Art therapy — panacea from a depression

As many it is considered to be that the depression is shown only by bad mood and depression. actually this clinical frustration during which corporal torments, considerable decrease in body weight, the general block are observed.

The main feature of such mental disorder is tendency suffering to a suicide, in a type of what physicians of the whole world do not stop searches of new ways of a conclusion of people from this state.

By rather new method of treatment in psychiatry it is possible to call treatment art which is also called art therapy. This independent direction existing only several decades.

Researches show that reading books listening of music compensate feeling of alarm thanks to what, and the psychological comfort is reached. Art therapy — it a way nobody self-knowledge and self-expression. Art creativity successfully helps to estimate and understand memoirs and feelings. The person is capable to reach itself healing by knowledge of transcendental properties of symbols.

Арт-терапия - панацея от депрессииFor example the Berlin professor Ryuger developed a unique technique of the musical therapy based on a selection of various works depending on character of psychological problems. Transfer of that spiritual state which was felt by the composer at the time of creation of the work forms a basis of therapeutic influence.

The main thing is the correct selection of a melody because inharmonious music changes heart rate, a blood pressure and a respiratory rhythm, up to its full stop. According to Ryuger's theory, Mozart's music promotes development of mental capacities in children, and Brahms cures of fatigue. Will help to calm for anger "Pictures from an exhibition" of Mussorgsky, and "Per Gyung" of Grieg makes normalization of a dream.

Art therapy is carried out both individual, and group. Individual therapy is applied to people, not having contraindications to methods of verbal psychiatry.

Such technique is based on belief that the inner self beats off in images every time when the person listens to music, draws, babble a sculpture or considers architecture monuments. Images of creativity display subconscious processes, "switching off" phobias and the internal conflicts, cast memoirs from the childhood and a dream.Арт-терапия - панацея от депрессии

All this helps psychologists to help the person to recover for shorter time. And the fact of use of art therapy in the public medical institutions is confirmed by a technique solvency. So, in "the cultural capital of Europe-2011" the Finnish city of Turku doctors of hospitals together with recipes issue to patients the ticket for an exhibition or a performance.

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