Water-melon diet

The water-melon is a berry with one of the best diuretic and clearing actions. At the same time caloric content at it very low and, as well as an apple diet, a water-melon diet is suitable not only for weight loss, but also for clarification of an organism.

As it is clear from the name, the menu at a water-melon diet very simple – needs to be eaten only water-melons. There are no time limits on meal and by the number of these receptions. But there is a restriction on the mass of pulp which needs to be eaten daily. In day this weight has to make 1/10 from the mass of your body (i.e. on 1 kg of pulp on 10 kg of your weight). Of course, the water-melon diet does not provide any recipes, and all this quantity of a water-melon should be eaten in a natural look.

As it was already told, as a result of such food you not only will be able to dump in weight, but also will be able perfectly to clear the organism.

All to whom consumption of a large amount of diuretic substances is contraindicated (diseases of kidneys diabetics, people with a sore pancreas) are forbidden to use this diet. So, passing to such food, previously surely consult to the doctor.

By the way, 5-8 kg of a water-melon a day it are a lot of so the feeling of hunger to you will not come.

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