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  • Latin name: ACC 200
  • ATH code: R05CB01
  • Active ingredient: Acetylcysteinum (Acetylcysteine)
  • Producer: Hexal AG (Germany)


Active ingredient Acetylcysteinum (200 mg), and also additional components is a part of medicine ATsTs 200: Natrii hydrocarbonas, anhydride of citric acid, ascorbic acid, Mannitolum, sodium citrate, saccharin, lactoses anhydride, fragrance.

Release form

ATsTs 200 is made in sparkling tablets, white color, a round flat form, on the one hand – risk. Possess aroma of blackberry. Contain in packagings on 4, 20, 25 pieces.

Pharmacological action

Means exerts mucolytic impact. In view of the fact that in structure of a molecule there is Acetylcysteinum of sulphhydryl groups, there is a rupture of disulfide bridges of acid mucopolysaccharides of a phlegm. Owing to such process viscosity of slime decreases. ATsTs 200 shows activity also at patients with a purulent phlegm.

If Acetylcysteinum is applied with the preventive purpose, at patients who are ill a mucoviscidosis and chronic bronchitis, expressiveness and frequency of aggravations decreases.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

After internal reception there is a fast absorption of drug. The metabolism at which the metabolite — cysteine and other metabolites is formed passes in a liver of the person.

Bioavailability at internal reception makes 10%, communication with proteins of plasma – for 50%. In blood the greatest concentration is noted in 1-3 hours. The elimination half-life – is removed 1 hour with urine.

Indications to use

Use of ATsTs 200 is shown in such cases:


it is contraindicated to take a pill in the following cases:

  • high sensitivity to Acetylcysteinum or to other HP ingredients;
  • period of an exacerbation of stomach ulcer and duodenum;
  • pulmonary bleeding;
  • pneumorrhagia;
  • pregnancy and feeding;
  • lactose intolerance, lack of lactase;
  • glyukozo-galaktozny malabsorption;
  • age of the child till 2 flyings.

Carefully apply this medicine at an ulcer of a duodenum and stomach in the anamnesis, at intolerance of a histamine. Also carefully medicine is appointed to people with bronchial asthma, varicosity of veins of a gullet, obstructive bronchitis, diseases of adrenal glands, insufficiency hepatic and renal, arterial hypertension.

Side effects

Such side effects in the course of administration of drug can be shown:

Sparkling tablets ATsTs 200, application instruction (Way and dosage)

The application instruction of ATsTs 200 provides that medicine, as well as powder, two-three times a day appoint to patients after 14 flyings 200 mg.

Patients from 6 to 14 years apply on 1 tablet twice a day.

Children aged from 2 till 5 flyings have to take on a half of pill ATsTs 200 two-three times a day.

The sick mucoviscidosis after 6 flyings showed reception of 1 tab. 3 times a day, to children till 6 flyings appoint means at the rate of 400 mg of Acetylcysteinum a day. If the weight of the patient exceeds 30 kg, the dose is increased if necessary to 800 mg a day.

If treatment of catarrhal diseases is carried out, the course of reception lasts 5-7 days.

Before taking medicine, and after that, it is necessary to drink a lot of liquid to strengthen mucolytic effect of drug. It is necessary to drink drug after food.

Way of cultivation of tablets same, as well as powder route of administration. They need to be dissolved in a half-glass of water, at once to drink solution.


If there was an overdose by means, nausea, stomach aches, heartburn, diarrhea can be noted. Dangerous and heavy manifestations still were not noted.


It is necessary to consider that at a concomitant use of ATsTs 200 and other antitussives development of dangerous stagnation of slime is possible because the tussive reflex is suppressed. Therefore such drugs need to be combined carefully.

Acetylcysteinum can strengthen vasodilating influence of Nitroglycerine if to accept these drugs at the same time.

Acetylcysteinum synergism with bronchial spasmolytics is observed.

Acetylcysteinum is not combined pharmaceutical with antibiotics (penicillin, cephalosporins, Amphotericinum In, Erythromycin, Tetracycline) and proteolytic enzymes.

At a concomitant use Acetylcysteinum reduces absorption of Tetracycline, cephalosporins, penicillin. Therefore, it is necessary to accept such drugs with an interval not less than two hours.

If Acetylcysteinum contacts to rubber, metals, there is a formation of the sulfides having a characteristic smell.

Terms of sale

ATsTs 200 can be bought without recipe.

Storage conditions

To protect from children, from hit of moisture and light, to store at a temperature no more than 30 degrees. It is necessary to close densely a tuba after extraction of a tablet.

Period of validity

Store 3 years.

Special instructions

If ATsTs 200 appoint the patient with bronchial asthma and bronchitis obstructive, it is necessary to do it carefully and to constantly control bronchial passability.

In case of development of any side effects it is necessary to stop treatment and to see a doctor.

If necessary to dissolve drug it is necessary to use ware from glass.

Doctors do not recommend to accept means before going to bed. It is desirable to do it till 18 o'clock.

Patients with a diabetes mellitus have to consider that as a part of ATsTs 200 there is a sucrose.

Means does not influence an opportunity to concentrate attention, to drive vehicles.


Means which are analogs of ATsTs 200, it drugs AZZ Longum, Fluimucil, Acetylcysteinum, N-Acetylcysteinum, Mucomystum, Atsestin, Mukoneks, etc. What of these means most optimum, is defined by the doctor in an individual order.


  • Azz of 200 mg No. 20 of a tablet shipuchiyehexal Pharma Gmbh
  • Azz of 200 mg of a granule for Preeg. hot drink No. 20 (medical-lemon) of Hexal Pharma Gmbh
  • Azz of 200 mg of a granule for Preeg. solution for intake of 3 g No. 20 paketikihexal Pharma Gmbh

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  • ATsTs 200 tbl thorn. 200 mg No. 20, Hexal Aggermaniya
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