The acupuncture or acupuncture, reflexotherapy is a type of traditional Chinese medicine which essence consists in impact on certain points of an organism special needles. Such points are meridians on which, according to the Chinese medicine, there passes vital energy. Despite popularity of such method of treatment, especially at east people, modern specialists do not consider the theory about existence a meridian as science.

On representation, each meridian possesses the course on a body surface and inside. Such outside courses are also acupuncture points. In total the 14th meridian is charged extra. Emergence of the 8th additional a meridian which are formed in case of pathology in a human body is also possible.

The acupuncture is applied in the medical purposes, to removal of pain, and also is frequent for the purpose of prevention. According to masters, by means of such method it is possible will get rid practically of any disease

Along with usual acupuncture the acupuncture uses as well a cauterization method, that is deep warming up by the special "mini-cigarettes" made of the dried-up wormwood.

In China the opinion on scientific character of this method in this connection, the acupuncture was widely adopted prevails. The western countries accepted such method only in the XX century, there about one today it is considered alternative.

Set of the organizations declared effectiveness of acupuncture more than once, but specialists perceive such statements crucially, proving the opinion by incorrect methodology, the distorted data and interest of these organizations in receiving such result. A large number of clinical trials showed that efficiency of use of acupuncture is not higher than efficiency of placebo – belief of the most sick chosen treatment method in effectiveness.

Today the science not in forces to explain effectiveness of acupuncture on health of the person, it is found out only that it is capable to kill temporarily some pains, and also to relieve of nausea. Thus, doctors in general call into question efficiency of acupuncture that was confirmed by one interesting testing. The false method which is specially developed for check which was almost opposite original led to the same results, as the last.

The concept about five vital energy which, according to traditional Chinese medicine, moves on corporal meridians that does not conform to modern requirements of substantiality and scientific character is the cornerstone of acupuncture. The acupuncture originates in Taoism which treated existence of various diseases as disturbance and an imbalance of vital energy. According to the Chinese doctors, needles are capable to recover the correct energy flow, so and to cure of illnesses.

Since the middle of the last century and till today most of specialists does not doubt that the effect of placebo is the cornerstone of acupuncture only. Despite it, there are also positive takes of treatment by such method that means that the acupuncture cannot be treated only from such point of view.

Seriously studying of acupuncture is prevented by so-called "operatornost", that is each specialist carries out it on a miscellaneous, the human factor is very big here. Experience, knowledge, techniques, various schools give to various masters not equal knowledge.

For research of acupuncture and establishment of existence of effect of placebo the false technique which essence consisted in installation of needles not on places, and also with use of the needles which are not getting under skin was thought up. As a result of such experience it was revealed several cases of nonspecific influence, and also a real positive take – elimination of nausea and some types of pain. But the similar effect was noticed also from usual "classical" acupuncture therefore it is impossible to speak about its medical influence. Generally, research of efficiency of acupuncture has some more other difficulties, for example, the patient can realize that needles are established not on those places therefore the effect of "placebo" will not work, concealment of results is also possible (positive or negative) interested parties, existence of other diseases at volunteers can also distort statistical data, etc.

Some specialists doubt not only a positive effect, but also safety of such method of treatment. In the western countries in case of use of sterile needles by the professional master the acupuncture is considered safe, but as well as any other procedures at which the alien body gets into an organism, such treatment can turn back a number of side effects: it can be insignificant pains, hematomas, injuries of nerves, infections, including HIV, an internal injury, etc.

In 2010 the acupuncture was included by UNESCO in the list of the world non-material heritage.

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