Treatment by stings of bees or apipunktura

Since ancient times products of beekeeping were considered as curative and were applied at treatment of a set of diseases. Apitoxin takes a place of honor among these products. There are confirmations to it and in the history. The famous Aesculapian of antiquity Ibn-Xing famous and as Avicenna, considered that the use of honey prolongs youth, and stings of bees help to recover head indumentum at baldness. Papyruses of Ancient Egypt narrate about advantage of stings of live bees, and historical documents of Russia demonstrate that Pyotr I and Ivan the Terrible resorted to this method too.

Now treatment by products of beekeeping is the field of nonconventional medicine, but also the official medicine recognizes legitimacy and expediency of its use. At a sting of a bee a small amount of poison which has recreational effect on a nervous system of the person is entered into a human body, improving conductivity of nerve fibrils.

Well apitoxin affects blood vessels and even immunity. Last century of clinic and sanatorium began to apply actively this method, combining it with traditional treatment. Researches of specialists confirm the fact of the most effective action of stings of bees and introduction in such a way to an apitoxin organism in the locations on a body of the person of biologically active points. Therefore by analogy with acupuncture, treatment by acupuncture or acupuncture, the method of a pchelouzhaleniye received the name of an apipunktura. The official medicine does not confirm absolutely authentically existence at the person of such points, but also does not dispute this fact which is used as true in many techniques of improvement.
Use of an apipunktura has a number of advantages before acupuncture. Poison of a bee at a sting has a local and systemic effect on a human body as it gets to blood and is carried on all blood channel. Besides, the sting of a bee is more natural influence, than a prick a needle. The fact that the beekeepers who are usually exposed to single stings of bees despite precautionary measures, have practically no rheumatic and nervous diseases is widely known.

Very well the headache at a nervous tension gives in to treatment by stings of live bees, sleeplessness, chronic fatigue. This method has no contraindications, except an explicit allergy to apitoxin. Right now, when the person tries to find natural ways of overcoming of illnesses and to strengthen health by means of natural products, treatment by a pchelouzhaleniye, or an apipunktura, has good perspectives of use.

Section: Traditional medicine