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  • Latin name: Ascorutin
  • ATH code: C05CA51
  • Active ingredient: Ascorbic acid (Acidum ascorbinicum) and Rutinum (Rutinum)
  • Producer: Kiev vitamin plant, PAO, Kiev, Ukraine

Structure of Ascorutinum

Structure of 1 tablet:

Release form

The tablets Ascorutinum have light, chartreuse color with small, insignificant impregnations. Are packed up in polymeric banks on 30 or 50 pieces or in planimetric cell blisters on 10 pieces everyone. The cardboard box can contain one polymeric can or to 5 plates with tablets.

Pharmacological action

Ascorutinum – what is it?

This pharmaceutical drug is the combined medicine possessing properties of vitamin and other useful biological components which are a part of tablets. For the account oppression of activity of enzyme of hyaluronidase, Rutinum and Ascorbic acid reduce permeability and fragility of capillaries, than considerably strengthen a vascular wall of a microcirculator and macrocirculator bed. The combination of active components allows to oppress aggression of thrombocytes, the basic cellular element of system of coagulability of blood thanks to what drug suppresses nosological units which cornerstone the raised thrombogenesis is.

Also vitamin C possesses antioxidant properties, that is saves cellular structures from harmful influence of the oxidized molecules, free radicals and peroxide oxidation of a bilipidny membrane. These therapeutic effects are used in fight against acute respiratory diseases. Besides Ascorbic acid takes part in many oxidation-reduction metabolic ways. So, for example, participation of this biologically active component in an exchange of fats, synthesis of collagen and other proteins of connecting fabric, reactions of transformation of folic acid in folinovy, synthesis of catecholamines, a metabolism of aromatic acids and an exchange of steroid hormones, in particular, in a thyroxine metabolism is proved.

It is worth to remember that Ascorbic acid is a powerful factor of protection of an organism, both as part of immune system, and as the nonspecific agent. Strengthening processes of a natural reparation and recovery of cellular elements, vitamin C increases resistance to infections, reduces influence from any exogenous allergens.

Rutinum shows strong antiinflammatory effects which actively use in conservative therapy of these or those diseases. The mechanism of action consists in reduction of exudation of liquid part of plasma and emigration of cellular elements in the pathological center through a vascular wall. That is one of extremely important stages of development of typical inflammatory process is liquidated. It is worth to remember that Rutinum also has cholagogue and easy anti-hypertensive effects that allows to normalize functions of cardiovascular and digestive systems.

The tablets Ascorutinum — from what they?

Thanks to the width of pharmacological effect of medicine precisely to tell from what these tablets very difficult. Of course, as well as any medicine has a certain list of indications to conservative therapy by Ascorutinum, however national councils recommend to use drug also for reduction of puffiness and a pain syndrome at chronic venous insufficiency. Rutinum in a complex with vitamin C liquidates trophic disturbances, especially in the lower extremities as clears and strengthens a vascular bed.

It is clinically confirmed that it is possible to use Ascorutinum in oncology. What apply to? Medical researches proved that cancer cells are peculiar "trap" for useful nutrients including vitamin complexes. Therefore, in order to avoid development of hypovitamin morbid conditions, tablets are appointed also by the cancer patient.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Medicine is used for oral administration then it is well soaked up in a digestive tract. Getting into a circulatory bed, biologically active components of Ascorutinum are carried in all bodies and fabrics where there pass the stages of a metabolism. Products of an exchange of pharmaceutical drug are removed by means of bile and urine.

Indications to use of Ascorutinum

Indications to use of the drug Ascorutinum are as follows:

  • prevention hypo - and avitaminosis of P and C;
  • treatment of insufficiency of vitamin complexes;
  • disturbance of permeability of vessels (for example, hemorrhagic diathesis, a radial illness, eye retinal apoplexies, a septic endocarditis, a glomerulonephritis, a capillary toxicosis, an arachnoiditis, allergic diseases, a Werlhof's disease, a sapropyra, measles and scarlet fever as a part of complex therapy);
  • preventive treatment of catarrhal diseases (is more detailed for what appoint Ascorutinum at acute respiratory diseases see in the section Pharmacological properties);
  • elimination of symptoms of flu;
  • defeats of capillaries which are connected with direct effect of other medicines (indirect anticoagulants or salicylates, for example).


Contraindications to use include the following morbid conditions and nosological units:

  • the increased individual sensitivity to compound components of medicine;
  • the hereditary or acquired intolerance of auxiliary or biologically active agents;
  • the increased coagulability of blood;
  • thrombophlebitises with tendency to fibrinferments;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • serious illness of kidneys;
  • gout, oksalaturiya, urolithiasis, hypopotassemia, cystinuria;
  • syndrome of a malyabsortion of glucose galactose or syndrome of a maldigestiya;
  • intolerance of fructose;
  • first trimester of pregnancy;
  • children's age till 4 flyings.

Side effects

Adverse effects of conservative treatment and various side effects meet extremely seldom, the main operating components of pharmaceutical drug are part of a natural metabolism of a human body, however the following manifestations can be observed:

  • From the central system: a headache, disturbance of a sleep pattern and wakefulness, increased fatigue, the increased excitability of the central nervous system.
  • From system of blood: thrombocytosis, gipertrobinemiya, strengthening of products of erythrocytes and thrombocytes, neutrophylic leukocytosis.
  • Cardiovascular system: disturbance of a natural trophicity of fabric, dystrophy of a cardiac muscle, increase of arterial pressure (hypertensive crises), development of mikroangiopatiya.
  • From a metabolism: oppression of normal function of the insulyarny device of a pancreas (it is shown in the form of a hyperglycemia, a glucosuria) and synthesis of a glycogen, a delay of liquid and sodium an organism, a hypervitaminosis About disturbance of metabolic properties of zinc and copper.
  • Digestive tract: irritation of a mucous membrane of a digestive tube, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.
  • Allergic reactions (are shown extremely seldom) – skin rashes, an itch, a Quincke's disease of Quincke, an acute anaphylaxis, the small tortoiseshell.

Tablets Ascorutinum, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Application instruction of Ascorutinum

It is offered to use pharmaceutical drug orally as the active operating components well are soaked up from a digestive tract. The medicine dosage, as a rule, is selected individually, proceeding from requirements, a stage of pathophysiological process of nosological unit, age and other physical parameters. Also the amount of the used drug is influenced by basic data of clinical analyses. However there are general schemes of purpose of Ascorutinum for children, teenage category and adults.

How to accept Ascorutinum the adult

In the preventive purposes 1-2 tablets of 1 times a day are used, and for treatment use of 1-2 tablets 2-3 times a day is offered. The mode of a dosage can change depending on nosological unit at the discretion of the qualified specialist who appoints medicine for conservative therapy.

A repeated course of reception is conducted on demand and also regulated by the attending physician.

The instruction op to use of Ascorutinum for children

For an age category 4 years are more senior the dosage on a half or the whole tablet in knocks as active prevention of various pathologies is used (what Ascorutinum is applied in preventive sanitation, to see above).

With the therapeutic purpose to children to teenage age appoint on a half or the whole tablet 2-3 times in knocks. The average duration of a course makes 3-4 weeks, as a rule, exact duration is appointed by the attending physician.

To teenagers appoint adult dosages with obligatory preliminary monitoring of all systems and bodies as irreversible effects of conservative treatment in this age category are shown by the heaviest symptoms.

Rules of use for pregnant women

Medicine should not be applied in the first trimester because of risk of development of morbid condition of oversaturation by vitamin C. It is also strictly forbidden to use Ascorutinum against other mineral and vitamin complexes. For women in a critical period appoint on 1 tablet 203 times a day. It is not recommended to wash down pharmaceutical drug with mineral or alkaline water, otherwise abilities of the operating components to absorption in a digestive tube considerably worsen.


At long use of pharmaceutical drug in big dosages oppression of function of the insulyarny device of pancreatic gland and disturbance normal functioning of kidneys is possible. Also the following symptoms of overdose by Ascorutinum can develop:

  • epigastric pains;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • plentiful skin rashes and itch (advantage on flexion surfaces of upper and lower extremities, a stomach and a breast);
  • hyperexcitability of a nervous system;
  • tromboorazovaniye;
  • increase of arterial pressure and development of a symptomatic hypertension;
  • headache.

As therapeutic measures at overdose use symptomatic sanitation of separate manifestations, a gastric lavage, sorbents as the specific antidote for vitamin medicine in the pharmaceutical market does not exist.


Use of acetylsalicylic acid, alkaline drink or oral contraceptives slows down active processes of absorption of biological components of medicine. In this way absorption of pharmaceutical drug is influenced also by the use of fresh fruit or vegetable juice.

Increases ability of a vitamin complex to be soaked up the combined use of Ascorutinum with penicillin, iron preparations.

The therapeutic effectiveness of ascorbic acid as main active ingredient of medicine decreases under the influence of heparin, indirect anticoagulants, antibiotics from group of aminoglycosides, sulfanamide drugs. Simultaneous use of Ascorutinum with vitamins of group B on the contrary weakens its medicinal properties.

Also it should be noted that ascorbic acid increases serumal concentration of salicylates, benzylpenicillin, an etilenestardiol and tetracycline that is shown in increase in risk of development of any side effects or other unpleasant effects of conservative sanitation.

Use of Ascorutinum more than 4 weeks (a long course of medicamentous therapy) against treatment by cardiac glycosides, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or anti-hypertensive means can strengthen action of the last that requires special attention as adverse effects can be very deplorable.

Terms of sale

It is possible to buy the tablets Ascorutinum without presentation of the receptor form as pharmaceutical means is not entered in the register of strong or narcotic drugs.

Storage conditions

Medicine should be preserved in the dry, protected from light place at constant temperature condition it is not above 25 degrees Celsius. Also drug should be made unavailable to children of a younger age category.

Period of validity

3 years

Special instructions

Kuperoz is a disturbance of blood circulation of skin which is shown by unnatural local redness (first of all the area of a nose, cheeks and a forehead suffers). Also there is an unpleasant burning and hypersensitivity of investments to exogenous irritants. The pathogeny of this morbid condition directly depends on elasticity and fragility of walls of a circulatory bed, developments of stagnation therefore it is possible to liquidate cosmetic defect by means of Ascorutinum. At a kuperoza of a tablet allow to return healthy coloring to the person, to get rid of an unesthetic type of the appearing capillaries and to enrich structures of a microcirculator bed with vitamin C.

Pharmaceutical drug well proved to be also in clinical trials at varicosity, chronic defeat of a venous network. The operating medicine components, Ascorbic acid and Rutinum, improve a trophicity, normalize a regional blood stream, strengthen walls of a vascular bed, interfere with developments of stagnation in veins of the lower extremities. Respectively, tablets are pathogenetic treatment of this nosological unit, that is medicine influences the mechanism of development of a disease and liquidates the corresponding stages, interfering with its genesis.

Of course, at once there is a question – how to drink Ascorutinum at varicosity. At this pathology it is necessary to pass course treatment. The dosage on 2-3 tablets 2 times a day is used. It is recommended to apply medicine both in time, and after food to increase of vsasyvatelny ability of the operating components.

There are no clinically confirmed data that the vitamins which are a part of Ascorutinum influence the speed of psychomotor reactions or concentration attention therefore to steer the car or other difficult mechanisms during conservative treatment by drug it is not forbidden.

Analogs of Ascorutinum

Analogs on the operating components of pharmaceutical drug: Ascorutinum D, Askorutin-UBF, Profilaktin S.

Analogs on therapeutic effects of medicine: Angiovit, Venarus, Detralex, Tsiklo the 3rd fort, Escuzanum.


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  • Ascorutinum No. 10 tab.

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  • Ascorutinum of KA tbl for rassas. No. 18, Farmindustriya Ooorossiya
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