypersecretion of a gastric juice the child till 7 flyings is given 5 g, and to the child of more advanced age — on 7 g 3r./days.

Treatment lasts from 7 to 14 days.

At acute poisonings do to the patient a gastric lavage of 10-20% by a water suspension and after that appoint intake of 20-30 g/days of a sorbent. In the next 2-3 days drug continues to be given to the child in a dose of 0,5-1 g/kg/days.

Doctors quite often advise children instead of usual coal to give White coal.

Through how many drug works?

If a pill is taken crushed, drug begins to work on average in 15 minutes if whole — in half an hour-hour.

Absorbent carbon at poisoning

At acute (for example, at alcoholic) poisoning are shown to the patient a gastric lavage with use of a suspension of drug, and after that reception of tablets. For the adult of 20-30 g of drug is an optimum dosage at poisoning.

How many to drink tablets, define depending on the patient's weight. For acceleration of absorption of drug in intestines of a tablet it is possible to part in the small volume of water.

At poisoning instead of usual coal it is possible to use also White absorbent carbon.

For what Absorbent carbon is drunk from an allergy?

The allergy is a hyper reaction of immune system of an organism which develops in response to allergen influence.

At treatment of an allergy the integrated approach is applied: the patient is isolated from contact with substance-allergen, appoint to it a specific immunotherapy and nonspecific therapy (GKS and NPVP for reduction of symptoms of an inflammation).

One of important stages of treatment is clarification of an organism. It was experimentally proved that Absorbent carbon at an allergy not only reduces an organism zashlakovannost, but also promotes blood clarification therefore at the patient:

  • significantly the number of free immune little bodies which cause "allergic indignations" decreases and lead to the allergic status;
  • the condition of immunoglobulins E and M is normalized;
  • the quantity of T-cells increases.

At treatment of an allergy Absorbent carbon the dose is standardly selected depending on weight. The most optimum the method of reception with which with compliance a half of a daily dose is accepted in the morning on an empty stomach, and the second half — for the night is considered.

The tablet is not swallowed entirely, and carefully chew and after chewing wash down 100-200 ml of water.

In recommendations how to use drug for prevention of an allergy, it is specified that preventive treatment it is necessary to carry out 2-4 times a year (obligatory in April-May). Duration of each course — 1,5 months.

Than drug at a lock is useful?

The sorbent promotes cleaning of intestines, and this property allows to use it at a lock.

At the first signs of a lock for purgation it is usually enough to take from 2 to 5 pill of drug. For strengthening of effect it is possible to make previously a gastric lavage (for this purpose use weak solution of potassium permanganate).

If it is not possible to solve a problem of a lock, intestines are purged by Absorbent carbon using higher doses of drug. Standard recommendation of doctors: to take a pill on one on 10 kg of body weight.

Reception of a sorbent is repeated every 3-4 hour. In the absence of a positive effect within 2-3 days, it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

How to drink Absorbent carbon it is correct for cleaning of an organism?

Enterosorbtion means regular administration of drug inside. Getting into a digestive tract, the sorbent connects harmful substances and toxins, and then they are brought from an organism through a gastrointestinal tract.

Such way of cleaning of an organism in addition promotes blood clarification as the liquid part of digestive juices, being absorbed, gets back to a blood stream.

Accepting Absorbent carbon for clarification of an organism, it is possible to improve an exchange of fats also. The effect reaches due to decrease in blood of concentration of harmful lipidic connections.

So, how to clean intestines and an organism in general in house conditions? To remove all substances poisoning it from an organism, the sorbent is accepted daily, twice in during the day. The dose is calculated depending on weight: on 10 kg of body weight take on one tablet of drug. The course lasts from 2 to 4 weeks.

When carrying out cleaning of an organism it is also recommended to keep to a diet. The diet on Absorbent carbon means the use of enough (not less than 2 l/days) of the purified water and an exception of a diet of fat products. Food has to be balanced and easy.

Upon completion of a clarification course for two next weeks it is necessary to use products or drugs which contain live bacteria.

Absorbent carbon at a diarrhea

The diarrhea arises owing to the most different reasons. Allergic diseases, dysbacteriosis, avitaminosis, poisonings, chronic diseases of a gastrointestinal tract, etc. can provoke a gastric disturbance.

Proceeding from it, it is possible to draw a conclusion that drug cannot affect the diarrhea reason, however with its help it is possible to clean well a digestive tract from harmful substances.

Therefore reception of a sorbent from a diarrhea is the justified decision.

How to bleach teeth by means of a sorbent?

Charcoal for whitening of teeth was used since the time of our great-grandmothers. In ours one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to remove from enamel of teeth a plaque which leave red wine cigarettes, coffee and tea are a whitening of teeth Absorbent carbon.

At contact with an adamantine substance of tooth, means, working by the abrasive principle, instantly begins to dissolve an ugly black stain on it. Numerous experiments allowed to establish that such coal as if incorporates all excess parts which settled on a surface of teeth – a tea plaque, various dyes and many other things.

The following recipe of whitening of teeth is quite popular: the tablet of Absorbent carbon is crushed in a mortar, mixed with amount of toothpaste, necessary for toothbrushing (it is possible to make it directly on a toothbrush) and then the received mix brush teeth.

Toothbrushing by Absorbent carbon in pure form is also possible. Two tablets of drug pound in a mortar, apply on a toothbrush and use as a usual denture powder.

Also such councils how to brush teeth Absorbent carbon meet: to make color of enamel lighter, it is rather simple to chew daily within five minutes one tablet of coal.

Responses allow to draw a conclusion that the sorbent really after the first use does teeth much purer, bright and white. At the same time, unlike the chemical compositions used by stomatologists, means is not toxic at all and does not do harm to health at its proglatyvaniye during procedure.

To avoid increase of a tooth sensitivity doctors recommend to brush teeth coal very accurately, trying not to damage an adamantine substance of tooth, and also not to repeat procedure too often.

Absorbent carbon from spots and from black points

The hormonal imbalance and problems in work of a digestive tract are the most frequent reasons of emergence of spots. At intake drug adsorbs slags, toxins, pathogenic flora, but at the same time promotes removal and substances necessary to an organism: hormones, microelements, vitamins, etc.

That is, if emergence of spots is connected with disturbance of a hormonal background, the situation in case of administration of drug can only be aggravated. And here if the problem is associated with dysfunctions of a gastrointestinal tract, coal reception, undoubtedly, will go for the good.

If less than 60 kg, Absorbent carbon from spots accept the weight of the person according to the standard scheme: 1 tablet on 10 kg/days. If more than 70 kg, a dose it is necessary to increase the weight of the person gradually from 2 tablets a day, daily adding on one tablet.

The course lasts no more than 14 days. After its end it is recommended to recover intestinal microflora by means of the probiotics and vitamins containing lactobacilli.

Procedure, very useful to the person, is the mask with Absorbent carbon. At regular use this means at all its low cost perfectly rejuvenates skin, promotes decrease in its fat content and removal of black points.

As means from black points the mask with gelatin is very effective. For its preparation use the following recipe: 2 h a spoon of the warmed-up milk (milk can be replaced with broth of herbs), 2 crushed tablets of coal and 1,5 h a spoon of gelatin.

Ingredients mix before receiving gruel (it will be ropish), and then, avoiding pilar surfaces, put structure on a face a thick layer by means of a rigid brush (better in 3-4 layers that then it was more convenient to remove), and leave before full drying.

Unmask the sharp movement, after that for narrowing of a time the face can be wiped with an ice cube. Responses allow to draw a conclusion that for strengthening of effect the mask should be put on well steamed out face.

It is also possible to make a mask of coal and cosmetic clay. On 1 tablespoon of blue or white clay take 1 crushed drug tablet, carefully mix ingredients and part with milk (green tea or broth of herbs) to a consistence of dense sour cream. The structure is put on a face for 20 minutes.

If skin is inclined to fat content, for the person it is possible to use ice cubes with a sorbent. To prepare them, for 10 tablespoons of broth of a camomile (a celandine or other herbs) or mineral water add 1 tablet of drug.


Overdose can be followed: the dispeptic phenomena which pass after the termination of treatment and purpose of symptomatic therapy, and hypersensitivity manifestations,

Reception of a sorbent results in deficit in an organism of fats, proteins, hormones, vitamins for a long time that demands corresponding alimentary or medical correction.


Drug can reduce efficiency of other medicine which are taken along with it.

Women who accept contraceptive drugs during use of an enterosorbent are recommended to use other contraceptives.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

The recipe on Latin (sample): Rp.: Tabulettam Carbo activatis 0,25 No. 10 D. S. on 2 tablets of 4 times a day at food intoxication

Storage conditions

Tablets should be stored at a temperature up to 25 °C in the dry place, separately from vapors or gases of the materials and substances allocating in the atmosphere.

Period of validity

Three years.

Special instructions

Storage on air (especially in the environment with the increased humidity) reduces sorption ability.

Absorbent carbon — advantage and harm

In Wikipedia it is said that the Activated (active) coal is organic matter with porous structure and a big specific surface per unit mass.

These features cause its good sorption properties. As raw materials by production are HEY used: coke or charcoal (for example, birch coal is used for production of the BAU-A brand), and also oil or coal coke (from it the ARES brands, AG-3, AG-5, etc. are made).

The composition of substance is transferred by its chemical formula: Absorbent carbon is a carbon (C) with the content of impurity.

The OKPD code is appropriated to a product.

Advantage for a drug organism that thanks to high superficial activity it neutralizes the poisoning effect of poisons. It allows to use it as a universal antidote at endo-and exogenous intoxications.

The sorbent is applied at abdominal distention, poisonings, dyspepsia, acute viral and chronic hepatitis, atopic dermatitis, cirrhosis, disbolism, an alcoholic abstinence syndrome, allergic diseases, intoxication which develops at oncological patients against chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and also for reduction of content of gases in intestines before the forthcoming endoscopic or X-ray inspection.

Correctly purged an organism by Absorbent carbon allows to connect harmful substances and toxins, to purify blood, having reduced at the same time in it concentration of harmful lipidic connections and to improve an exchange of fats.

The mask from Absorbent carbon helps to get rid of black points, to eliminate excessive fat content and to smooth a skin relief.

The filtering and sorption properties of drug allow to use it and for teeth: the crushed tablets in pure form or mixed with toothpaste perfectly delete a black stain from enamel.

Still coal is good for filtering of water and air: for filters special cartridges from the baked absorbent carbon are issued (cartridges can contain the activated coconut coal or coal made from bituminous coal / the granulated peat).

In case of use for an aquarium, the sorbent well absorbs organic compounds and chemically active elements, and also eliminates yellowing of walls and unpleasant smells.

For what Absorbent carbon is necessary still? Means is used for purification of alcohol, vodka or moonshine, in gas masks, by production of sugar, in the food industry.

At everything at the same time it is very important to know how to accept Absorbent carbon it is correct. First, that drug worked, it is necessary to pick up correctly a dosage (it is calculated on the basis of data on age and body weight of the patient).

Secondly, it is worth to remember about what drug adsorbs not only toxins and slags, but also useful substances. Therefore, at uncontrolled use it can do to an organism serious harm.

Negative effects for an organism are also possible in case of reception of a sorbent with Dietary supplements and prescription medicines.

How to purify moonshine Absorbent carbon?

Among all methods the most environmentally friendly and simple is purification of moonshine with Absorbent carbon.

Best of all for purification of moonshine to use coal which is received by pyrolysis from wood (in particular, the tablets which are on sale in a drugstore).

In the recommendations concerning that how to purify vodka or moonshine specialists advise to use coal from filters or special coal for wine makers (OU-A, BAU-A, DAK, etc.).

It is connected with the fact that at pharmaceutical drug there are foreign impurity (for example, starch) which as a result can spoil taste of drink and give it bitterness.

For clarification of moonshine or vodka a sorbent take in proportions 50 g on 1 l of drink. Tablets crush in powder and fall asleep in moonshine then mix is drawn within 1-2 weeks (with periodic agitation). The peeled drink is settled within several hours and filtered via the wadded filter.

One more way of filtering of moonshine consists in the following: the neck of a watering can is put a dense bed of cotton wool (vatu can be wrapped a gauze) and from above fill a sorbent (50 g on 1 l). It is necessary to pass drink via such filter not less than 3 times. The effect of filtering will be more expressed if to replace coal at each cleaning.

Ink from Absorbent carbon the hands

To prepare mascara as a part of which it is possible to be sure completely it is necessary to pound 2 tablets of a sorbent and to mix the received powder with freshly squeezed juice of Aloe Vera.

It is also possible to enter beeswax, coconut oil or oil of almonds into the recipe of ink. Wax (oil) will make texture more viscous and dense and provides the best coupling of means with cilia.

In other recipe it is recommended to add to the crushed tablets Solutio oleosa of vitamin E and — at choice — oil jojoba, castor, olive or coconut oil.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Structural analogs of drug: Carboactin, Karbolong, Karbopekt, Mikrosorb-P, Ultra-adsorb, Sorbeks.

That it is better: Smekta or Absorbent carbon?

Smekta is an enterosorbent which active ingredient is diosmektit (smectite dioctahedral).

In comparison with analog drug possesses a number of advantages:

  • Smekta is allowed for use for babies about one year whereas Absorbent carbon to babies is tried to be given only in exceptional cases (in instructions of some producers it is specified that these tablets are not intended for children till 3 flyings).
  • Smekta is distinguished by selectivity of action: bringing toxins, viruses, excess of bile acids and hydrochloric acid out of an organism, Smekta does not adsorb useful substances from a digestive tract.
  • The smectite which is contained in Smekta dioctahedral promotes creation in an organism of the most suitable conditions for development of useful microflora.
  • Getting to the digestive canal, Smekta envelops his walls and thus protects from influence of aggressive factors, coal, possessing more rigid structure, itself is capable to injure gastrointestinal tract walls in addition.
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