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  • Latin name: Atoxil
  • ATH code: A07BC10
  • Active ingredient: Silicon dioxide (Silicii dioxidum)
  • Producer: "Orisil Farm", Ukraine


The bottle of drug contains 12 g of high-disperse substance of silicon dioxide.

One bottle contains 10 g, and Atoksil's bag sachet includes 2 g of high-disperse substance of silicon dioxide in the structure.

Release form

Atoksil in the form of powder for the preparation of suspension packed into a bottle – 12 g of drug, in a bottle – 10 mg and bags sachets on 2 g, 20 pieces in packaging is issued.

Pharmacological action

Drug possesses wound healing, antiallergic, antimicrobic, bacteriostatic and disintoxication action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Powder Atoksil belongs to enterosorbents of the IV generation which possess the expressed sorption action, rendering wound healing, antiallergic, antimicrobic, bacteriostatic and disintoxication effect.

Active agent of Atoksil is silicon dioxide thanks to which of a gastrointestinal tract adsorbs exogenous and endogenous toxins of different genesis, for example, endotoxins of microorganisms, the bacterial or food-borne allergens and other toxic substances appearing when rotting in intestines of proteins, not processed products and so on.

Adsorption of toxic substances happens on Atoksil's surface to the subsequent removal from an organism. High dispersion of drug provides the speed of processes of adsorption. Existence of concentration and osmotic gradients in drug accelerates transportation of toxic substances from composition of blood, a lymph or fabrics in a gastrointestinal tract, and then there is a removal from an organism.

The Bakagglyutiniruyushchy effect of drug is provided with lack of properties of the return sorption. Small parts of powder are attached to several cells of bacteria, completely agglutinating all bacteria.

Indications to use

The main indications for Atoksil's appointment are:

  • carrying out complex treatment of virus hepatitis And and V;
  • the acute intestinal diseases accompanied with diarrhea;
  • allergic diseases – diathesis, atopic dermatitis;
  • food poisonings, for example, mushrooms, alcohol;
  • outside treatment of burn and purulent defeats, trophic ulcers.

Also powder can be applied as disintoxication medicine at diseases of kidneys which are followed by symptoms HPN, toxic hepatitis, cirrhosis, narcotic and a drunkenness, skin diseases and so on.

Contraindications to use

Do not appoint Atoksil at:

  • lactations, pregnancies;
  • aggravations of a peptic ulcer of a 12-perstny gut and gastrointestinal tract;
  • erosion and ulcers of a mucous membrane in departments of intestines;
  • intestinal impassability;
  • hypersensitivity to drug;
  • age about one year.

Side effects

Treatment by Atoksil can sometimes be followed by locks, allergic manifestations.

At development of any undesirable effects it is required to see a doctor for cancellation or correction of therapy.

Powder Atoksil, application instruction (Way and dosage)

To prepare drug for use, it is necessary to mix powder in a bottle or in bags from 250 ml of pure drinking water, then to shake up before formation of homogeneous suspension. Ready suspension should be accepted for an hour before the use of food or other drugs. The average daily dosage of Atoksil makes 12 g to adults and children of 7 flyings. If necessary the daily dose raises to 24 g.

The application instruction of Atoksil for children at the age of 1-7 years, in detail describes how to accept suspension. The daily dosage makes 150-200 mg on kg of body weight of the little patient, at the same time it is distributed on 3-4 receptions. The single dose cannot exceed a half of daily. Cases of acute intestinal diseases, viral hepatitis demand initial reception of the maximum single dose - it is 7-10g, 2-3 times a day. When the patient cannot independently take medicine, it is entered into a stomach by means of a probe.

At the same time duration of therapy of acute forms of intestinal infections can make 3-5 days. The severe disease allows to destination the specialist increase in a course till 15 days. Treatment of a viral hepatitis depending on weight of an illness is carried out on average by 7-10 days.

For outside use of Atoksil powder is applied on carefully cleared defeat with a layer by about 5 mm, cover with a dry aseptic bandage. It is recommended to carry out bandagings in a day until wounds completely are cleared.


Cases of overdose it is not established.


Simultaneous use of acetylsalicylic acid and Atoksil is capable to strengthen processes of disaggregation of thrombocytes.

The combination with simvastatiny or niacin quite often promotes development of synergy action that leads to decrease as a part of blood of atherogenous fractions, increases the level of cholesterol and lipoproteids of VP.

In cases of an intrakorporalny detoxication Atoksil's combination and antiseptic agents, for example, of a trifuran, Furacilin, a hlorgeksidin, a bifuran and others can increase efficiency of treatment of pyoinflammatory processes.

Terms of sale

Drug is released without recipe.

Storage conditions

Atoksil is recommended to store powder in the dark, dry place protected from children at a temperature of 15-25 degrees.

Ready suspension keeps the qualities within 32 hours, on condition of stay in the corked bottle, at a temperature of 8-15 degrees.

Period of validity

3 years.


The main analog of Atoksil is drug of Siliks.

Possess also similar action: Laktofiltrum, Enterosgel, Sorbeks, Polisorb and others.

Alcohol and Atoksil

Simultaneous use of this drug with alcoholic drinks is not forbidden. Moreover it is used for elimination of alcoholic poisoning.


  • Atoksillvovsky FF (Ukraine, Lviv)
  • Atoksilorisil - Farm (Ukraine, Lviv)
  • Atoksil powder for suspension 10gorisil preparation farm


  • Atoksil time. baby susp. 10gorisil farm
  • Atoksil time. baby susp. 10gorisil farm
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