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  • Latin name: ALPROSTAN
  • ATH code: C01EA01
  • Active ingredient: Alprostadil (Alprostadil)
  • Producer: Zentiva, Ltd company, Czech Republic


One ampoule contains 100 mkg of an active alprostadil and 0,2 ml of auxiliary ethanol anhydrous.

Release form

The medicine Alprostan is issued in the form of a concentrate for preparation of solutions for infusions. Solution has to be transparent without visible mechanical impurity. In one packaging of 10 ampoules – 2 blisters on 5 ampoules in everyone.

Pharmacological action

Alprostan has vasodilating and angioprotektorny effect.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Drug is capable to improve microcirculation, and also peripheric circulation, expanding arteries, arterioles and weakening sphincters of precapillaries. Besides, rheological properties of blood significantly improve, plasticity of erythrocytes increases. Influence on hemocoagulation allows to lower aggregation and adhesion of thrombocytes. The fibrinolitic effect, strengthening of a collateral blood-groove and anti-atherogenous action is also characteristic that slows down process of activation of neutrophils, superproliferation of cells in vascular walls. In such circulation as — system or pulmonary, drug works vazodilatatsionno, promoting increase in a blood-groove in cavernous bodies.

Effectively reduces OPSS, the ABP, increases ChSS (reflex) therefore — growth of cordial emission increases. Alprostan stimulates smooth muscles in intestines, a bladder and a uterus, reduces the level of secretion of a gastric juice.

Data on pharmacokinetics

The metabolism occurs in lungs for 60–90% (as a result of single introduction) on the way of fermental oxidation before formation of 3 biologically active metabolites: 13,14-dihydro-PGE1; 15-кето-PGE1,15-кето−13,14-дигидро-PGE1; PGE0. These ketometabolites have smaller biological influence in comparison with alprostadily. The main metabolites are generally removed together with urine — about 88%, and also with a stake — about 12%.

Indications to use

At chronic obliterating diseases of peripheral arteries 3-4 stages (Fontaine's classification) which are followed by extremity pains at rest and with trophic disturbances. Among them note:

  • the obliterating endarteritis which is characterized by the heavy alternating lameness without indications of surgical intervention;
  • Berger's illness;
  • Reynaud's syndrome together with trophic disturbances;
  • atherosclerotic changes of arteries of extremities;
  • diabetic angiopatiya;
  • existence of a vasculitis at a system scleroderma;
  • disturbances of blood circulation on the periphery in a consequence of superlimit vibrations.

Also drug is effective in cases of need of temporary preservation of function of an arterial channel up to carrying out reconstruction at cardiac intervention at the diagnosed duktuszavisimy heart disease at newborns.


It is undesirable to apply Alprostan at:

  • acute, and also subacute myocardial infarction;
  • to severe and unstable form of stenocardia;
  • bronkhoobstruktivny syndrome in heavy degree at respiratory insufficiency, hypostasis or infiltrative changes of lungs;
  • the expressed abnormal liver functions;
  • in the states having risk of developing of bleeding, for example, a peptic ulcer of a stomach and 12perstnoy guts in an aggravation stage, heavy defeat of vessels in a head brain, a proliferative retinopathy at tendency to bleedings, extensive injuries;
  • together with vasodilating and anticoagulating means;
  • hypersensitivity to an alprostadil and ethanol;
  • for special groups of patients: pregnant women, the feeding women or age categories – are younger 18 – 75 is more senior.

Side effects

Therapy by Alprostan can cause undesirable system reactions:


  • TsNS: headaches, dizziness, increase of fatigue and feeling of an indisposition.
  • Alimentary system: discomfort, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, the increased level of activity of hepatic transaminases, development of a hyperbilirubinemia.
  • CCC: development of tachycardia, arterial hypotensions, cardiovascular insufficiency, attacks of stenocardia, disturbances of a cordial rhythm, AV blockade and a fluid lungs is possible.
  • Hemopoiesis: the leukopenia, and also a leukocytosis was registered.
  • Immune system: small tortoiseshell.
  • Others: the increased sweating, a hyperthermia, higher rates of a caption of S-reactive protein, long therapy over 4 weeks can lead to a hyperostosis of tubular bones and a hamaturia.
  • Manifestations of local reactions: puffiness of extremities.


  • TsNS: increase of irritability, spasm and drowsiness.
  • Alimentary system: peritoneal symptoms, diarrhea, hyperbilirubinemia.
  • CCC: development of arterial hypotension, bradycardia, tachycardia, shock, acute heart failure, disturbances of a cordial rhythm, AV blockade.
  • Respiratory system: respiratory depression (to an apnoea), such lowerings of function of breath as bradipnoe or a tachypnea.
  • Hemopoiesis: bleeding, IDCS, thrombocytopenia, anemia.
  • Urinary system: decrease in renal function, anury or hamaturia.
  • Immune system: skin rash and tachyphylaxis.
  • Among others: hyperemia, hypothermia or hyperthermia of integuments, hypo or hyperglycemia, hyper tone neck muscle, hypercapnia; hyperostoses of the lower extremities (prolonged treatment on an extent of several weeks).

Attention! At emergence of side effects it is recommended to lower a dose of the entered Alprostan immediately.

Alprostan, application instruction (Way and dosage)

For treatment of the chronic diseases of arteries obliterating (OACHK) at adults

Apply Alprostan in/in kapelno on 50-200 mkg once a day, in more hard cases — 50-100 mkg two times a day. Normal saline solution (200-500 ml) or 5-10% glucose solution can be solvent. Duration of carrying out infusions — is not less than 2 h. Solution needs to be prepared before introduction. A standard course of treatment – 2 weeks, maximum — 4 weeks if the positive tendency is observed, then carrying out therapy for 7-14 days is possible, in case of its absence – therapy stop.

Newborns with duktus-dependent defects

Alprostan is applied by carrying out continuous infusions through large veins or through an umbilical artery directly to the arterial canal. Begin with a dose – 0,01-0,05 mkg on 1 kg a minute, in need of it raise — to 0,1 mkg on 1 kg a minute. When the dosage can be reached necessary therapeutic effect is lowered to minimum supporting — to 0,01-0,02 mkg on 1 kg a minute.


Symptoms of overdose by Alprostan

Lowering of the ABP, weakness, hyperemia of integuments.

Appointments for treatment

Termination or delay of infusion of drug. Specific treatment, as a rule, does not exist — at manifestations of oppression of a respiratory center by the newborn carry out IVL.


  • With anticoagulants, antiagregant — increase in risk of bleedings.
  • With anti-hypertensive means and vazodilatator – a potentsiation of their effects.

Terms of sale

For acquisition of Alprostan the recipe is necessary.

Storage conditions

  • dry place;
  • out of hit of rays of light;
  • temperature condition 1 ° -5 °tselsiya.

Drug is not subject to freezing!

Period of validity

It is no more than 24 months.

Special instructions

Patients on a hemodialysis are recommended to carry out treatment in the post-dialysis period.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Among the most widespread analog of Alprostan – Vazaprostan, including as demanded substitutes are considered – Kaverdzhekt, Mewes, Edeks, Prostin of BP.


  • Alprostan Zentiva 0,1mg a concentrate for Preeg. solution for infusions 0,2ml No. 10 of an ampulyzentiv

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  • Alprostan solution for inf konts. 0.1mg 0.2ml No. 10, Zentiva A.S.Chekhiya
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  • Alprostanzentiva (Czech Republic)


  • Alprostan 0.1mg amp. 0.2ml No. 10
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