Fresh-water sponge Forte

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  • Latin name: Spongilla Forte
  • ATH code: D11AX
  • Active ingredient: Fresh-water sponge, extracts of a nasturtium, germs of wheat, train, essential oil grapefruits / extracts of a plantain and yarrow
  • Producer: Dyne + (Russia)


The fresh-water sponge, extract of a plantain (Plantago) and yarrow is a part of gel (Achillea millefolium L.), specially purified water, glycerin, bronopol, a fragrance, a geleobrazovatel.

Structure cream mask: specially purified water, stearate (PEG-400), emulsion wax, monoglycerides, a fresh-water sponge, Dermalight (extract of a nasturtium or in a different way — the Indian cress which contains polyphenols, provitamin A, vitamin C, phytoncides, essential oils), cosmetic stearin, lanolin, tsiklometikon, glycerin, extract of germs of wheat, train extract, essential oil from grapefruit, parabens, liposentol-multi.

Release form

Cream a mask the Fresh-water sponge Forte and gel are intended for external use, are issued in tubas of 75 ml.

Pharmacological action

Antiedematous, resorptional, bactericidal, antiinflammatory, vasodilating.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The increased maintenance of a fresh-water sponge and extracts of a plantain, and also yarrow is characteristic of gel. The fresh-water sponge is the known tested folk remedy from bruises and a nevus pigmentosus, developments of stagnation. Thanks to the crushed silicon needles of a fresh-water sponge there is an excellent peeling of the damaged skin layer, blood inflow amplifies, food and breath of cells is recovered, and at the expense of extracts of a yarrow and plantain – there is a healing. Gel softens and moistens skin, activates regenerative processes, thereby removing stress and fatigue of skin, raising a tone, as a result skin becomes velvety and elastic.

For gel it is also peculiar

  • active resorptional and antiedematous influence;
  • prevention of emergence (acne) of acne rash;
  • decrease in pain, itch;
  • removal of pigmental, congestive spots;
  • normalization of processes of sebaceous secretion, reduction of activity of sebaceous glands;
  • blood supply activation, expansion of blood vessels that reduces pain at radiculitis, arthritis and rheumatism;
  • ensuring deep clarification and recovery, strengthening of protective functions of skin;
  • thanks to the plant extracts which are a part — bactericidal, antiinflammatory action.

Action of additional active natural components cream mask

  • The Indian cress – counteracts hyperpegmentation of skin due to suppression of formation of melanin, and also effectively clarifies a nevus pigmentosus, freckles and congestive manifestations. At regular use there is a saturation of fabrics vitamins, delay of processes of cell aging.
  • Fresh-water sponge – the mechanism of action is based on mechanical irritation by silicon needles of a skeleton of integuments, the skin and deeply lying capillary grid. Causes strengthening of peripheric circulation, activation of dermal respiration, deep clarification, narrowing of a time, peeling of the damaged and old cells of skin (pillling), fast clarification and elimination of minor defects, and also resorptional effect.
  • To contain in extract of germs of wheat natural vitamins — E, groups B, P, provitamin A, amino acids, ergosterol, pantothenic, folic, linolenic, olein, linoleic acids that strengthens antioxidant processes and protective, regenerative properties of skin, activates enzymes. Effectively feeds, smoothes and rejuvenates skin.
  • Extract of a train includes carotene, carotinoids, vitamin C, flavonoids, bitterness (Amara) and tannins, renders the antiseptic, antiallergenic, calming, antiinflammatory action, recovers water-salt balance, giving to skin of bigger elasticity and silkiness.
  • Liposentol-multi represents fat-soluble mix of ethers, tocopherol, Retinolum, linoleic and linolenic acids and various vegetable phospholipids. Its action is directed to preventing of keratinization of integuments, formations of wrinkles, the prevention of processes of a presenilation, food and moistening of skin.
  • CMtrus paradMsi essential oil (from grapefruit) thanks to the contained limonene, a tsitral, a tsitronelal and vitamin C clarifies, bleaches, disinfects, tones up skin, strengthens exchange processes, narrows pores, normalizes the secretion level, volume and work of sebaceous glands.

Indications to use

  • from bruises;
  • treatment of fat skin;
  • from spots (including spots after them) and acne rash;
  • for a peeling;
  • clarification and recovery of face skin;
  • pain satisfying at rheumatism, arthritis, radiculitis.


  • known intolerance of components;
  • tendency to a kuperoz;
  • skin, dry and inclined to irritation.

With care to apply

  • at treatment of skin defects on spin;
  • use in the field of a decollete can lead to sharp increase in blood supply that can negatively affect cardiac performance.

Side effects

Gel use the Fresh-water sponge Forte can cause hyper reactions of individual sensitivity, including the allergy which is shown in the form of strong puffiness, burning, an itch, small rash and reddening.

Application instruction (way and dosage)

Use of the Fresh-water sponge in the form of gel

Apply a small portion of gel on skin approximately for 10-20 min., then — wash away warm water. Do a break in use of the Fresh-water sponge in 2-3 days. It is not recommended to go outside after procedure within several hours.

The instruction on gel the Fresh-water sponge Forte from bruises assumes dot drawing on the damaged places. It is necessary to wash away gel in this case 20-30 min. later.

Features of use cream mask

Cream mask most effectively affects when drawing clean skin. It is necessary to wash away it warm water in 20 min. (perhaps easy pricking!). After drawing a mask it is not recommended to give in to influence of sunshine because of possible irritation of skin. The bleaching masks, regardless of a time of year, assume additional use of sunblock creams.

Attention! Avoid hit of drug on mucous membranes, for example: eyes or nose.


Does not cause system reactions on condition of observance of rules of the instruction, local reactions are shown in the form of burning and an inflammation which passes by itself.


It is not revealed.

Terms of sale

Drug as a natural complex is released without recipe.

Storage conditions

Dryness, security from direct beams of the sun, temperature condition: +5 ° +25 °C.

It is recommended to store Fresh-water sponge drugs in places unavailable to children.

Period of validity

It is possible to store in original packaging no more than 1 year.

Special instructions

Use the Fresh-water sponge Forte from spots perhaps only on condition of integrity of integuments. If is – combing, scratches or their other damages should be healed at first!


  • Fresh-water sponge extra it is dry. basis for masks;
  • Fresh-water sponge powder;
  • The doctor body cream with a fresh-water sponge;
  • Spongilan.


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