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  • Latin name: Anavenol
  • ATH code: C05CA51
  • Active ingredient: Digidroergokristina mezilat (Dihydroergocristine mesilate), Esculin trihydrate (Esculina trihydras), Rutoside (Rutoside rutoside trihydrate)
  • Producer: Leciva (Czech Republic)


The following active medicinal components are a part of Anavenolum: 0,58 mg of a mezilat of a digidroergokristin, 1,62 mg of trihydrate of an eksulin and 32,55 mg of trihydrate of rutoside.

To all other in drug there are such auxiliary connections as salt sodium karmelloza, stearic acid, lactose, stearin, corn starch, povidone, E104 additives dye quinolinic yellow and E131 patent blue, E171 dioxide of titanium, karnaubsky and white wax, and also salt sodium carboxymethylstarch.

Release form

Anavenolum is let out in the form of dragees which have the biconvex form and are painted in green color. On a break of drug the yellow kernel which is at the edges limited to a green, and also white cover is visible. Medicine is packaged in blisters on 20 dragees in everyone, and then place in cardboard packagings 3 blisters in everyone.

Pharmacological action

Anavenolum represents venotoniziruyushchy medicine which possesses kapillyaroprotektivny and angioprotektivny properties, and also is characterized by the antiedematous and alpha and adrenoceptor blocking activity. Drug improves microblood circulation and recovers vascular permeability.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Considering specific medicinal properties of Anavenolum, specialists carry this drug to group of the combined medicines which are capable to lower at the same time permeability of walls of vessels, to make venotoniziruyushchy impact and to recover microcirculation.

Due to keeping in structure of medicine of a digidroergokristin which treats semi-synthetic alkaloids of an ergot and possesses properties of alpha adrenoblockers there is an expansion of an arteriole that promotes increase of a venous tone and improvement of peripheric circulation at administration of drug.

Besides, the esculin and rutoside which are a part of Anavenolum render anti-exudative, and also vazoptyutektivny impact on a human body. After administration of drug about 25% of medicinal connections are soaked up by a stomach, thus, contacting a blood plasma. Medicine with bile is removed. Being a part of medicine digidroergokristin can get through a placental barrier, and also be allocated with breast milk.

Indications to use of Anavenolum

As the main indications to use of this drug are considered: prevaricose syndrome, venous insufficiency of chronic type, posttrombotichesky syndrome.

Besides, medicine effectively helps with structure of complex therapy at treatment of thrombophlebitises, a trophic ulcer of a shin, the disorders of microcirculation caused by injuries, for example, during recovery of a physical activity after an immobilization of extremities.


Drug is not appointed at bleedings, and also to the patients having an allergy to compound components of a medicine and who did not reach age of 15 years.

Side effects

As exclusively attending physician after carrying out comprehensive medical examination, as a rule, can appoint this drug Anavenolum is transferred by patients well. Rather seldom, but the following side reactions on drug can be shown: skin rashes of allergic character, headaches, itch, increased fatigue, metrorrhagia and menorrhagia, vomiting, nausea and diarrhea, and also irritation mucous nose.

In order to avoid development of complications at emergence of any side effects at reception of Anavenolum, even undescribed above, the patient should stop at once use of drug and to see immediately the attending physician behind medical care.

Application instruction of Anavenolum (Way and dosage)

The application instruction of Anavenolum orders to use drug according to the following scheme:

  • the first week of treatment — an initial dose of drug should not exceed 2 dragees which it is necessary to accept 3 times a day;
  • the next week — the dosage is lowered to 1 dragee (the so-called "the supporting dosage") which is accepted also by 3 times a day.

For achievement of the greatest medicinal effect of a dragee it is worth accepting entirely after food, they cannot be got to the core, and also it is necessary to wash down with enough water.


At non-compliance with recommendations about administration of drug at the patient the above described side effects can be shown. In such cases the gastric lavage, and also a symptomatic treatment of the arisen indispositions is carried out.


It is worth emphasizing that combined use of other medicines with Anavenolum is possible only with the permission of the attending physician. Considerably such medicines as strengthen effect of drug: betta-adrenomimetik, Oleandomycinum, alpha adrenoblockers, Erythromycin, vasodilating medicines, Doxycycline, Dopamine, and also Tetracycline. Alpha adrenomimetiki opposite reduce medicinal properties of drug.

Terms of sale

Drug is released from drugstores only according to the recipe of the doctor.

Storage conditions

Anavenolum should be stored only in the dry place, far from children at a temperature of 10-25 Pages.

Period of validity

3 years. It is strictly forbidden to take medicine after the termination of its period of validity.

Special instructions

With care appoint drug to the patients suffering from disturbances of normal functioning of kidneys. Use of medicine excludes a possibility of control of vehicles, and also work with potentially life-threatening and health the units and mechanisms demanding the increased concentration of attention.

Analogs of Anavenolum

In the real span does not exist absolutely identical on chemical composition and pharmacological properties of analogs of this drug. However the attending physician can appoint other medicines which will render positive impact similar to Anavenolum on the patient's organism.


  • Anavenolum No. 60 of a tabletkizentiv of ampere-second.
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