The apnoea represents the termination of breath or respiratory movements. One of the most common causes causing an apnoea is too strong ventilation of the lungs which can be observed, for example, after artificial or natural hurried breathing. Such breath as a result leads to the fact that in blood the lack of carbonic acid is observed. Extremely increased arterial pressure can also be the reason of this phenomenon. It is connected with the fact that in a consequence receptors of certain vessels, a carotid sine can be excited, for example.

The strong irritation of an integument can lead to a false apnoea. This process can develop under various circumstances, for example, in case of sharp cooling of a body.

Some diseases can also be the cause of approach of an apnoea. Bronchial asthma quite often can lead to a similar apnoea. Sagging of respiratory tracts (upper) can be the cause of the termination respiratory movements, in this case the syndrome of an obstructive apnoea takes place. It is most dangerous to those people who in a dream snore.

Breath holding at own will can be also called an apnoea. In this case this term is applied in diving and other spheres.

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