Acidosis is an increase in acidity, that is shift of acid-base balance towards reduction of pH.

When the organism is healthy, products of oxidation of acids are not late for long time, and quickly are removed. But during starvation, pregnancy, intestinal frustration, feverish diseases deviations in their removal therefore acids are late in an organism are possible. Acetone and acetoacetic acid appears from behind it in urine, and at a diabetes mellitus even approach of a coma is possible.

There is a set of the different types of acidosis classified by various signs:

By origin. This classification is the most significant as disposal of the reason helps to get rid also of the acidosis.

  • The gaseous acidosis can arise at insufficient breath, and also at inhalation of air with the increased concentration of carbon dioxide.
  • The nongaseous acidosis can arise for several reasons. The first of them — accumulation of products of oxidation in fabrics because of their insufficient destruction or binding, in that case is told about a metabolic acidosis, also insufficient allocation by kidneys of nonvolatile acids (renal acidosis) can be the reason, and introduction to an organism of too large amount of acid substances or substances which form acids as a result of a metabolism, in this case is an exogenous acidosis.

Depending on a hydrogen indicator:

  • Noncompensated acidosis takes place when the hydrogen indicator is lower than norm, that is 7,24. This change leads to disturbances of activity of TsNS that is shown in losses of consciousness, drowsiness, dizzinesses, causes disorders of a gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system.
  • At subkompensiirovanny acidosis of pH of blood makes from 7,34 to 7,25. This state can lead to disturbance of cardiac performance and vessels, causing even cardiac arrhythmia, an otdyshka. Also the diarrhea and vomiting can develop.
  • The compensated acidosis is characterized by the lower bound of pH at the level of a threshold of fiziolgichesky norm which makes 7, 35. Thus, at this look the acid-base balance does not fall below. Heartbeat increase, increase blood pressure and increase of breath is characteristic of it.

Change of acidity to normal level is possible only at elimination of the reason of acidosis, for example, at a diabetes mellitus — a lack of insulin, for a symptomatic treatment plentiful drink and reception of baking soda inside can be used.

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