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  • Latin name: Allochol
  • ATH code: A05AX
  • Active ingredient: Absorbent carbon + Bile + Nettles gonochoristic leaves + Garlic sowing bulbs
  • Producer: VIFITEH (Russia), Pharmstandard-Tomskhimfarm of joint stock company (Russia), Moskhimfarmpreparata of N. A. Semashko (Russia), Veropharm of joint stock company (Russia), Dalkhimfarm (Russia), Biosynthesis of joint stock company (Russia), Belmedpreparata of RUP (Republic of Belarus)


The following components are a part of Allocholum: nettle extract, extract of bile dry, the coal activated garlic extract, excipients.

Release form

Is issued in tablets which are covered with a cover.

Pharmacological action

The drug Allocholum – means from group of the drugs strengthening process of bilification in an organism.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Effect of drug happens at the expense of reflexes of a mucous membrane of intestines. Medicine influences also secretory function of a liver. After its use motive and secretory functions of a digestive tract become more active, the amount of the cosecreted bile increases. At endogenous insufficiency of bile acids this drug is appointed as replacement therapy. Allocholum can also render small laxative effect. Drug promotes improvement to emulsification of food fats and considerably improves digestion process in general. Thanks to the garlic extract which is a part of drug fermentation and rotting in intestines considerably decreases, and also manifestations of a meteorism decrease.

Absorption in a gastrointestinal tract happens quickly. Drug contains chenodesoxycholic and cholic acid. They pass process 7 dehydroxylations in intestines. Also chenodesoxycholic acid is metabolized in a liver.

Indications to use of Allocholum

Pill for what is taken and for what? Indications to use of drug are: cholecystitis, a cholangitis, chronic hepatitis, and also the usual lock arising owing to an intestines atony


Treatment is not recommended by this drug if the acute hepatitis, the obturatsionny jaundice (arising because of impassability of a bilious channel), acute and subacute dystrophies of a liver is diagnosed for the patient. People at whom high sensitivity to its components is observed, and also at calculous cholecystitis, a peptic ulcer of a stomach and a 12-perstny gut, acute pancreatitis cannot apply a medicine.

Side effects

As side effects various allergic reactions, diarrhea can be shown. If these manifestations take place, cancel drug.

Allocholum tablets, application instruction

How to drink medicine? Drug is used inside, three times a day on two tablets. It is necessary to accept it after food. To children to seven-year age appoint on one tablet, children after seven years accept the doses similar to the adult. Treatment to last for three-four weeks. After a three-months break the therapy course if necessary can be repeated.

As a prophylactic use to warn aggravations at gepatokholetsistita, and also at cholelithiasis.

It is necessary to consider that emergence of signs of improvement of a condition of an organism can appear only for the fifth or eighth days after therapy was begun. Then there is a reduction of pain in right hypochondrium, and also the dispepsichesky phenomena disappear.

Application instruction UBF Allocholum

Tablets are used after food on 1-2 pieces 3-4 times a day. Use period 3-4 weeks. The course is repeated in 3 months.

How to accept Allocholum to food or later?

It is necessary to accept drug after food.


At overdose of medicine heartburn, nausea, diarrhea, a skin itch is possible, the level of transaminases can increase in blood.


According to the summary Allocholum should not be applied in parallel with those means as a part of which is holestiramin, holestipol, aluminum hydroxide. Such drugs lower absorption, respectively, the effect of drug intake decreases.

Terms of sale

The recipe is not required.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store given HP in the place protected from moisture and light unavailable to children at a temperature no more than 25 degrees Celsius.

Period of validity

Period of storage of drug makes four years.

Special instructions

MHH: Urtica + Activated charcoal + Bile + Allium Sativum

The recipe on Latin:

Rp.: Allocholi N 50 in tabul. obd. 1,0
       D. S. On 1–2 tablets 3–4 times a day after food.

With alcohol

There is no information on interaction of medicine with alcohol.

Structural analog it is possible to call only Allokhol-UBF. Other drugs are analogs only on their cholagogue action, these are such drugs as: Altaleks, Vitanorm, Gepabene, Odeston, Tykveol, Ursodez, Ursoliv, Ursofalk, Cholosasum, Hofitol and others.

About Allocholum

Generally positive. Tablets effectively deal with the problems of zhelchevydelitelny ways and a gall bladder. About Allocholum characterize drug as an inexpensive natural medicine with excellent cholagogue effect.

Medicine is often used for weight loss. It is connected with the fact that means improves a metabolism and therefore — reduces amount of toxins and harmful substances in an organism. However, it is worth remembering that Allocholum is not panacea, and it can be applied to weight loss only in a complex with a diet and exercise stresses.

Allocholum price where to buy

Packaging of 10 tablets costs 10 rubles.

Allocholum price in Ukraine — 10 UAH for the same pack.


  • Tablet Allocholum No. 50 farmstandartfarmstandart-Tomskhimfarm joint stock company
  • Tabletkimoskhimfarmpreparata Allocholum No. 24 to them N. A. Semashko of joint stock company
  • Allocholum No. 10 tabletkifarmstandart-Tomskhimfarm joint stock company
  • Allocholum No. 50 tab. dalkhimfarmdalkhimfarm joint stock company
  • Allocholum No. 50 tab. belmedpreparatybelmedpreparata

Drugstore of IFC

  • Allocholum tbl p / about No. 24, Moskhimfarmpreparata of Semashkorossiya
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  • Allokholborshchagovsky HFZ (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Allokholborshchagovsky HFZ (Ukraine, Kiev)


  • Tab. Allocholum p / about No. 10borshchagovsky HFZ
  • Tab. Allocholum p / about No. 10borshchagovsky HFZ


  • Allocholum No. 10 tabl.p.o. Irbitsky himfarmzavod (Russia)
  • Allocholum No. 50 tabl.p.p.o. Biosynthesis (Russia)
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