The condition of apathy overcomes each person from time to time. If apathy to life proceeds rather not for long, then this state is not dangerous. But if the condition of apathy is observed at the patient throughout the long period, then it is necessary to address the specialist surely.

How apathy is shown?

In translation from Greek the word "apathy" designates "insensibility". If at the person apathy signs are noted, then among other people it is easy to distinguish him on the indifferent relation to what constantly occurs around it. It does not show emotions, does not express any vital aspirations. Those things or problems which still quite recently had for it the defining value in a condition of apathy do not interest him any more. The condition of apathy is shown at the patient with also sharp restriction of communication. Its professional activity can be slowed down as the constant condition of despondency influences an opportunity fruitfully to work. Most often the patient spends time not movably. At the same time he is not interested in a question how to leave a condition of apathy.

In everyday life apathy on a certain vital period develops at most of people. But not everyone considers apathy as a disease or a symptom of some illness

Emotions of the person are the main motive power of his vital activity. Emotions define both pleasant, and not really good feelings, at the same time filling human life with more expressed sense. However the human mentality can periodically be exhausted owing to what occurs defined dulled emotions. Possibly and involution of events – if in human life throughout long time there are no positive emotions, then the noticeable breakdown can become a result. Apathy is often shown when the person needs completion of power deficit.

Of course, at the person full apathy can periodically be shown. Moreover, such state can be even in something useful as allows to revaluate values, to carry out a certain psychological work on itself. Sometimes the condition of apathy at the person comes during this period after which a certain important event in life follows, and in such situation apathy even allows to save up internal forces a few.

Апатия и леньBut if temporary apathy is quite normal stage in life, then apathy which the person perceives as a depression can lead to aggravation of a condition of mental health in the future.

If the person constantly stays in a dejectedness, and, the reasons of this state are not clear to surrounding people at all, then it is possible to speak about apathy, as about an alarming symptom.

This term appeared in psychiatry, having got to medicine from philosophical science. The psychiatry defines apathy as perfect indifference to what occurs around, the indifferent attitude towards surrounding people and even signs of disgust for everyday life.

Apathy symptoms at the person are shown by a number of characteristic signs which accurately demonstrate this disturbance. But It should be noted that very often apathy and drowsiness demonstrate development in a human body of a serious disease. Therefore in the presence of a number of signs of apathy at the loved one it is necessary to promote that he passed comprehensive medical examination. Only after establishment of the diagnosis the doctor will manage to tell about how to fight against apathy, and to appoint adequate therapy accurately. At the person at whom apathy developed weakness and drowsiness is often observed. From outside can seem that simply something to do laziness to it that it was just overcome by strong fatigue. By the way, the chronic fatigue quite often leads to apathy manifestations, and the depression can sometimes turn out to be consequence of this state.

Bright symptoms of apathy is slackness, indifference to everything and everything, isolation in themselves and aspiration to be constantly alone. Such person, as a rule, inexpressively speaks, he can long openly without cause. An initiative sick, subject to apathy, does not show. All these symptoms should be known timely to notice development of apathy both in itself, and in surrounding people.

Why apathy is shown?

Проявление апатииIn the modern world apathy develops at people very often, and, it can be observed at the successful and even happy, taken place in life people. Sometimes from outside it seems that the reasons of apathy are absolutely unclear. Even the patient very seldom can understand that he is covered behind his illness and that provoked it. Besides it is necessary to consider that the patient who like indifference to everything that around it occurs still is indifferent also to own illness, as leads to its aggravation.

However apathy at the person can develop both owing to internal, and owing to the external reasons. So, sometimes those events which at first sight seem absolutely insignificant can leave a serious mark in soul, as leads to changes in mentality.

Psychologists define several reasons which very often lead to apathy development. This state sometimes develops at people whose profession is connected with a strong emotional pressure. Energy recession can be also connected with the postponed serious illness, lack of a sunlight, avitaminosis. Any manifestations of long tension, both physical, and moral, can become as a result the apathy reason at the person too. Also as the reasons owing to which this state develops specialists define both a negative stress, and very bright positive event after which the person endures emotional exinanition.

Apathy among women is rather widespread during pregnancy. If future mother does not show interest in novelty, constantly misses and is even interested in changes in own state very little, then it can be apathy signs. Serious hormonal shifts during pregnancy are the reason of this state. Doctors advise not to allow aggravation of a state: to walk, do quite a lot exercises in the fresh air, and the condition of apathy will remain in the past.

But not always apathy and the slowed-down state are exclusively psychological phenomenon. Sometimes these signs demonstrate development of serious diseases. Apathy can be a symptom of a serious depression, schizophrenia, organic lesion of a brain in the head and other diseases. Apathy also sometimes is a symptom of endocrine dysfunction, a number of chronic illnesses, alcoholism, drug addiction, a premenstrual syndrome.

Visit to the psychotherapist or to other specialists is necessary if it is difficult to define the reasons of block, and at the same time apathy lasts more than one month. Also mental composed – existence of failures in thinking, memory blackouts, very weak reaction to irritants from the outside has to guard. As also alarming symptoms it is necessary to consider block of the speech and block of thinking. Besides, the condition of block is shown by motive block. Sometimes at apathy block of movements is one of the most alarming symptoms. In the presence of such signs immediate diagnosis and the correct treatment of a disease is required.

How to fight against apathy?

Как бороться с апатиейTreatment of apathy should be practiced after the doctor confirmed existence at the person of this symptom. However fight against apathy will be the most effective if the person realizes that it is necessary to fight against a dejectedness somehow. That is before defining how to treat apathy, the patient has to agree that he has such problem and to accurately realize it. If apathy is a consequence of the psychological reasons, then specialists advise close attention to pay to introspection. Analyzing everything that occurs, and in details considering the state, the patient has to try to define that reason which prevents it to lead full-fledged life. Psychologists say that this process can be very difficult, but its result disposal of apathy signs becomes frequent.

Besides, in the course of apathy treatment doctors advise surely to adhere to good healthy nutrition, to practice exercise stresses, to travel. Sometimes it is worth trying to replace the place of work, a circle of contacts. Also reception of vitamin complexes, massage sessions is shown.

But nevertheless, even practicing the apathy treatment appointed by the doctor it is necessary to consider that an exit from this state directly depends on the correct behavior of the most sick. It is impossible to be too exacting to itself and to show strong-willed behavior as as a result it can lead to complications — a depression and the heat of passion.

Specialists advise to perceive a condition of apathy as a certain vital respite and to quietly spend this period. It is worth going on leave, to limit all contacts. Categorically it is not necessary to accept medicamentous drugs without the permission of the doctor. Alcohol — too not the assistant in this case. But doctors advise to drink green tea and to eat dark chocolate as in these products there are substances which raise an organism tone.

However if there are slightest suspicions that the condition of apathy turned out to be consequence of a serious disease, then about self-treatment out of the question. Comprehensive inspection at specialists of a different profile and the subsequent purpose of adequate therapy is in that case important.

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