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  • Latin name: Acipol
  • ATH code: A07FA51
  • Active ingredient: Kefiric and acidophilic fungi and bacteria
  • Producer: Makiz-Pharma, Russia; CJSC Lekko, Russia

Structure of medicine

1 capsule contains: 0,4 mg of a kefiric fungus and 10 in the seventh degree of live acidophilic lactobacilli + excipients (a gelatinous cover).

Release form

Drug in capsules. Packs from a cardboard on 1,2 or 3 packagings, in each packaging on 10 pieces or in banks from polypropylene (on 20 and 30 pieces).

Pharmacological action

Probiotic. The drug regulating microflora and supporting intestines in the mode of normal functioning.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The kefiric fungus, thanks to special polysaccharides in structure, creates the adverse atmosphere for development of pathogenic microorganisms. By it it is caused, effect of drug, close to influence of antibiotics. Also drug accelerates an immune response of an organism.

Lowering the general rn Wednesdays, the lactobacillus is promoted binding pernicious for an organism, ammonia with hydrogen (reaction happens mainly in acid medium) and free by its conclusions from an organism in the natural way, that is together with a stake.

As it is known in intestines there is a synthesis of important vitamins and bioactive agents. Also in intestines the food has to be digested quickly and qualitatively, from it to be absorbed the vitamins and nutrients which came to an organism. An important factor of normal functioning of a gastrointestinal tract is the good peristaltics and motility of intestines. Acipol normalizes all these processes. The drug pharmacokinetics still is definitely not studied.

Indications to use

From what tablet Acipol?

Also serves as the indication on Acipol:

  • drug intake which can cause dysbacteriosis and various intestinal frustration;
  • at an allergy, for decrease in intoxication.


Practically has no. Drug is contraindicated to the patients especially sensitive to the components which are a part of medicine.

Side effects

At observance of a dosage, according to the summary, has no side effects.

Application instruction (Way and dosage)

How to accept Acipol the doctor, depending on weight and features of a disease has to appoint. Swallow of a capsule entirely, without chewing, washing down with water.

The application instruction to children from 3 months to 3 years

Appoint one tablet 3 times a day, the capsule should be opened and dissolved previously in milk or boiled water.

The application instruction of Acipol at acute intestinal diseases

On 4 capsules a day, in 20 minutes prior to food (to divide into 3-4 meals) within 5-8 days.

How to accept with antibiotics?

For the purpose of prevention of dysbacteriosis it is necessary to accept on one capsule a day 10-15 days.

The course can be repeated in a month.


Any case of overdose, at observance of therapeutic doses, was not registered by drug.


In the instruction it is not described. Possibly, no.

Terms of sale

It is released without recipe.

Storage conditions

How to store Acipol? Far away from children, at a temperature not higher than 10 degrees. It is possible on the lower shelf of the refrigerator.

Period of validity

24 months.

Special instructions

It is impossible to accept drug if

  • integrity of packaging was broken;
  • capsules have irregular shape, and powder inside — suspicious inclusions;
  • texts and watermarks on packaging are greased;
  • at medicine the period of validity expired.

Analogs of Acipol

Analogs of medicine are other eubiotik, with similar active ingredient. Such as Biobakton, Lineks, Bifidumbacterium, Hilak Forte and other drugs normalizing intestinal microflora.

Use of candles the acylact has similar effect. The structure of candles the acylact is similar to composition of Acipol, except for excipients (it is caused by a dosage form).

What is Acipol or Lineks better?

Acipol contains bacteria of one look. And in their Lineksa at once three, it means is more effective. The number atsido-, lakto-and bifidobacteria in analog, much more exceeds Acipol. But, at the same time, as advantage of Acipol it is possible to consider the low cost and that fact that all microorganisms which got to an organism will keep the capacity.

What Bifiform or Acipol is better?

Often Bifiform appoint at complex therapy together with Acipol. The first drug has not so strongly expressed antimicrobic action, but people can accept it with a lactose intolerance. The price of analog is a little lower.

What is Acipol or Bifidumbacterium better?

Bifidumbacterium – a probiotic of the first generation and, so it contains bacteria only of one strain. Therefore at treatment acute intestinal infection, unlike Acipol, should combine it with sorbents.

What Acipol or Hilak forte is better?

Hilak forte widely known, often mentioned in advertizing means. Drug is prebiotic, it only regulates normalization of microflora, as a rule, is not effective for small children.


  • Acipol No. 30 kapsulylekko FF of closed joint stock company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Acipol kaps 10 million. Which No. 30, Lekko Ffrossiya
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