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  • Latin name: Ascophenum-P
  • ATH code: N02BA71
  • Active ingredient: Acetylsalicylic acid + Caffeine + Paracetamol (Acetylsalicylic acid + Caffeine + Paracetamol)
  • Producer: JSC Farmstandart, Russia

Structure Askofen-P

Each tablet includes active components about structure: paracetamol of 200 mg, acetylsalicylic acid of 200 mg, caffeine of 40 mg.

Excipients: stearic acid, povidone, potato starch, talc, calcium stearate, silicone emulsion and liquid paraffin.

Release form

Askofen-P in the form of tablets of a light shade, a ploskotsilindrichesky form without special smell is issued. In drugstores medicine is implemented in packagings on 10 pieces.

Pharmacological action

Drug possesses the combined action integrating nonsteroid antiinflammatory, analgeziruyushchy non-narcotic and psychogogic effect.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The combined drug which efficiency is provided by the components making it.

Acetylsalicylic acid renders noticeable anesthetic, febrifugal and antiinflammatory action, slows down aggregation of thrombocytes.

Paracetamol also shows febrifugal and analgesic effect.

Caffeine promotes increase of reflex irritability of a spinal cord, initiation of respiratory and vasomotor functions, expansion of blood vessels, muscles, hearts, a brain, kidneys, to decrease in aggregation of thrombocytes. Besides, reception of caffeine helps to reduce drowsiness and fatigue, to increase working capacity and so on.

As a result of intake nearly 90% of drug are soaked up. At the same time the maximum concentration of substances in serum is reached at different times: paracetamol – within an hour, caffeine – 2,5 h, acetylsalicylic acid – 1-2 h.

Out of an organism of nearly 80% of acid of active agents it is brought by means of kidneys.

Indications to use Askofen-P

Askofen-P at pregnancy

It is necessary to notice that this drug is not recommended to reception at pregnancy, especially in I and III trimesters. One-time use of medicine in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy is allowed, but if it is precisely established that it will not do harm to a fruit.

It is known that administration of drug in the I trimester can cause a fruit malformation in the form of splitting of the upper sky, caused by teratogenic influence of acetylsalicylic acid.

In the III trimester – the probability of braking of patrimonial activity, the closing of an arterial channel at future kid causing a hyperplasia of vessels in lungs and hypertensia in blood circulation vessels remains.

Contraindications to use

  • intolerance of drug or its components;
  • various damages of a gastrointestinal tract;
  • disturbances in work of a liver or kidneys;
  • deviations in activity of respiratory system, for example, at asthma;
  • the stratified aortic aneurysm;
  • some frustration of nervous and cardiovascular system;
  • age less than 15 years;
  • lactation, pregnancy and so on.

Side effects

At treatment various problems in activity of a gastrointestinal tract in a look can arise this drug: anorexias, nausea, vomitings, gastralgias, diarrheas, erosive and ulcer damages, bleedings. Also development is not excluded: liver or renal failure, tachycardia and increase of arterial pressure.

Long drug intake causes: dizziness, sonitus, headache, hypocoagulation, various undesirable syndromes and disturbances of activity of a liver.

Tablets Askofen, application instruction (Way and dosage)

As the application instruction Askofen-P specifies, these tablets appoint for reception after food 2-3 times a day in number of 1-2 pieces. At the same time the maximum daily dosing should not exceed 6 pieces, and the break to be less than 4 hours.

Considering indications to Askofen's use, it is necessary to observe some features of reception:

  • it is better to wash down tablets with milk, usual warm or mineral water;
  • patients with disturbances of functions of kidneys or a liver need to increase a break between drug intake – of 6 o'clock.

Besides, the course of the anesthetizing therapy should not exceed 5 days and treatment of heat – more than 3 days. In other cases duration of treatment and a dosage is defined by the doctor.


At overdose it can be shown:

  • nausea, vomiting, pain in a gastrointestinal tract;
  • perspiration, pallor of skin;
  • tachycardia;
  • ring in ears;
  • drowsiness, collapse, convulsive state;
  • bronchospasm, trouble breathing and so on.

If there is a suspicion on poisoning, then it is necessary to cause medical assistance urgently. Usually injured wash out a stomach and appoint adsorbents.


Simultaneous treatment with Askofen-P leads to strengthening of effect of heparin, Reserpinum, indirect anticoagulants, steroid hormones and some hypoglycemic means. Lowering of efficiency of furosemide, Spironolactonum, hypotensive and antigouty drugs which help to bring uric acid out of an organism is also probable.

Strengthening of side effects of glucocorticosteroids, methotrexate, sulfonilmochevina derivatives, and also non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and non-narcotic analgesics is noted.

It is not recommended to combine this medicine with barbiturates, antiepileptic drugs, a zidovudine, rifampicin and alcohol-containing drinks because the probability of development of hepatotoxic effect remains.

Influence of paracetamol increases the chloramphenicol removal period almost by 5 times. As for caffeine, it promotes ergotamine absorption acceleration.

Combination therapy with Salicylamidum and other stimulators of a microsomal oxidation promote development of the toxic metabolites of paracetamol which are negatively influencing functions of a liver.

The concomitant use with Metoclopramidum strengthens paracetamol absorption. Repeated use is capable to increase effect of anticoagulants.

Special instructions

Long treatment by this drug demands control of peripheral blood and functions of a liver.

Acetylsalicylic acid possesses anti-modular action, for this reason patients before carrying out surgical intervention have to warn doctors that they accept this drug at once. Low dosages of acetylsalicylic acid reduce removal of uric acid that quite often provokes a gout attack.

Terms of sale

These tablets release without recipe.

Storage conditions

Medicine needs to be stored in rather dry and dark place at a temperature up to 25 °C.

Period of validity

Drug is good 2 years.

Similar action drugs also possess: Orafen, Fleksen, Diklovit, Artrozilen, Bofen and others.

Alcohol and Askofen-P

At treatment the use of any alkogolsoderzhashchy drinks as they increase risk of development of bleedings in a gastrointestinal tract is forbidden by this drug.

About Askofen-P

As show the numerous comments of patients left at various forums, this drug is the excellent, inexpensive and efficient combined means. Many users take a pill Askofen long ago from what the medical effect does not become lower as they use them periodically.

At the same time some patients ask from what Askofen-P helps best of all and how it is often possible to use him? Specialists answer it that tablets possess equivalent anesthetic, febrifugal and antiinflammatory action. However when these undesirable symptoms quickly are not eliminated, it is necessary to see a doctor.

Besides, there are many features and contraindications to reception of this medicine. For example, Askofen Darnitsa is capable to aggravate more than other forms display of asthma, causing development of the strongest allergic reactions.

Askofen raises or lowers pressure?

This drug is quite often accepted by the people having arterial hypotonia, that is the lowered pressure for the purpose of disposal of this illness. At the same time they claim that similar treatment was recommended to them the doctor. Most of patients are happy with the had effect.

Of course, this combination of substances includes the small dosage of caffeine not capable to render the stimulating influence on the TsNS but normalizing a tone of vessels of a brain and accelerating a blood stream. Therefore patients with supertension need to take this pill with care, and to people with the lowered pressure nevertheless not to abuse similar therapy.

The price Askofen-P where to buy

This medicine is available practically to all patients as in the Russian drugstores its price makes from 14 rub.


  • Askofen-P No. 10 of a tabletkifarmstandart-Leksredstvo of joint stock company
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  • Askofen-P No. 10 of table.
  • Askofen-P No. 10 of the tab. Pharmstandard-Leksredstva of joint stock company (Russia)
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