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  • Latin name: Allapinin
  • ATH code: C01BG
  • Active ingredient: Lappakonitina hydrobromide (Lappaconitine hydrobromide)
  • Producer: Farmtsentr VILLAR (Russia), Institute of chemistry of vegetable substances AN of Uzbekistan (Uzbekistan)


1 tablet of drug Allapinin includes 25 mg of hydrobromide of a lappakonitin.

Additional substances: calcium stearate, potato starch, croscarmellose sodium, sucrose.

Release form

Biconvex white tablets of a round form.

  • 10 tablets in a strip packaging — 2, 3, 1 or 5 packagings in a paper box.
  • 30 tablets in a strip packaging — 1 packaging in a paper box.

Pharmacological action

Antiarrhytmic, sedative, mestnoanesteziruyushchy action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


As Wikipedia specifies, hydrobromide of a lappakonitin belongs to antiarrhytmic means of the I-C class. Blocks operation of fast channels of sodium in membranes of cells of a myocardium. Causes braking of AV conductivity and intra ventricular conductivity, reduces refractory intervals of work of a ventriculonector, auricles, an AV node and Purkinye's fibers, does not change QT piece duration, antegrade speed of carrying out on an AV node, the heartbeat frequency, a blood pressure and ability of a myocardium to reduction (at initial lack of symptoms of heart failure).

Drug does not oppress ability of a sinus node to automatism. Does not cause a negative inotropic effect and has no hypotensive action.

Medicine Allapinin renders coronarodilator, spasmolytic, mestnoanesteziruyushchy, holinoblokiruyushchy and sedative action. At oral administration the effect develops 45-55 minutes later, reaches the largest force in 75 minutes and about 8 hours last.


Bioavailability approaches 40%. It is capable to get through a blood-brain barrier. Time of semi-removal makes 70 minutes. Drug is evacuated by kidneys.

At long reception increase in an elimination half-life is possible.

At chronic insufficiency of work of kidneys the elimination half-life increases by 3 times, and at hepatic cirrhosis – to 10 times.

Indications to use

  • attacks of trembling and atrial fibrillation;
  • ventricular ekstrasistoliya;
  • supraventricular ekstrasistoliya;
  • Bouveret's disease of supraventricular type;
  • Bouveret's disease of ventricular type (if there are no organic heart diseases).


  • AV-blockade 2-3 degrees (without existence of an artificial pacemaker).
  • Sinuatrial blockade.
  • Simultaneous blockade of the right part of a ventriculonector and one of branches of the left part.
  • Cardiogenic shock.
  • Severe forms of arterial hypotension.
  • Strong hypertrophy of muscular tissue of a left ventricle (wall thickness over 1,4 cm).
  • Chronic insufficiency of cardiac performance of moderate and heavy degree 3-4 functional classes on the New York classification.
  • Heavy disturbances of activity of a liver or kidneys.
  • Postinfarction cardiosclerosis.
  • Intolerance of fructose, lack of enzyme of invertase/isomaltase, syndrome of disturbance of absorption of a glucose/galactose.
  • Age less than 18 years.
  • Allergy to drug.

Medicine with care is appointed at disorders of intra ventricular conductivity, AV blockade of 1 degree, weakness of a sinus node, a serious illness of peripheric circulation, bradycardia, a prostate hypertrophy, frustration of an electrolytic exchange, closed-angle glaucoma, deterioration in conductivity on Purkinye's fibers, blockade of one of parts of a ventriculonector, at joint reception with other antiarrhytmic drugs.

Side effects

Side effects of Allapinin:

  • From nervous activity the headache, an ataxy, dizziness, feeling of weight in the head, a diplopia is possible.
  • From the blood circulatory system disorders of AV conductivity and intra ventricular conductivity, development of sinus tachycardia, emergence of aritmogenny action, changes on an ECG (increase in a piece of PQ, expansion of a piece of QRS) are possible.
  • Also, emergence of a dermahemia and allergic reactions is not excluded.

The application instruction on Allapinin (A way and a dosage)

Drug is accepted orally, after food, washing down with the small volume of warm water, not chewing.

Allapinin, application instruction

Drug is appointed to accept 25 mg three times a day (through equal intervals of time). If the therapeutic effect is absent, then through Allapinin accept four times a day (through equal intervals of time).

Increase in a dosage up to 50 mg up to 4 times a day is allowed (through equal intervals of time). The limit daily dose is equal to 300 mg.

Duration of therapy and an issue of change of the mode of reception is resolved by the attending physician.


Overdose signs

Drug has the narrow width of medical action therefore heavy intoxication (can easily develop often at a concomitant use of other antiarrhytmic means) which is shown by lengthening of pieces of PR and QT, expansion of a piece of QRS, increase in size of a tooth of T, is also possible sinuatrial blockade, bradycardia, an asystolia, AV blockade, attacks of ventricular polymorphic tachycardia, the expressed lowering of blood pressure, a headache, easing of contractility of a myocardium, a sight zatumanennost, dizziness, digestive frustration.

Overdose treatment

Symptomatic treatment. It is forbidden to apply antiarrhytmic means to therapy of the developed ventricular tachycardia I-and and the I-C classes. Hydrosodium carbonate is capable to stop expansion of a piece of QRS, bradycardia and lowering of arterial pressure.


At combined use with activators of microsomal enzymes efficiency of hydrobromide of a lappakonitin decreases and, as a result, the risk of toxic effects increases.

Reception of antiarrhytmic drugs of other classes increases probability of emergence of aritmogenny action.

The described medicine strengthens force of action of not depolarizing muscle relaxants.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

To store in the dark place at a temperature up to 26 °C. To protect from children.

Period of validity

5 years.

Special instructions

Patients have a field of a myocardial infarction or with insufficiency of cardiac performance, and also at persons with the established pacemaker the threshold of its stimulation can increase.

Prior to administration of drug it is necessary to eliminate disturbances of electrolytic balance, during treatment regular control of electrolytic balance is necessary.

At development of sinus tachycardia during prolonged use of drug use use of small doses of beta adrenoblockers is authorized.

At emergence of dizziness, head pain, a diplopia it is recommended to reduce a drug dosage.

At treatment by drug it is necessary to be careful during management of motor transport.

Allapinin's analogs

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

    The most widespread analogs of Allapinin are listed below: Propanorm, Ritmonorm, Propafenon, Etatsizin.


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