Aromatherapy: treatment by smells

Forces of nature are capable to win against various illnesses, to cure soul and a body. The aromatherapy is known to mankind since Ancient Egypt. Already then priests were able to treat curative smells. Thanks to them people learned that the aromatherapy is capable to calm a nervous system, to allocate patients with vital forces, possesses the anesthetizing properties.

Today there is a wide choice of various essential oils prepared from natural extracts of herbaceous plants. Sessions of an aromatherapy can be held by means of special aromatic lamps. In them oil is warmed up by candle fire. But it is possible to be engaged in an aromatherapy also without this lamp. Drip several drops on a hot subject, for example, an electric bulb or the battery. Curative aromas will instantly fill space of your room. Specialists also recommend to add five or six drops of essential oil to water during reception of hot bathtubs.

If you attend massage sessions, then drip 4 drops of oil before carrying out procedure on skin. But it is necessary to remember that in an aromatherapy it is necessary to adhere to the principle of moderation. To use large doses of essential oils simply senselessly. Besides, this also expensive pleasure.

Аромотерапия: лечение запахамиYou should not throw out also an empty flakonchik if in it oil reached a limit. Wrap it in a small bag from paper and put in a wardrobe. The fallen in love aroma still will long remind you of itself. Remember: smells are capable to affect well not only a human body, but also his consciousness, and respectively sessions of an aromatherapy help to struggle with diseases, returning at the same time harmony in soul. It is, perhaps, the most pleasant way of treatment.

You strained muscles, hurt a back and legs, and at the same time you test soul and physical pressure, then you will suit aroma of rosemary. Its essential oil has slightly bitterish smell, but is capable to calm nerves, to improve memory and thinking.

If you are chilled or it is difficult for you to breathe because of bronchitis and cough if you had flu and you broke blood circulation, then you will be helped by the curing aroma of a sage. It is capable to improve blood circulation in an organism, to facilitate breath and in a complex with other drugs to cure of cold.

Аромотерапия: лечение запахамиAroma of a jasmine is simply necessary for the people testing apathy, a depression, to subject stresses. Its sweetish and invigorating smell perfectly tones up and recovers vital forces.

The same who is tormented by sleeplessness who tests attacks of nervousness, aggressions and are in constant internal tension, will recover essential oil of a lavender. Its aroma will calm nerves, will refresh, will help to relax and adjust a healthy sleep.

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