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  • Latin name: Artezine
  • ATH code: C02CA04
  • Active ingredient: Doksazozin (Doxazosin)
  • Producer: Valenta Farmatsevtika, Russia


Tablets contain active agent: doksazozina mezilat.

Auxiliary components: starch kartofelnay, povidone, lactoses monohydrate, magnesium stearate, krospovidon.

Release form

Artezin in the form of the tablets packaged on 10 pieces in planimetric cells and on 3 cells – in packaging is issued.

Pharmacological action

Tablets Artezin possess hypotensive and vasodilating action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Substance doksazozin is a selection blocker postsynaptic α1-адренорецепторов. Reception of medicine lowers a tone of vascular muscles, reducing OPSS, promotes lowering of the ABP.

Single use of tablets renders noticeable hypotensive effect later 2-6 h, keeping it not less days. During treatment patients with arterial hypertension do not feel distinction of sizes of pressure, irrespective of position of a body.

Also efficiency of drug is noted at arterial hypertension even if the disease is followed by metabolic disturbances, for example, obesity, decrease in tolerance to glucose and so on. The probability of development of an ischemic heart disease goes down. At treatment of normotonik decrease in the ABP does not happen. Long reception of a doksazozin does not lead to reduction of anti-hypertensive effect.

During treatment of drug lowering of the level of concentration of triglycerides or the general cholesterol as a part of a blood plasma is possible.

Long therapy quite often causes regression a hypertrophy in a left ventricle, increase in active plasminogen in fabrics, possible suppression of aggregation of thrombocytes.

As a result of blocking α1-адренорецепторов, being in a capsule and a stroma of a prostate gland, a bladder neck, pressure and resistance in an urethra, reduction of resilience of an internal sphincter decreases. Thus, Artezin at prostatitis helps to improve indicators of the urodynamic and to considerably reduce manifestations of symptoms of a disease. Manifestation of steady effect is noted in 1-2 weeks since the beginning of therapy.

In an organism drug is exposed to fast and good absorption in a gastrointestinal tract. At the same time absorption of substance makes 80-90%. If along with medicine the food is used, then absorption delay approximately for an hour is possible. Communication with proteins in a blood plasma makes nearly 98%. Substance is removed from a blood plasma in two stages therefore use of medicine only once a day is allowed.

Drug is exposed to a metabolism in a liver therefore several metabolites are formed. Removal of the most part of drug happens in metabolites through intestines, small part in not changed look by means of kidneys.

Indications to use

Artezin's use is recommended at:

  • arterial hypertension as a part of complex treatment;
  • benign hyperplasia of the prostate accompanied with arterial hypertension or at normal indicators of the ABP.

Contraindications to use

It is necessary to refrain from administration of drug at:

  • hypersensitivity to it;
  • age till 18 flyings.

It is necessary to be careful at disturbances of functions of a liver, an aortal and mitral stenosis, orthostatic hypotension.

Side effects

At treatment by Artezin there can be various side effects. At the patients having arterial hypertension orthostatic hypotension, the general reactions in the form of an adynamy, fatigues, indispositions, allergic reactions, skin rash, the small tortoiseshell can develop. Disturbances of cardiovascular and nervous systems, for example, peripheral hypostases, faints, dizziness, headaches, drowsiness are not excluded.

Emergence of nausea, rhinitis, bradycardia, tachycardia, heartbeat, stethalgias, stenocardias and so on is also possible.

During treatment of patients with DKPZh the same side effects what are observed at people with arterial hypertension can be shown. In addition, also other undesirable actions can develop: allergic reactions, disturbances of activity endocrine, digestive, urinary, respiratory and systems of a hemopoiesis.

Artezin, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Tablets are intended for intake of times a day, entirely, washing down with water.

Begin treatment of arterial hypertension with daily dosing of 1 mg recommended for reception before going to bed. Having accepted the first dose of drug, the patient needs to be in a bed about 6-8 h as the phenomenon of the first dose can develop.

If 1-2 weeks later the therapeutic effect was insufficient, increase of a daily dose to 2 mg is possible. The following increase of a dosage on 2 mg is allowed only after 1–2 weeks and so on. As clinical practice shows, achievement of optimum medical effect happens at reception of the daily dose making 8 mg. The greatest possible daily dosing – 16 mg.

When the lasting therapeutic effect is reached, reduction to the supporting dosage equal of 2-4 mg is possible.

Treatment of DGPZh is begun with a daily dosage – 1 mg that minimizes risk of display of orthostatic hypotension, and also an unconscious state. Considering indicators of the urodynamic and symptomatology of DGPZh, increase in a dosage, but not earlier, than 1-2 weeks is possible later.

The average supporting daily dose makes 2-4 mg, the most admissible – to 8 mg.

Perhaps long treatment which duration is established by the attending physician.


In cases of overdose the expressed lowering of the ABP, an unconscious state is shown.

At the same time treatment depending on the shown symptomatology is carried out, previously having put the patient to bed.


The combination to anti-hypertensive drugs can strengthen their hypotensive effect.

In a combination with inductors of a microsomal oxidation Doksazozin's efficiency, and with inhibitors, NPVS, for example, Indometacin increases, estrogen and sympathomimetic means, on the contrary, decreases.

The concomitant use with Cimetidinum can increase bioavailability of drug.

Special instructions

This drug has to be appointed with extra care to patients, with disturbances of functioning of a liver, especially, when at the same time take medicine with hepatotoxic effect. If indicators of a functional condition of a liver worsen, then at once cancel treatment. To prevent orthostatic reactions, patients need to avoid sharp and sudden changes in position of a body.

The previous diuretic therapy or diet with the limited use of sodium can become the reason of development of effect of the first reception. Also prior to treatment it is necessary to exclude existence of cancer regeneration of a prostate.

It is established that Artezin causes orthostatic reactions, at an initial stage of therapy or at increase of a dose. Therefore patients should abstain from any dangerous types of activity, for example, of management of motor transport, other mechanisms and vehicles.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Tablets store in the cool, dry place unavailable to children.

Period of validity

3 years.

Artezin's analogs

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Main analogs of Artezin: Kamiren, Tonokardin, Doksazozin, Zokson, Urokard.


  • Artezin of 2 mg No. 30 of a tabletkivalent Pharmaceutics of joint stock company
  • Artezin of 4 mg No. 30 of a tabletkivalent Pharmaceutics of joint stock company
  • Artezin of 1 mg No. 30 of a tabletkivalent Pharmaceutics of joint stock company

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  • Artezin tbl 4 mg No. 30, Valenta Farmatsevtika Oaorossiya
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