English diet

Английская диета

July 18, 2011

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English is a one more national diet, also as Japanese or Mexican. However, about an origin she can be judged by the fact that for the first time there was this diet in English and that porridges and eggs are its part. However, all this is not so important as it is grown thin on it very quickly and easily.

As you will see further, the menu is not dull and almost balanced as contains many various dishes. But at the same time the general caloric content is around 1 thousand kcal a day that over a week does not allow to eat thus. Of course, there are its longer options, such as "the English diet of 20 days" or "the English diet 21 days", but before their use it is better to consult on the doctor.

It is most popular in the option calculated on a week. The first view of the menu of the English diet can surprise very. Practically always say that a breakfast, or as a last resort a lunch – the main meal, and here all on the contrary — caloric content increases by the evening.

Briefly about the menu. In total in day there have to be three meals (any lunches), and the dinner has to come to an end not later than 19:00. It is possible to find very many various options of a breakfast, lunch and dinner therefore it is necessary to remember the main rule in a network: options of dishes for a breakfast, a lunch or a dinner, it is possible to choose somehow, the main thing that one option repeated no more than 2 days and all options were tried. And there is a lot of options, they are based on bean, potatoes, porridges, eggs, fruit, vegetables, etc.

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