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  • Latin name: Antistax
  • ATH code: C05CA
  • Active ingredient: Extract from dry red leaves of grapes
  • Producer: Pharmaton (Switzerland)


The operating (active) substance of all pharmaceutical forms of drug is extract from dry red leaves of grapes.

Antistaks in the form of capsules contains 180 mg (1 capsule) of active ingredient.

In addition:

  • 38.25 mg — Dextrosums liquid;
  • 9.35 mg — colloid silicon dioxide;
  • 8.4 mg — starch corn;
  • 2.6 mg — stearate magnesium;
  • 8.4 mg — talc.

Enter a cover:

  • 63.004 mg – gelatin;
  • 0.152 mg — dye of ferrous oxide yellow;
  • 0.152 mg — lauryl sulfate sodium;
  • 0.912 mg — dye of ferrous oxide of red (E172);
  • 11:02 mg — the water purified;
  • 0.76 mg — titanium of dioxide.

In the form of gel for external use, except active agent, drug contains:

  • water;
  • glycerin ether;
  • alcohol;
  • ether of fatty acid of coconut oil;
  • sodium hydroxide;
  • carbomer;
  • dye caramel;
  • oil lemon;
  • erythrosin dye.

In the form of spray, together with active ingredient, enter into composition of medicine:

  • water;
  • carbamide;
  • diethyl ether;
  • isopropyl myristate;
  • propylene glycol;
  • panthenol;
  • carbomer 940;
  • the castor oil hydrogenated;
  • methylparaben;
  • aminomethyl propyl alcohol;
  • methyl propionate;
  • linalyl ester;
  • perfume butylphenyl;
  • geraniol;
  • citral;
  • citronellol;
  • hexyl tsinnamat.

Release form

The solid capsules containing powder of brown color. Packaging on 20; 50; 100; 160 capsules.

Gel in tubas on 125 ml. Packaging — 1 tuba.

The cooling spray on 75 ml. Packaging — 1 bottle.

Pharmacological action

Angioprotektorny, venotoniziruyushchy.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Antistaks is angioprotektorny (protecting a vascular wall) and venotoniziruyushchy (raising a vein wall tone) phytodrug.

Pharmacological activity of medicine is provided with presence of flavonoids (bioactive agents) at extract of red leaves of grapes which are generally provided Meletin by a glucuronide and isomeletin.

Drug positively influences elasticity of vessels, normalizing their permeability, and by strengthening of membranes, protects their internal surface. Reduction of penetration of a vascular wall slows down an exit of proteins, plasmas and waters in adjacent fabrics and bodies that leads to delay of developing of hypostases, and also to reduction of already existing.

Antistaks in the form of spray represents cosmetic with specially picked up composition of the ingredients rendering the fast cooling effect that in the sum with effects of extract of red leaves of grapes reduces feeling of fatigue and weight in the lower extremities.

Indications to use

  • Flebopatichesky syndrome.
  • Prevention and symptomatic therapy of the initial stages of chronic venous insufficiency (including hypostases of legs, feeling of weight and fatigue in the lower extremities, painful feelings, paresthesias).
  • Preoperative training of the patient and postoperative therapy of chronic insufficiency of veins of the lower extremities.


  • Age of the patient till 18 flyings.
  • Individual sensitivity to acting or to one/several auxiliary components of medicine.
  • The period of pregnancy and lactation (because of insufficiency of data on influence of drug during these periods).

Side effects

Antistaks, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Antistaks, in the form of capsules, it is intended for reception orally. Recommend to accept in a daily dose 360 mg (2 capsules), in the morning before meal. Increase in a daily dose of drug twice is possible (if necessary). Capsules are swallowed entirely, without opening and without chewing, washing down with water. Duration of a course of therapy makes 90 days.

For the purpose of prevention appoint 360 mg (2 capsules) of Antistaks with one-time reception in days, for 30 days. 2 times a year recommend to take a preventive course of therapy.

The following form of medicine is gel. The application instruction of gel of Antistaks is quite simple. Means is applied on pure integuments of legs from anklebones to a hip, the easy massage movements. 2 times a day, in the morning and before going to bed are applied. Use of gel is recommended to combine with reception of capsules.

Spray of Antistaks is sprayed on skin of the lower extremities vertically, from distance by not less than 10 cm, previously having shaken up a barrel. After spraying rub in skin, as well as when using gel. It is necessary to remember that spray is cosmetic and cannot replace medical effect of oral administration of drug.


Cases of overdose or toxic action were not observed.


Influence of medicine of Antistaks on pharmacological effect of other drugs was not established.

Terms of sale

Means is authorized to sale without recipe.

Storage conditions

Capsules and spray should be stored in the dry place, at a temperature no more than 25 °C.

Gel is recommended to store in the refrigerator.

Period of validity

The period of validity of all forms of drug of Antistaks makes 36 months.

Special instructions

At the negative effect from treatment by Antistaks observed for 1,5 months from the beginning of use consultation of the attending physician, for the purpose of specification of the diagnosis and correction of therapy is necessary.

Patients with a diabetes mellitus should remember the glucose which is contained in Antistaks's capsule.

Gel and spray cannot be applied on open wounds of integuments of the lower extremities.

To avoid hit of spray or gel in eyes and on mucous membranes.

Antistaks's analogs

In the form of tablets Antistaks's analogs are: Ascorutinum, Detralex, Venolek, Venarus, Trokserutin, Troxevasinum, Flebodia, Venorutonum, Diosmin.

In the form of gel: inkor, Trokserutin, Troksevenol, Troxevasinum, Venorutonum.

In the form of capsules: Trokserutin, Troxevasinum, Venorutonum.

The price of analogs of drug of Antistaks is quite various, beginning from cheap Ascorutinum and finishing with such medicines as Detralex or Flebodiya which at the cost stand approximately flush with Antistaks.


  • Antistaks No. 50 kapsulypharmaton
  • Antistaks No. 20 kapsulypharmaton
  • Antistaks gel 125mlboehringer Ingelheim
  • Antistaks No. 100 kapsulypharmaton
  • Antistaks spray Ingelheim cooling for legs 75mlboehringer

Drugstore of IFC

  • Antistaks kaps 180 mg No. 100, Pharmatonshveytsariya
  • Antistaks gel of 125 ml, Boehringer Ingelheimgermaniya
  • Antistaks kaps 180 mg No. 50, Pharmatonshveytsariya
  • Antistaks kaps 180 mg No. 20, Pharmatonshveytsariya
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