Aromatherapy for children

Not the last role in human life is played by smells. Very often smells are associated with certain, and sometimes and significant, events in human life. For certain, everyone had a smile when it was necessary to taste familiar pleasant aroma. Sometimes people do not even notice influence of smells. For example, the smell of mother causes a caumesthesia in the majority and a certain security. This results from the fact that initially people learn the world thanks to sense bodys.

In essence, the aromatherapy consists in treatment of an organism by means of a smell. Such miracle smells or aromas receive from flowers, trees, herbs and plants. Essential oils now ours the broad use.

Children — natures very sensitive and susceptible therefore the aromatherapy has not smaller positive effect on them, than on adults. If to hold aromatherapy sessions in a nursery, then it will help with treatment of catarrhal diseases. Also will promote good mood of the child and a healthy sleep.

For anybody a secret that children love sweet in view of what, from aromas they also prefer sweetish and at the same time warm smells. But in use of aromatic oils it is necessary to adhere accurately to certain dosages because the children's organism is weaker than the adult's organism. In general, any treatment or therapy demands observance of the accurate instruction.

Ароматерапия для детейAs ideal option for putting oil various terracotta or clay figures, special medallions or pillows will serve. It should be noted that product smells which are made of the raw whetstone of a tree, a crust from grapefruit or orange rather well can hold.

Irreplaceable means for an aromatherapy are also in the organization of children's holidays. Aromas will support mood of children on necessary cheerful "wave". Here it is only necessary to consider a season in which the holiday is spent. In the spring and it is necessary to use coniferous or fresh aromas in the flying. And here for Christmas or New year it is necessary to apply spicy and flower aromas.

Here several recipes of festive wonderful mixes:
1) a lemon — 3 drops, tangerine — 3 drops
2) on 2 drops of orange, a camomile and a lemon.

Apply the following mix to treatment of catarrhal diseases:
camomile oil — 1 drop
tangerine — 2 drops
tea tree — 2 drops
thyme — 1 drop.

But remember! Till two years without consultation with aromaterapevty independently the child is FORBIDDEN to appoint this or that oil! It is necessary to buy only qualitative oils. Also obligatory observance of rules of storage of oils will be required, the main thing — not to do much harm to the child.

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