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  • Latin name: Aspirin-C
  • ATH code: N02BA51
  • Active ingredient: Acetylsalicylic acid + Ascorbic acid
  • Producer: Bayer Schering Pharma AG (Germany)


1 tablet of a remedy Aspirin-S includes 400 mg of acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) and 240 mg of ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

In addition: sodium citrate, citric acid, hydrosodium carbonate, sodium carbonate.

Release form

Aspirin-S it is made in the form of sparkling (soluble in water) tablets, on 10 pieces in a pack (5 strips on 2 tablets).

Pharmacological action

Anti-inflammatory, adjusting processes of redoxreactions, analgeziruyushchy, increasing the general body resistance, febrifugal.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Aspirin-S represents the combined remedy from NPVS group which efficiency concerning symptomatology of inflammatory, viral and other diseases, is caused by action of the sparkling tablets of active ingredients included in structure.

Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) is characterized by analgeziruyushchy, anti-inflammatory and febrifugal action which becomes possible thanks to ability of the given substance to oppression of TsOG-1 and TsOG-2, isoenzymes of prostaglandins regulating development. Also the braking influence directed to aggregation of thrombocytes is inherent in aspirin.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is the major substance participating in carbohydrate metabolism, redoxreactions, processes of an angenesis and coagulability of blood and also promotes increase in the general resilience of a human body concerning various external painful irritants.

Indications to use

Sparkling Aspirin-S is shown to use at:

  • the weak or moderately expressed manifestations of the pain syndrome at adults arising for various reasons (tooth, muscular and a headache, neuralgia, migraine, menstrual pains and so forth);
  • to the increased body temperature which developed owing to catarrhal, virus and other painful conditions of an infectious and inflammatory etiology (at patients is more senior than 15 years).


Use of Aspirina-S is absolutely contraindicated at:

  • hemophilias;
  • exacerbations of erosive and ulcer pathologies of a gastrointestinal tract;
  • hemorrhagic diathesis;
  • pregnancies (in I and III trimesters);
  • bleedings from a gastrointestinal tract;
  • thrombocytopenia;
  • to the bronchial asthma which developed at the previous reception of any drugs from NPVS group in combination with nasal polyps;
  • feeding by a breast;
  • parallel reception of the Methotrexate in week dosages of 15 mg and above;
  • high personal sensitivity to ingredients of tablets;
  • the expressed pathologies of livers/kidneys;
  • insufficiency glyukozo-6-fosfatdegidrogenazy;
  • aged till 15 years.

Appointment of Aspirina-S with extra care is allowed at:

Side effects

Allergic manifestations:

Gastrointestinal tract system:

  • pains in a stomach;
  • nausea/vomiting;
  • developing of erosion or expressions of a gastrointestinal tract (up to perforation);
  • explicit (vomiting blood, a black chair) or the veiled symptomatology of bleedings from a gastrointestinal tract which can become the reason of development of an iron deficiency anemia;
  • disturbances of hepatic function (increase of level of transaminases of a liver).

System of a hemopoiesis:

  • thrombocytopenia;
  • hemorrhagic syndrome.

Nervous system:

Urinary system:

  • hyperoxaluria;
  • formation of oxalic stones;
  • frustration of the glomerular renal device.

Aspirin-S, application instruction

The correct reception of the sparkling tablets Aspirin-S assumes their preliminary cultivation in a glass (150-200 ml) of water up to full dissolution then the received mix needs as soon as possible to accept to be (drunk) orally.

The application instruction of sparkling aspirin recommends to accept disposable in the presence of feverish conditions and/or a pain syndrome of weak/average intensity 1-2 dissolved tablets. As much as possible for once it is possible to take 2 medicines, in 24 hours – 6 tablets. The minimum break between receptions has to make 4 hours.

Duration of treatment of Aspirinom-S, without other preliminary appointment of the doctor, should be limited 7 days, at use of medical drug as an anesthetic, and 3 days, at its use as febrifugal medicine.


In case of non-compliance with the recommended dosing mode and reception of the overestimated doses of Aspirina-S there can be negative symptoms connected with overdose by active ingredients of drug. The initial intoksikatsionny stage of overdose is characterized by dizziness, excitement of TsNS expressed by a headache, a hearing disorder and sight, breath strengthening, nausea/vomiting. In the subsequent can be observed: drowsiness, respiratory insufficiency, oppression of consciousness, anury, spasms, development of a coma, disorder of water and electrolytic balance.

Recommend to carry out treatment of such painful states in specialized medical departments. At the first displays of intoxication it is necessary to cause vomiting in the patient and to clear a digestive tract for the purpose of restriction of further absorption of active ingredients of drug. In the subsequent to the patient appoint reception of sorbents, laxative drugs and the maintenance therapy corresponding to noted symptoms.


The combined reception of Aspirina-S with other drugs from NPVS group, opioid analgetics, indirect anticoagulants, oral hypoglycemic means, trombolitika, streptocides (including Co-trimoxazole), inhibitors of platelet aggregation, Reserpinum, Heparin and Triiodothyronine strengthens their effects, and also increases toxicity of the Methotrexate.

Parallel use of glucocorticoids and etanolsoderzhashchy remedies increases the damaging influence of Aspirina-S concerning mucous membranes of bodies of a gastrointestinal tract and increases possibility of bleedings from them.

Reception of Aspirina-S reduces efficiency of uricosuric medicines (Sulfinpyrazonum, benzbromaron), diuretics (Furosemide, Spironolactonum) and hypotensive drugs.

At joint reception with lithium drugs, barbiturates and Digoxin increase in their plasma concentration is monitored.

The concomitant use of ascorbic acid and iron preparations improves intestinal absorption of the last.

Antiacid remedies on the basis of aluminum and/or magnesium brake and reduce aspirin absorption.

Terms of sale

Aspirin-S it is delivered in drugstores as a nonprescription remedy.

Storage conditions

The maximum temperature indicator of storage of sparkling tablets is equal to 25 °C.

Period of validity

From the moment of production of a dosage form – 3 years.

Special instructions

Aspirin-S as an antipyretic it is not intended for treatment of children till 15 years with the diagnosed respiratory painful states caused by influence of viral infections because of high risk of forming of a syndrome to Reja. The symptomatology of this syndrome is shown by development of encephalopathy with acute fatty hepatic dystrophy and acute insufficiency of hepatic function.

Reception of atsetalsalitsilovy acid reduces excretion from a human body of uric acid that at patients, inclined to it, can lead to emergence of a bad attack of gout.

In case of need in long reception of Aspirina-S it is necessary to carry out periodically the general blood test, to check kcal for existence of the occult blood, and also to control hepatic functionality.

Effects of acetylsalicylic acid lead to blood coagulation delay (the increased risk of bleedings) in this connection when carrying out planned operations the patient has to warn the surgeon about Aspirin reception in advance - Page.

It is necessary to remember that parallel reception by the patient of etanolsoderzhashchy means increases possibility of bleedings from a gastrointestinal tract.

One dosage of drug includes 933 mg of sodium that the patients who are on an electrolyte-deficient diet need to consider.



  • Aspirin-S tab. No. 10 thorn.
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