Aqua Maris of Strong

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  • Latin name: Aqua Maris Strong
  • ATH code: R01AX10
  • Active ingredient: Sea water (Sea-water)
  • Producer: Jadran Galenski Laboratorij (Republic of Croatia)


Aqua Maris of Strong contains in the structure 100% sea water from the Adriatic Sea (sterile hypertonic salt solution). Medicine contains ions: SO42−, Na+, Ca2+, Mg2+, Cl−, HCO3−, Br−.

Release form

Drug is let out in bottles from dark glass with the doser, in cardboard packs on one bottle, with a capacity of 30 ml.

In a bottle transparent colourless liquid, has salty smack and a specific smell.

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Aqua Maris of Strong – solution of sea water, hypertensive. It promotes decrease in hypostasis on mucous a nose, by removal of excess liquid from space between cells of the mucous epithelium covering a nasopharynx. It occurs thanks to the fact that there is a difference between osmotic pressure mucous and drug. Medicine is natural natural decongestant.

Except ability to remove hypostasis, sea water has moderate antibacterial effect thanks to abundance of microelements in structure.

Water as if washes away viruses and bacteria from a mucosal surface, (local) increases immunity, removes an inflammation. There is activation of a ciliary epithelium and resilience mucous to harmful agents increases.

Drug does not cause allergic reactions, does not contain preservatives and does not collect in an organism.

Indications to use

Aqua Maris appoint for elimination of hypostasis mucous a nose:


Medicine is contraindicated:

  • at frequent bleedings from a nose;
  • to children about one year;
  • at hypersensitivity to means components.

Side effects

Allergic reactions and unusual, discomfortable feelings at the first introduction of means can be shown.

Application instruction Aqua Maris of Strong (Way and dosage)

Means can be applied without consultation with the doctor. Drug is not recommended to children till 12 months.

According to the instruction on Aqua Maris of Strong, spray inject one-two times into each nasal pass. Frequency rate of use – 3-4 times a day.

Treatment duration, as a rule, about 14 days.


Overdose cases are not described by drug. The probability of overdose is extremely small.


Aqua Maris of Strong as a rule does not enter medicinal interaction as it influences exclusively locally.

However drug can react with others to means, applied at treatment of cold. Between drug intakes it is recommended to observe an interval 5-10 minutes.

Terms of sale

The recipe is not required.

Storage conditions

It is better to store spray in the protected from light and children, cool place.

Period of validity

3 years.

Special instructions

Means does not influence ability to operate the vehicle or other mechanisms.

It is not recommended to children about one year.


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  • Aqua Maris of Strong spray 30mlao Yadran Galensky of Laboratories

Drugstore of IFC

  • Aqua Maris of Strong spray 30 of ml, Jadrankhorvatiya
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  • Aqua Maris of Strong nasal spray 30 of ml flakonyadran (Croatia)


  • Aqua Maris of Strong of 30 ml spray naz. Yadran Galensky of Laboratories of the autonomous area (Croatia)
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