Intestines atony

The atony of intestines is a state at which the person has complaints to disturbances in the course of bowel emptying. Such difficulties, first of all, are expressed that intervals between acts of defecation constantly increase or the chair is strongly complicated. At an intestines atony a characteristic sign is the lock which testifies to a number of morbid conditions or is a consequence of action on a human body of some negative factors. The atony of intestines arises as a result of loss of a tone of muscles of intestines. At an atony of intestines both spasms, and noticeable relaxation of muscles can be observed. Similar problems very often find chronic character and proceed at the patient for many years.

Types of locks

The atonic lock arises as an intestines atony effect. However there are also other types of a lock at which the intestines atony also often is the accompanying state. Most often the alimentary lock which arises as a result of the wrong approach to food meets. Besides, allocate a psychogenic, neurogenic, endocrine, toxic lock, and also the lock arising owing to defeat of anorectal area and weakening of muscles.

Locks arise also as an effect of influence of mechanical obstacles which impede progress of contents in intestines. It can be polyps or tumors, commissures, a number of anomalies of development of a large intestine.

Effects of locks

At the people who are constantly suffering from locks owing to an intestines atony in a gut gleam slags often collect. Sometimes there coprolites (so-called fecal stones), a suspension with the content of toxins and harmful microorganisms, slime are formed.

Liquid, and also vitamins and microelements are actively soaked up in a large intestine. Therefore, very often the person suffering from locks feels progressing of internal intoxication which arises owing to hit in blood of harmful substances. As a result the mucous membrane of a gut inflames, the condition of microflora is broken, also the general condition of an organism gradually worsens. It is fraught with allergic reactions, disturbances of immune character. At high degree of a zashlakovannost of intestines the risk of development of onokbolezny increases.

Symptoms and reasons of an atony of intestines

атония кишечникаThe main symptom of an atony of intestines is the lock. It is about atonic locks when the chair is late for forty eight and more hours. In many cases at atonic locks of people can feel abdominal pains, swelling, a sensation of discomfort in a stomach. As a result, at the person overall health worsens, weakness is shown, complexion changes. At patients at whom lock lasts Bol three days pressure and temperature can rise. They feel strong weight in a stomach and even lose interest in food.

As a rule, most often the atonic locks arising owing to weakness of muscles of a basin and an abdominal wall and also because of a weak vermicular movement, pass without pain. The similar phenomena very often are effects of pregnancy and childbirth. Sometimes atonies of intestines develops at women in the period of a menopause, at obesity, emphysema of lungs, a hypokinesia, and also owing to long observance of a bed rest.

Besides, disturbances in food, the starvation, a hypodynamia, constant stresses and unusual conditions interfering defecation, diseases of anorectal area, endocrine diseases, infections can be the reasons of atonic locks. Emergence of locks also after reception of some medicamentous drugs is possible. At children the atony of intestines can be a consequence of existence of anomalies of development of intestines.

Diagnosis of an atony of intestines

In the course of diagnosis of a disease it is very important to find causes of infringement of functions of intestines. Therefore, the doctor surely conducts survey of the patient, finding out features of his way of life, food, heredity. Besides, the analysis a calla, bacteriological crops a calla is made. If necessary to the patient also carrying out a kolonoskopiya for the purpose of detection of pathologies of a large intestine is appointed. It is very important to address the gastroenterologist and the proctologist in time, uncontrolled reception of purgatives can aggravate an illness.

Treatment of an atony of intestines

For treatment of an atony of intestines it is necessary to keep, first of all, to a diet, having developed a special food allowance. It is important to eat food fractionally, small portions.

It is important to include in a diet surely products which possess poskablivayushchy influence. These are fermented milk products, kvass, natural juice. Besides, it is very important to avoid the use in food of those products which cause intestines "fastening". These are the smoked products, eggs hard-boiled pears and other products.

To people who suffer from atonic locks specialists recommend to use also products which contain enough fat, and also celluloses. These products promote increase of a vermicular movement of intestines and help to change chemical composition with a large intestine. As purgatives often advise to use a fig, prunes, broth of seeds of flax, a laminaria. Also broths of different herbs are very useful. At an atony of intestines it is also useful to use grapefruit juice, infusion of bark of a buckthorn fragile, broth from a root of an acorus marsh, train grass decoction, tea from a thyme grass, infusion of seeds of fennel.

In the course of treatment of an atony of intestines it is important to observe the accurate schedule of acceptance of food and emptying. There is also a number of exercises which promote easier and regular bowel emptying. Also special medical massage of a stomach is applied.

If atonic locks proceed a long time, use of medicines for treatment is possible. At pain appoint drugs spasmolysants. Often to patients who suffer from long and painful locks appoint purgatives. At the same time it is important that treatment began with the most harmless drugs which do not irritate intestines walls.

атония кишечникаAre especially effective at an atony of intestines of means which stimulate an intestines peristaltics, for example, prozerin. Also rectal drugs which possess ability to strengthen a reflex on defecation are used. These are glyceric candles, and also candles with cocoa butter and a belladonna. Are applied to treatment and a microclyster with vegetable oils.

If atonic locks proceed a long time, it is necessary to address specialists and to pass inspection at the proctologist which can find also the accompanying pathologies.

Prevention of an atony of intestines

Very important preventive measure is avoidance of a sedentary life, moderate exercise stresses, performance of the sets of exercises strengthening prelum abdominale muscles. It is important to settle a food allowance, having excluded harmful products. The use of fermented milk products, and also vegetables and fruit which contain a lot of cellulose will improve the general state and will stimulate an intestines peristaltics.

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