Aspirin cardio

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  • Latin name: Aspirin Cardio
  • ATH code: B01AC06
  • Active ingredient: Acetylsalicylic acid
  • Producer: Gmbh Bayer Biterfeld, Germany (Switzerland)


As a part of one tablet active ingredient – acetylsalicylic acid in number of 0,1 or 0,3 g, and also additional components contains: cellulose, etakrilat and methacrylic acid (copolymer), talc, polysorbate, triethyl citrate, sodium lauryl sulfate, corn starch.

Release form

White tablets, coated, dissolved in intestines. Packagings on 20,28 and 56 pieces.

Pharmacological action

Antiagreganta. The drugs liquefying blood.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Getting into a gastrointestinal tract, active ingredient turns into salicylic acid. Acetylsalicylic acid inhibits processes of aggregation of thrombocytes, by A2 thromboxane synthesis blocking. Breaks the cyclooxygenase creation mechanism.

Drug has antiinflammatory and febrifugal effect. Also medicine is used at arthritises and osteoarthrites, flu and cold.

The maximum concentration of acetylsalicylic acid – in 20 minutes, after reception, salicylic – in an hour. If the dosage form, coated, soluble in intestines is used, then absorption of active ingredients happens later, not in a stomach. Action drug lasts.

Acid mainly through kidneys is removed and there is it within 2-15 hours, depending on a dosage.

Indications to use Aspirin cardio

Contraindications of Aspirin cardio

Side effects

Kardio's aspirin, application instruction (Way and dosage)

How to take medicine?

In the instruction on Kardio's Aspirin it is told that a pill is taken orally, before food.

The doctor has to appoint a daily dose and duration of treatment. As a rule, it makes from 100 to 300 mg a day.

How to accept for prevention?

For prevention of heart diseases and vessels of a brain, from an old age medicine is appointed in number of 100 mg a day. If you missed reception of a tablet of heart Aspirin, it is necessary to accept it in the shortest possible time, except for cases when time of reception of following already approached.


Dyspepsia, disturbance of visual perception, headache. Treatment, according to symptoms. Gastric lavage, enterosorbents, laxative. It is necessary to control rn blood if the indicator is displaced towards acid medium, then enter sodium bicarbonate into blood.


Kardio's aspirin strengthens influence of the following drugs, at a concomitant use it is necessary to consult with the doctor: methotrexate, heparin, anticoagulants, trombolititesky, anti-modular means, MAO inhibitors, digoxin, valproic acid, derivatives of salicylic acid, diuretics, ethanol.

Extra care should be observed the sick diabetes mellitus accepting hypoglycemic means.

Drug weakens action: diuretics, APF inhibitors, benzbromaron, probenetsid.

The ibuprofen and system GKS reduce efficiency of acetylsalicylic acid.

Terms of sale

Existence of the recipe is not required.

Storage conditions

Ambient temperature should not be higher than 25 degrees.

Period of validity

5 years.

Special instructions

"Heart aspirin" — what is it? So often call this drug.

Analogs of Aspirin cardio

Blood clot of Ass, Aviks, Aksanum, Agrenoks, Brilinta, Dzhendogrel, Disgren, Ilomedin, Ipaton, Kropired, Kardogrel, Klopidal, Lopired, Pingel, Plaviks, Platogril, Trombonet, Effiyent.

Often the price of analogs strongly differs from the cost of the original of medicine.


  • Kardio's aspirin of 100 mg No. 56 tabletkibayer AG
  • Kardio's aspirin of 300 mg No. 20 tabletkibayer AG
  • Kardio's aspirin of 100 mg No. 28 tabletkibayer AG

Drugstore of IFC

  • Kardio's aspirin tbl p / about 300 mg No. 20, Bayergermaniya
  • Kardio's aspirin tbl p / about 100 mg No. 28, Bayergermaniya
  • Kardio's aspirin tbl p / about 100 mg No. 56, Bayergermaniya
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  • Kardio's aspirin of 300 mg No. 30 tabl.p.o.rastvor./kishechn.
  • Kardio's aspirin of 100 mg No. 30 tabl.p.o.rastvor./kishechn.
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