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  • Latin name: Ampicillin
  • ATH code: J01CA01
  • Active ingredient: Ampicillin
  • Producer: Sanavita Gesundheitsmittel (Germany), BELUPO d.d. (Republic of Croatia), Synthesis of joint stock company (Russia), Krasfarm (Russia), Abolmed of Ltd company (Russia), Dalkhimfarm (Russia), PFK Updating (Russia), Borisovsky plant of medical supplies (Republic of Belarus)


In 1 tablet of Ampicillini trihdras of 0,25 g. Potato starch, talc, croscarmellose sodium, calcium stearate as excipients.

In 1 capsule of Ampicillini trihdras of 0,25 g. Potato starch and icing sugar.

5 ml of suspension of Ampicillini trihdras of 12,5 g and 0,25 g. Sugar, food fragrance.

In 1 bottle of ampicillin of sodium of 0,25 g, 0,5 g, 1 g and 2 g.

Release form

Tablets, capsules, powder for injections, granules for suspension preparation.

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


The semi-synthetic antibiotic of a penicillinic row, works bakteritsidno. The mechanism of action is connected with oppression of synthesis of a cellular membrane of the sharing microorganisms: breaks peptide bonds in it that leads to decrease in stability of a bacterial cell and to a lysis. Kislotoustoychiv. Shows activity concerning gram-positive (staphylococcus, a streptococcus) and gram-negative microorganisms (klebsiyell pneumonia, a protea, salmonellas, shigellas, colibacillus, an influenza stick).

Is of interest as drug to treatment of a purulent surgical infection, infections of an urinary system, a cholangitis and cholecystitis. It is effective for treatment of bacterial respiratory infections (community-acquired pneumonia, bronchitis, otitis, sinusitis), meningitis, an endocarditis (in combination with Gentamycin), intestinal infections (shigellosis)

Collapses a penicillinase and therefore it is inefficient concerning penitsillinazoobrazuyushchy stafilokokk. Attempts "to protect" an antibiotic from destruction by its enzymes of bacteria were made. The "protected" penicillin represents combinations with inhibitors of enzymes: Ampicillin + Sulbaktam (drug Unazin, Sultasin and others). Sulbaktam has no antibacterial effect, but inhibits beta lactamelements therefore in such combination the antibiotic affects also resistant strains of microorganisms.


Absorption is fast, bioavailability — 40%. The maximum concentration in blood is defined by 2 h. Contacts proteins for 20%. In therapeutic concentration it is found in pleural and synovial liquids, contents of blisters, high concentration in urine, a gall bladder, easy, generative organs, bile, in a bronchial secret, bones, paranasal sinuses, a middle ear, saliva.

It is removed by kidneys (70-80%), partially with bile, and with breast milk. In urine high concentration of an antibiotic are found. Does not collect at a multiple dose.

Indications to use


Side effects

  • itch, skin peeling;
  • rhinitis, urticaria, Quincke's edema;
  • seldom — makulopapulezny rash, fever, dermatitis, an erythema and an acute anaphylaxis;
  • dysbacteriosis, gastritis, taste change, dryness in a mouth, an abdominal pain, nausea, a diarrhea, vomiting;
  • stomatitis, glossitis, pseudomembranous coloenteritis;
  • agitation, aggression, uneasiness, depression, spasms;
  • leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, agranulocytosis;
  • nephrite, nephropathy;
  • vagina candidiasis.

Application instruction of Ampicillin (Way and dosage)

Tablets Ampicillin, application instruction

Drug in tablets or capsules is accepted inside. A dosage for adults — 250-500 mg (depending on disease severity) for 1 h to food 4 times a day.

At infections of an urinary system of 500 mg 4 times a day. At a gonokkokovy urethritis 3,5 g are appointed once. Ampicillin in tablets adults can accept 4 g in the maximum daily dose. It is more preferable to children to appoint a type of suspension about what it will be provided below.

The tablets Ampicillin / sulbaktam contain two parts of ampicillin in a standard dosage and one part of a sulbaktam. Way of their use and dosage same.

Ampicillin pricks, application instruction

After preparation of solution it is entered in oil or in / century. When performing intramuscular injections add to contents of a bottle 2 ml of solution of Novocaine, water for injections or Lidocaine. For in/in introductions the single dose is dissolved in 10 ml of isotonic solution or solution of glucose. At a single dose more than 2 g enter kapelno, for this purpose add 250 ml of isotonic solution to the received solution of an antibiotic and enter 60 drops a minute.

At the medium-weight course of infections to adults and children weighing more than 20 kg — intramusculary 250 — 500 mg 4 times a day, in more hard cases — 1 — 2 g 4 times a day. At meningitis — 14 g/days divided into 6 — 8 introductions.
For children weighing up to 20 kg the dose makes 12,5 — 25 mg/kg a day, more than 20 kg — 50-100 mg/kg a day. At meningitis the newborn weighing up to 2 kg appoints intravenously about 25 mg to weight kg each 12 h all first week, then 50 mg on weight kg each 8 h.


It is shown by symptoms: nausea, vomiting, excitement, spasms.

Treatment consists in a gastric lavage, reception of sorbents, laxatives and symptomatic therapy. It is removed at a hemodialysis.


Bacteriostatic means (macroleads, chloramphenicol, streptocides, linkozamida, tetracyclines) have antagonistic effect, bactericidal antibiotics (aminoglycosides, Vancomycinum, cephalosporins, Rifampicin) sinergidny action.

Antacids and purgatives, meal reduce absorption, and ascorbic acid increases it.

Strengthens effect of anticoagulants, estrogen of the containing contraceptives reduces efficiency.

Diuretics, Allopyrinolum, Phenylbutazone, Oksifenbutazon, NPVS, increase concentration of active agent because of decrease in canalicular secretion.

The concomitant use of Allopyrinolum causes risk of emergence of skin rash.

Strengthens Digoxin absorption. Increases toxicity of the Methotrexate.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

At a temperature no more than 30 Pages.

Period of validity

3 years.

Ampicillin for children

Suspension for children is intended for reception from monthly age. For its preparation with granules add boiled water to a mark to a bottle and shake up, store at the room temperature 2 weeks. Before the use carefully shake up. Pay attention to a dosage — there are suspensions with the content of active agent of 125 mg and 250 mg. If to take the last option, then in 1 full measured spoon (5 ml of suspension) there will be 250 mg of active ingredient, the lower tag of a spoon corresponds to 125 mg.

Dosage to children with not heavy infection: till 1 year — at the rate of 100 mg/kg of weight a day, from 1 to 4 flyings — 100-150 mg/kg of weight a day, are more senior than 4 years — on 1-2 g a day. The necessary dose needs to be given in 4 or 6 receptions.

Ampicillin at pregnancy

According to indications ampicillin at pregnancy can be applied. As, active agent is emitted in low concentration with milk of the nursing mother, during treatment breastfeeding is temporarily stopped.

The analogs having one active ingredient: Pentrexyl, Penodil, Zetsil, Standatsillin.

About Ampicillin

From what Ampicillin in tablets? It is an antibiotic of group of penicillin therefore it is applied at various infections, including, did not lose the relevance at treatment of shigelloses. Ampicillin is widely used also now, first of all this results from the fact that it is available to the vast majority of patients, practically does not cause abnormal liver functions (frequency less than 0,1%, in comparison with Tsefotaksim of 8% and an aminiglikodidama — 15%). In medical practice apply capsules and the tablets Ampicillin in the form of trihydrate on 250 mg, and also granules to suspension preparation. It is necessary to tell that the peroral forms of this drug are had low bioavailability — only 40%. As drug for intramuscular maintaining it is effective at treatment of many infections, but as drug for intake in most cases concedes to Amoxicillin which advantage are the best and stable absorption, lack of influence on it of meal, and also smaller frequency rate of use. Besides, oral administration of this drug can become the dysbacteriosis reason while Amoxicillin slightly suppresses flora. The frequent use of drug at children (each 4 months) can lead to a fluorosis — defect of an adamantine substance of tooth.

About Ampicillin are connected by the most part using it at quinsy and antritis at which heavy course pricks of "pure" ampicillin or its combination with sulbaktamy Ampisulbin, Sultasin or Uanazin were appointed.

Indications to use include appointment it at an infection of an ear, throat, adnexal bosoms of a nose, cystitis and pyelonephritis. The choice of this drug at pyelonephritis is explained by lack of nephrotoxicity, impact on colibacillus (the main reason of infections of an urinary system) and ability to be removed with urine in therapeutic concentration.

At uncomplicated pyelonephritis treatment was begun with ampicillin. In the absence of effect in 2–3 days added ftorkhinolona or cephalosporins. Only at some patients at treatment nausea, vomiting, frustration of a chair, rash and an itch was noted.

The Ampicillin price where to buy

It is possible to buy in Moscow this drug in many drugstores.

The Ampicillin price in tablets of 250 mg No. 20 fluctuates from 16 rub to 21 rub. One bottle of powder of Ampicillin of sodium salt of 500 mg costs 7 - 9 rubles.

For drug acquisition you need the recipe in Latin issued by the doctor.


  • Ampicillin powder for Preeg. solution for injections of 500 mg No. 1krasfarma of joint stock company
  • Ampicillin 250 of mg No. 10 tab. Barnaul plant of medical drugs of Ltd company
  • Ampicillini trihdras of 250 mg No. 24 of a tabletkimoskhimfarmpreparata to them N. A. Semashko of joint stock company
  • Ampicillin powder for Preeg. solution for injections of 500 mg No. 50 fl. Synthesis of joint stock company
  • Ampicillini trihdras of 250 mg No. 20 tabletkibiosintez joint stock company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Ampicillini trihdras tbl 250 mg No. 20, Updating of CJSC Pfkrossiya
  • Na-salt ampicillin por.d/in in/in and 1000 mg No. 1 in oil, Synthesis of AKO of joint stock company (Kurgan) Russia
  • Na-salt ampicillin por.d/in in/in and 500 mg No. 1 in oil, Synthesis of AKO of joint stock company (Kurgan) Russia
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  • Ampitsillinkiyevmedpreparat (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Ampitsillinkiyevmedpreparat (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Ampitsillinkiyevmedpreparat (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Ampitsillinkiyevmedpreparat (Ukraine, Kiev)


  • Tab. t/g ampicillin 0.25g No. 20


  • Ampicillini trihdras of 250 mg No. 10 of the tab. Borisovsky ZMP (Belarus)
  • Ampicillini trihdras of 250 mg No. 10 of table. Biosynthesis (Russia)
  • Ampicillin of 500 mg No. 1 por.d / solution for in.flak. Krasfarm (Russia)
  • Ampicillin of 1 g No. 1 (50 pieces in box.) por.d/in.v/v and flacon in oil. Synthesis of joint stock company (Russia)
  • Ampicillin of 500 mg No. 1 por.d/in.v/v and flacon in oil. Synthesis of joint stock company (Russia)
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