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  • Latin name: Acic
  • ATH code: D06BB03
  • Active ingredient: Acyclovir
  • Producer: Salyutas of Farm Gmbh (Germany)


1 tablet can include 200 or 400 mg of an acyclovir – active ingredient.

Additional components: monohydrate of lactose, kopolividon, microcrystallic cellulose, krakhmalglikolit sodium (type A), magnesium stearate.

1 gram of cream includes 50 mg of an acyclovir – active ingredient.

Additional components: dimetikon 350, propylene glycol, stearilpolioksilglitserid, cetyl alcohol, white soft paraffin, mineral oil, the purified water.

Release form

The Sandoz company lets out drug in the form of tablets Atsik of 200 mg (25 pieces in a pack) or Atsik of 400 mg (35 pieces in a pack) and 5% of cream on 2 grams in a tuba (ointment Atsik this producer is not issued).

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Antiviral drug an acyclovir shows activity in relation to the 1st and 2nd type of the Herpes simplex virus (a herpes simplex, VPG), the Varicella zoster virus (shingles), to a cytomegalovirus and Epstein's virus - Barrel.

Antiviral efficiency of Atsik is predetermined by ability of his active ingredient to high-selective competitive interaction with the thymidinekinase which is virus enzyme. This interaction is resulted by consecutive transformation of an acyclovir to its triphosphate, taking place forms of monophosphate and diphosphate. Triphosphate of an acyclovir, being built in the synthesized structure of virus DNA, leads to its change that in turn oppresses further virus replication.

Passing of frequent or long courses of therapy by an acyclovir in particular at treatment of patients with severe forms of diseases and reduced immunity can lead to decrease in sensitivity of some virus strains and to reduction of their response to the carried-out therapy. The considerable part of clinical episodes of nonsensitivity to an acyclovir are the share of patients with insufficiency of a thymidinekinase of a virus, however there is also information on damage of DNA of a virus or its thymidinekinase. On the researches In vitro, and without proofs from a clinical use, interaction of an acyclovir with separate virus strains of herpes can become the reason of the subsequent forming of their weak sensitivity to drug too.

Absorption of an acyclovir in intestines at its oral administration happens only partially. Plasma equilibrium Cmax after repeated (5 times every 4 hour) internal reception of 200 mg of an acyclovir averaged 3,02±0,5 µmol/l, reception of 400 mg of drug in the same mode led 5,21±1,32 µmol/l to average values. Distribution volume at adult patients is equal to 50±8,7 l/sq.m. Linkng with plasma proteins is at the level of 9-33%. 24 hours later after oral administration of drug the acyclovir in an organism is not found.

Removal of an acyclovir at patients without changes of functionality of kidneys happens for 10-15% in the form of a 9-karboksimetoksimetilguanin and for 62-91% in not changed look. T1/2 in/in administrations of drug by the adult patient makes later 2,87±0,76 hours. At reception of an acyclovir and in 60 minutes after introduction of a dose of a probenitsid of 1000 mg, its T1/2 is extended for 18%, and AUC increases by 40%. In case of bioavailability indicators about 20% intestines are brought by about 80% of an acyclovir.

At chronic pathologies of kidneys/liver of T1/2 it is approximately equal to 19,5 hours. When carrying out a hemodialysis this indicator makes 5,7 hours, and plasma concentration of an acyclovir decreases approximately by 60%.

Content of drug in cerebrospinal liquid is approximately twice lower than its plasma concentration.

Parallel use of an acyclovir and zidovudine for the purpose of treatment of patients with HIV infection did not reveal any discrepancies in pharmacokinetic indicators of these drugs.

Indications to use

For tablets

  • the therapy of the mucous membranes and integuments infected with the 1st and 2nd type of the Herpes simplex (VPG) virus, revealed for the first time or recurrent including treatment of genital herpes;
  • prevention of recurrence of the 1st and 2nd VPG type at normal immunity of patients;
  • prevention of VPG of the 1st and 2nd type at patients with an immunodeficiency;
  • therapy of the infections provoked by the Varicella zoster virus (chicken pox and shingles).

For cream

  • therapy of the infections of the person (including lips) which arose because of influence of a virus of a herpes simplex.


For tablets

  • personal hypersensitivity to an acyclovir or other components of tablets;
  • age till 2 years;
  • heavy pathologies of kidneys or anury (for preventive use).

For cream

  • personal hypersensitivity to an acyclovir (valatsiklovir) or other components of cream;
  • age till 12 years.

Side effects

For tablets

Often: headaches, diarrhea, dizziness, nausea/vomiting, photosensitivity, abdominal pain, itch/rash.

Infrequently: hallucinations, fatigue, a disorientation, the small tortoiseshell, drowsiness, the hair loss which is (speeded up) fever.

Seldom: anaphylactic manifestations, short wind, sleeplessness, increase of content of enzymes of a liver and bilirubin (reversible) and/or plasma level of urea and creatinine, Quincke's disease.

Very seldom: encephalopathy, anemia, dysarthtia, excitement, thrombocytopenia, tremor, leukopenia, ataxy, confusion of consciousness, spasm, jaundice, coma, kidney pains, hepatitis, psychotic manifestations, acute insufficiency of kidneys.

For cream

In certain cases patients can feel the temporary fast-passing burning or acute pain. Small part of patients tested an itch and an erythema (reddening). Approximately in 5% of cases the insignificant peeling and drying of integuments was noted. It was quite seldom reported about displays of contact dermatitis. Most often the above-stated manifestations were connected also by influence of ingredients of a basis of cream, but not with influence of an acyclovir.

There is a possibility of development of the phenomena of immediate hypersensitivity including a Quincke's disease (very seldom).

Atsik, application instruction

For tablets

Tablets Atsik are shown to reception after food in the whole look, washing down 100-200 ml of water.

For therapy of a herpes simplex recommend to patients after 2 years the daily dose of Atsik of 1000 mg divided into 5 equal receptions (on 200 mg each 4 hours), excepting the dream period. Such mode of treatment, as a rule, has to proceed not less than 5 days, with possible continuation of therapy in case of an infection of difficult character.

At heavy manifestations of an immunodeficiency (for example, the recovery period after carrying out transplantation of marrow) or at personal reduced absorption in intestines advise to apply the doubled acyclovir dosage (on 400 mg each 4 hours) or it in/in introduction.

It is better to begin therapy right after diagnosing of an infection. At recurrence of herpes the most effective time of an initiation of treatment the prodromal stage of an illness or the period after identification of the first defeats of integuments is considered.

With the preventive purpose of development of VPG or its recurrence for patients after 2 years, in connection with specific features of an organism, treatment by Atsik in daily doses from 400 mg to 800 mg can be appointed. Usually appoint 4-fold reception of 200 mg of Atsik every 6 hours (two times daily reception on 400 mg is possible). At some patients observed radical improvement of their state after daily reception of 800 mg of Atsik.

At personal reduced absorption or immunodeficiency Atsik's dosage is doubled or practice him in/in introduction.

For the purpose of supervision over the natural course of a disease and its possible changes recommend to interrupt periodically therapy by Atsik for 6-12 months.

Duration of preventive therapy depends on risk period duration.

Passes treatments of the surrounding herpes for adult patients in Atsik's dose 800 mg accepted 5 times a day each 4 hours lasting 7 days.

At therapy of chicken pox at children of 2-6 years 4-fold daily reception of 400 mg of Atsik is shown, after 6 flyings this dose is doubled. Duration of treatment is equal to 5 days.

At personal reduced absorption or immunodeficiency practice in/in introduction of an acyclovir.

Efficiency of treatment depends on time of the beginning of its carrying out and shows the best results at the beginning of therapy during 72 hour period after detection of rash.

At therapy of patients with pathologies of kidneys or patients of advanced age (for the same reason) Atsik's dosages reduce according to the clearance of creatinine (CC) and support the normal level of hydration.

For cream

Cream Atsik is intended only for topical (outside) administration.

To patients since 12 years each 4 hours of 5 times a day recommend to carry out putting cream (excepting the dream period). It is better to correlate the beginning of therapy to a prodromal stage or a stage of forming of an erythema. Treatment will be also effective when using cream at late stages of an infection (emergence of blisters and papules). Duration of therapy has to take not less than 4 days, with possible continuation of use of cream to 10 days (in hard cases).

At preservation of infectious symptomatology after carrying out 10 day treatments it is necessary to see a doctor.

Before use of cream it is necessary to wash up in the most thorough way hands. Also for the purpose of prevention of distribution and a transmission of infection it is necessary to avoid an excessive contact or friction of the struck parts of a body with a towel.


For tablets

In case of reception of overdoses of Atsik for several days can arise: headaches, nausea/vomiting, confusion of consciousness, overexcitation, hallucinations, spasms and perhaps coma.

The carried-out treatment has to correspond to the revealed symptoms. Purpose of a hemodialysis will be effective.

For cream

At local use of a large amount of cream Atsik or at his accidental oral administration of negative manifestations it was not revealed. However in case of detection at himself any negative phenomena it is necessary to see a doctor.


For tablets

Parallel use of an acyclovir with immunostimulators exponentiate its influence.

At joint reception with drugs which removal happens to the help of renal tubules (Digoxin Probenetsid, Spironolactonum), excretion of an acyclovir decreases.

For cream

Cream interactions Atsik were not registered.

Terms of sale

Atsik's tablets belong to prescription medicines.

Cream can be on sale without recipe.

Storage conditions

For both forms of drug of Atsik the maximum temperature of storage is equal to 25 °C.

Period of validity

For tablets – 5 years.

For cream – 4 years.

Special instructions

For tablets

Because removal of an acyclovir mainly happens by renal clearance, and to elderly patients reduction of its dose can be necessary for patients with pathologies of kidneys. Also patients of these categories are more subject to emergence of side reactions of neurologic character that demands fixed supervision of the doctor.

At Atsik's appointment patients with intolerance of sugars should consider inclusion in lactose tablets.

At peroral use of big dosages of an acyclovir it is necessary to watch the normal level of hydration.

For cream

It is necessary to remember that cream Atsik is intended only for treatment of herpetic manifestations on face skin and lips. Putting cream on mucous an oral cavity, eyes or a genitalia is not recommended.

The patients having especially heavy and repeating VPG infections demand survey of the doctor.

Patients with herpes have to obtain the relevant information on ways of transfer of VPG and measures for prevention of such transfer (use of own hygienic means, washing of hands, etc.).

For the best efficiency of treatment recommend to begin applications with cream already at the first symptoms of herpes (itch/burning, reddening, feeling of tightness of skin).


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For cream


  • Belupo's acyclovir of 5% cream 10gbelupo
  • Belupo's acyclovir of 5% cream 5gbelupo
  • Belupo's acyclovir of 400 mg No. 35 tabletkibelupo
  • Belupo's acyclovir of 5% cream 2gbelupo
  • Acyclovir of 5% ointment 5 of/Vertexum/Vertexum of closed joint stock company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Acyclovir Sandoz tbl 200 mg No. 25, Salutas Pharmagermaniya
  • Atsiklovir-Akrikhin ointment of 5% 5 g *, HFK (г.Москва) Russia Quinacrine
  • Tetracycline gl.maz 1% 3 g *, Tatkhimfarmpreparata (Kazan) Russia
  • Tetracycline tbl p / about 100 mg No. 20, Biosynthesis (Penza) Russia
  • Tetracycline + Nystatin tbl p / about 100 thousand. No. 10 piece, Biosynthesis (Penza) Russia
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  • Atsik25
  • Atsik of a tablet 400 of mg No. 35geksal (Germany)
  • Atsiklovir20
  • Acyclovir cream of 5% 5 g tubafarmak (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • No. 20darnitsa tablet 0.2g acyclovir (Ukraine, Kiev)


  • Tablet tetracycline, coated 0.1g No. 10borshchagovsky HFZ
  • Tablet tetracycline, coated 0.1g No. 10borshchagovsky HFZ
  • Unguentum Tetracyclini of 3% 15 g
  • Atsik cream of 5% 2ggeksal
  • Atsik cream of 5% 2ggeksal


  • Acyclovir of 5% 10 g ointment in a tuba
  • Atsiklovir-AKOS 200 mg No. 20 of table. Synthesis of joint stock company (Russia)
  • Tetracycline of 3% 15 g ointment in a tuba
  • Tetracycline of 1% 10 g ointment glazn. Tatkhimfarmpreparata (Russia)
  • Atsiklostad of 400 mg No. 35 of table.
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