Proctal itch

 The itch in an anus can be as a symptom, testimonial of development of a certain disease, and a separate illness. At such morbid condition of the person the severe itch around an anus, and also in perianal area disturbs. Sometimes women complain that the itch is also felt in the field of generative organs.

How the proctal itch is shown?

At men this phenomenon is observed more often than at women. As a rule, the itch near an anus disturbs elderly people, and also people of middle age. The itch in an anus is subdivided on primary and secondary. Displays of a secondary proctal itch are characteristic of hemorrhoids, helminthic invasions, proctal cracks, chronic locks, ponos, insufficiency of a sphincter of an anus. Besides, the itch near an anus sometimes develops at inflammations of generative organs, a fungal infection. In certain cases this symptom testifies to the beginning of development of the occult diabetes.

The true proctal itch is subdivided on acute and chronic. At an acute form the disease begins sharply, is shown intensively and constantly. There are also changes of skin in places where the itch is shown. Symptoms of wet eczema with maceration are observed, the hypertrophy of perianal folds is noted. If at the patient the chronic itch in proctal area develops, then the illness begins slowly, skin on site of an itch dry, sometimes on it is observed a depigmentation. Folds on skin are expressed a little.

Why the proctal itch is shown?

If the secondary proctal itch is always connected with diseases which are its reasons, then the reasons of display of primary itch in an anus still are completely not studied by specialists. Most often the true proctal itch begins to develop without the visible reasons. Sometimes at the person ability to hold liquid in an anus owing to what constantly its some part gets on perianal area therefore the irritation, reddening and an itch of an anus is noted decreases.

Проявления анального зудаThe reasons of a proctal itch of a secondary form are, first of all, anorektovaginalny diseases — so widespread illness as hemorrhoids, and also cracks and fistulas, sphincter dysfunction, sharp-pointed condylomas, a purulent hydradenitis, etc. The itch reasons in an anus are and dermatological diseases. The itch can disturb the person at psoriasis, atopic eczema, seborrheal dermatitis, etc. Sometimes the irritation in an anus happens because of use of medicines of topical administration, soap, powders, creams, etc. In this case it is about contact dermatitis.

At women the itch in an anus is shown owing to gynecologic diseases — a vulvovaginitis, disturbances of process of vaginal secretion. Often women complain of a proctal itch at pregnancy. In this case the symptom is connected with serious hormonal shifts. Similar manifestation can be observed also at reception of some means of hormonal contraception.

The severe proctal itch at men and at women can be a symptom of venereal diseases, and also infectious defeat of urinogenital system. Men who have prostatitis often suffer from a proctal itch.

Except the specified reasons the itch in proctal pass can be a consequence of a fungal or bacterial infection, infection with parasites. Such symptom sometimes arises at reception of some antibiotics (erythromycin, tetracyclines), and also is one of symptoms of general diseases (a liver illness, a diabetes mellitus).

The wrong approach to hygiene can become the factor provoking emergence of an itch in an anus also. It both insufficient, and excessive hygiene. Displays of an itch it is often connected with carrying improper clothes — the narrow linen sewed from artificial fabrics. The itch is more often shown in a warm season, at corpulent people. Sometimes this phenomenon is connected with food. The itch in this area is possible if the person uses many spicy and salty food, coffee, alcohol. Allergic reaction of an organism to these products is so shown. Also psychogenic factors — a depressive or alarming state which is shown throughout the long period are mentioned as the reasons.

How to get rid of a proctal itch?

Анальный зудIf at the patient the irritation about an anus is observed, the itch disturbs more and more intensively, then it is necessary to define the reason of this phenomenon, first of all. Diagnosis in this case is a difficult task for the doctor therefore it is important to pay attention to some important points. First, it is necessary to define whether the itch is connected with the act of defecation. At suspicion on insufficient function of a sphincter of an anus special research — a sfinkterometriya is applied.

The doctor also finds out whether the patient is submitted adverse effects — to radiation, influence of chemicals, high temperature, etc. At close contacts with domestic animals the probability of infection with worms therefore it is important to find out also this moment increases. In the course of diagnosis blood test for determination of the content in it of sugar, and also the analysis a calla is surely carried out. Further the doctor appoints carrying out special researches to confirm or exclude existence at the patient of diseases which could provoke a proctal itch. Women have to consult surely with the gynecologist.

Having defined what reason provoked a severe itch of an anus, the doctor appoints a disease course of treatment. If it is worms, then antivermicular drugs are appointed, at a fungal infection of the patient takes a course of antifungal therapy. If dysbacteriosis became the reason of a proctal itch, then drug intake which normalize a condition of flora of intestines practices.

Regardless of what to treat a proctal itch, it is necessary to adhere to all hygienic actions without fail. It is necessary to refrain from combing of skin in an anus, to wash under a shower, having excluded long hot bathtubs. To reduce unpleasant feelings treatment of a proctal itch has to include surely and selection of means of hygiene which will not influence annoyingly skin. The patient has to watch carefully a condition of skin about an anus: it always has to remain dry. If necessary soft laying which needs to be changed regularly are applied. To reduce symptoms, the doctor can appoint medicines of topical administration — cream or a proctal itch ointment.

It is not less important to eat properly to provide a regular chair and normal work of intestines. The spicy food should be excluded from a diet as its use can strengthen irritation. It is worth refusing inconvenient clothes which pull together a body and interfere with normal work of intestines. The underwear needs to be chosen only from organic cotton. One more important point of prevention in this case — an exception of an emotional pressure and minimizing of stressful situations.

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