Aloe juice

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  • Latin name: Aloe succus
  • ATH code: A13A
  • Active ingredient: Aloe
  • Producer: CJSC VIFITEKH (Russia)


100 ml of HP consist of 80 ml of juice (not tinned) of leaves of an aloe of treelike and 20 ml of 95% of ethanol (alcohol).

Release form

The remedy is issued in the form of spirit solution, on 50 ml or 100 ml in a pack.

Pharmacological action

Regenerative, adaptogenny, all-tonic.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The aloe juice is a remedy with the efficiency inherent in the substances entering into structure of its vegetable active ingredient. Thanks to the bitter taste, and also vitamin and enzymatic components of HP stimulates appetite and increases secretory function of glands of system of digestion.

Free anthraquinones hrizofanol and oemodin, antraglikozid aloin and resinous components annoyingly influence hemoretseptorny complexes of a large intestine, thereby providing laxative effect of drug.

Oemodin, on means of suppression of productivity N-acetyltransferases arylamine and depending on the accepted dose, suppresses growth of bacteria Helikobakter (Gelikobakter) of a pilora. There are proofs of the "enveloping" effect of oemodin in relation to viruses owing to what there is their inactivation. Also its direct virulitsidny impact on the viruses causing the surrounding herpes and chicken pox (Varicella zoster), a herpes simplex 1 and 2 types (Herpes simplex) and influenza viruses is observed.

Spirtovy solution of drug possesses bactericidal impact on microflora of activators of mycobacteria of tuberculosis, diphtheria, intestinal infections and whooping cough. Improves a metabolism of cells, regeneration and a trophicity of fabrics, increases nonspecific general resistance of a human body and firmness of mucous membranes in relation to the damaging agents, accelerates regeneration processes, resupplies energy in spermatozoa and increases their activity.

Among other things, treatment by juice, thanks to a combination of zinc microelements in it, copper, selenium with polysaccharides is characterized by immunomodulatory effects.

Indications to use

On sale as medicine, Aloe juice in a drugstore (official drug) is shown to use at:

  • coloenteritis (in complex treatment);
  • gastroenteritis;
  • gastritis of a chronic current;
  • chronic locks of spastic and atonic character;
  • purulent skin diseases (outwardly).

In traditional medicine this means is used at:


Official drug is contraindicated to use at:

These contraindications, at oral administration of means, are also actual also in traditional medicine.

Side effects

In case of internal administration of drug observed:

  • dispepsichesky phenomena;
  • increase of a uterine tone (at pregnancy);
  • heartburn;
  • allergic manifestations;
  • abdominal pains;
  • inflow to bodies of a small pelvis;
  • diarrhea;
  • increase in menstrual bleedings.

Aloe juice, application instruction

Traditional medicine

Made by the VIFITEKH company, drug is appointed orally for half an hour to food, on 5 ml (1 h/l) with a frequency of 2-3 times of 24 hours, for 15-30 days.

For outside use, in the form of an irrigation or lotions, use of quantity of means, sufficient for a covering of wounds, for 15-30 days is shown.

Traditional medicine

In case of impossibility to buy drug in a drugstore there is no nothing else left how to prepare aloe juice in house conditions especially as it is enough experience of cultivation of this plant and its further use in traditional medicine.

It is worth noticing that in the nature there are more than 300 species of this plant, but popular Aloes Treelike and Aloe Vera which just and are grown up by many people at home are and further use as a remedy.

Juice is extracted from the average and lower leaves of a plant which reached in length of 15 cm by grinding of leaves in a mortar or crushing by means of a grater, by juice extractors, meat grinders. The structure received thus should be filtered, using for this purpose the gauze or bandage put four times.

Traditional medicine practices use of juice of the Treelike Aloe and juice of Aloe Vera for face skin and a body, hair, bodies of a gastrointestinal tract, eyes, a throat, a nose and many other. The most popular national recipes based on this plant are included below.

Aloe juice for the person is recommended to use for drawing masks, for the purpose of prevention of wrinkles and the growing old skin for what add 5 ml of vegetable oil to the pounded egg yolk and juice of an aloe. The prepared mask is put on a face and maintained for 20-30 minutes.

Aloe juice for hair is applied to strengthening of their roots, by disposals of dandruff, recovery of structure, and also at their loss. Recommend in 2-3 hours prior to washing of hair just to rub juice in head skin or for 60 minutes to use a compress.

Fresh juice of an aloe from spots on the face and a body (acne rash) is useful as a course of masks. For this purpose they should impregnate a ten-layer gauze napkin and to put to the person for 20-30 minutes. At the beginning of such treatment of a mask do every day, at improvement of a state – in a day, and in the subsequent – twice a week. On average carry out 20-25 similar procedures.

For disposal of cold the juice of an aloe divorced on a third water is dug in in a nose several times at 24 o'clock, on 2-4 drops in each nasal course.

Aloe juice mix with honey and cahors wine in the ratio 1:2:2 at oral administration promotes a raising of immunity and treatment of catarrhal bolezny states.


In case of the excessive use of means inside observed forming or increase in already observed by-effects which demand use of symptomatic medical measures.


At long use decrease in a potassium level organism can be observed that can become the reason of strengthening of effects of antiarrhytmic HP and cardiac glycosides.

At parallel reception of glyukortikoid, diuretics (diuretic) and drugs of a glycyrrhiza the possibility of forming of a hypopotassemia increases.

Drug exponentiates efficiency of stimulators of a hemopoiesis and HP laxatives.

Terms of sale

It is possible to buy Aloe juice in a drugstore without recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store the bottles with drug as well as which are independently prepared for mix at a temperature – to 15 °C.

Period of validity

Official drug is good for use for 2 years from the moment of its production.

To children

As peroral means is not appointed till 18 years.

With alcohol

The remedy includes ethanol (alcohol). At the parallel use of alcoholic beverages toxic effects can increase.


  • Aloe ml juice 50 fl. Vifitekh of closed joint stock company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Aloe juice fl 50 ml, Vifitekh (г.Москва) Russia
  • Aloe Juice natural (99 6%), plast.fl 500 ml, TaiShan AGHGKITAY
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