Analgetics are substances which are intended for blocking of pain. Drugs of both a natural, and synthetic and semi-synthetic origin belong to this group of drugs.

Many centuries were necessary for mankind to open analgetics. Before emergence soothing in case of need used mainly folk remedies, and during operation of people could be in strong alcoholic intoxication at all. For disposal of pain used hemp, Scopolaminum, opium, sometimes even strongly knocked the patient on the head that brought to a loss of consciousness, it was a peculiar anesthesia of that time.

Analgetics are subdivided as follows:

  • Narcotic – morphine, Fentanyl, Butorfanol, Promedolum, buprenorphine, etc.
  • Non-narcotic are subdivided into derivatives of alkane acids (Voltarenum), aniline derivatives (Panadolum, paracetamol), pyrazyl ketone derivatives (Butadionum, analginum), derivatives of salicylic acid (sodium salicylate, acetylsalicylic acid), derivatives of anthranilic acid and other
  • Local analgetics – lidocaine, novocaine, anaesthesin, Dicainum (in ophthalmology, mainly), Pyromecainum, etc.

On the action analgetics happen:

  • Narcotic influence
  • Opiodnye – strongly influence the central nervous system, are used for suppression of severe pains. This type of analgetics can cause physical and mental dependence, and big of a dose can lead to overdose and a lethal outcome.
    Neopiodny analgetics are applied mainly to decrease in temperature

Depending on biochemical influence

  • Analgetics which block transfer of a painful impulse to a brain
  • The analgetics fighting against prostaglandins, that is operating on the pain center

Antiinflammatory action

  • Antipyretics – means which do not remove inflammatory process
  • Nonsteroid antiinflammatory — oppressing this process
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