Asphyxia represents the asthma caused by air hunger. Lack of pulse, presence of excess of carbonic acid at fabrics and blood is characteristic of asphyxia.

As the reason of asphyxia can serve: squeezing of respiratory tracts (suffocation), edematization in the field, decrease in atmospheric pressure, or pressure in the medical ventilation apparatus.

Mechanical asphyxia is asphyxia which was caused by certain physical impacts on a respiratory organs and respiratory system then there came frustration of cardiovascular and nervous systems. As well as for the general concept of asphyxia, the lowered oxygen level in blood and the increased carbonic acid level is characteristic of mechanical.

Approach of asthma as a result of jamming of food in a throat – a frequent cause of death in living conditions. It is considered that pat on a back can alleviate suffering of the choked person, however, as proved researches of medical doctors, such approach can bring closer the moment of approach of a lethal outcome only. If the person choked on a large piece of food, on rescue there are only several minutes – usually no more than three. In this case it is necessary to follow the simple technique developed by the American specialists.

  • To reach position behind the injured person, at the level of a navel to clasp it with hands, to link brushes in the lock
  • To make several vigorous movements hands, at the same time pressing the victim to itself and squeezing him on each side

Such approach easily helps to solve the put problem for the reason that at lungs of the person there is always a small amount of air. And the above-stated technique allows to provide a sharp exhalation therefore the got stuck food takes off outside.

If the victim already lost breath, the equipment is used another. It needs to be laid on a firm horizontal surface. Firm is obligatory a condition without which all efforts will be vain. Further, having receded from an abdominal brain one palm down, several enough sharp pressings on a peritoneum become.

Distinguish a set of types of asphyxia:

  • Nonviolent. This look most often is caused by any disease or pathological process: the hypostasis of a throat caused by an allergy, bronchial asthma, etc.
  • Violent. This type of asphyxia is a cause of death more often, than the first. She in turn is:
  1.  Obturatsionna – caused by closing of respiratory tracts. This look can result from closing respiratory an opening, hit of foreign bodys, drowning, etc.
  2.  Strangulyatsionna – the neck caused by squeezing. Is caused by hanging, strangulation by hands, etc.
  3.  Compression – this type of asphyxia arises owing to squeezing of a stomach and a breast heavy objects, from loose substances, in a crush.

Signs of the death which was caused asphyxia: cyanosis mucous and skin because of the increased content in blood of derivative hemoglobin, expansion of pupils, etc.

For rescue of the victim the following measures of first aid are usually carried out: the maximum access of oxygen is provided, the medicines activating the central nervous system and a respiratory center are whenever possible entered into a vein, the artificial respiration becomes.

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