Apiotherapy: it is checked for centuries

Naturoterapiya is rather not a craze, but an urgent need today. Alas – the relentless statistics states: there are practically no healthy children now, and it is not necessary to speak about adults at all! The mad rhythm of life, stresses, improper feeding and many other factors only aggravate the indispositions hidden for the time being which, maybe, under more favorable conditions would not have an effect. And often some kind of an allergy about which just about twenty years ago special and that was not heard becomes the companion of diseases also. And, that one was impossible on ordinary national expression "We treat – another we cripple", to the modern citizen to have to adopt any natural way which will support an organism. That is, the speech about durable immunity.

Among diverse proposals of naturopaths especially attractively to what is connected with use of the bees and products developed by them. To this direction there is also the name – apiotherapy. It is officially allowed in Russia for use in the medical purposes. And it is unsurprising: already rock paintings found by archeologists represented the ancient people collecting wild honey.

Ancient Greeks equated products of these hardworking insects to food of the gods. And in the Middle Ages efficiency of stings of bees for treatment of such, apparently, serious, demanding special medical intervention of a disease as rheumatism was visually proved. Wise Chinese in the same way for a long time successfully fight against severe forms of intoxications, and also effectively rejuvenate an organism.

It is difficult to call area with which this tasty, fragrant, amber product – honey would not help! Cardiovascular diseases, diseases of a digestive tract and upper airways, joints and a backbone, a nervous system – practically, all human body he is grateful responds on its influence. However, it is necessary to make a reservation: relieving among others illnesses of an allergy, pcheloprodukt maybe itself it to be dangerous in this plan if the patient possesses sensitivity to kapikomponenta. If there is no allergy to honey, then it is enough to chew a piece of beeswax and to spit out it right there to lighten at displays of any allergy.

Pcheloprodukta by right deserved glory of a universal and effective remedy. And, not only for internal use. So, for example, honey is widely used for treatment of open wounds, and occasionally replaces a number of antibiotics. Well tones up the weakened patient and recovers his forces literally ten grams on one reception to a beebread – bee bread, and the uterine bee milk completely brings out of an organism of salt of heavy metals and radioactive components. Use of apiprodukt in cosmetic products is conventional also long ago. Here, for example, the elementary national recipe actual with approach of a summer season: carefully to mix butter, pounded champignons and honey in equal proportions and to cover with this mix skin if it is required to protect it from sunblisters.

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